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G. Brooke

Disclaimer: This story entails a explicit description of a same gender romantic relationship between two adult, consenting women,. If this is not your thing, or if it is illegal for you to read where you are, do hit the back button on your browser.


The Way You Say Please


G. Brooke


Tayte Moore answered her front door; her eyes widening at the sight of the other woman. She had never seen Lauren Kovac’s long hair hanging loose around her shoulders. Like black water, it flowed down her back, silky and straight. Leaning casually against the doorframe arms crossed over her chest and one leg bent over the other, she looked completely at ease.

"Thank you, for inviting me." Lauren murmured, a lopsided grin on her face as she flipped a long tress over her left shoulder. "I’m early. I guess I was eager …"

"Yes?" Tayte managed. "Eager to what?"

"To see you." Stepping over the threshold, Lauren Kovac’s unique presence became almost tangible in the small hallway.

"You’ve seen me every day for the last four months."

Something indescribable burned and then faded Lauren’s blue gaze. Cupping Tayte’s chin, she stepped closer. Moving with feline grace, dressed in a black leather jacket and black jeans, her appearance was panther like. "Granted, I’ve been in the same room, watched you do your job, interacting with people, including me, but it hasn’t been enough. I want more from you."

Tayte moistened her dry lips with the tip of her tongue. Lauren followed the quick, telltale movement with narrowing eyes. They had circled each other for months, slowly gotten to know each other, and yesterday, Tayte had asked Lauren to join her after work. Unwavering blue eyes had first narrowed and then lit up as the dark haired woman accepted the invitation. Feeling relieved and nervous that the prelude to what ever they were about to embark on, was over; Tayte had spent most of the evening tidying up the apartment. Now she could hardly breathe, feeling the other woman's touch against her cheek.

"What would be enough?" Tayte placed a hand outside Lauren's.

"Oh, God, I don't know … this?" Lowering her head, Lauren caught Tayte’s surprised gasp with her lips as she sought out the younger woman’s mouth. Keeping the kiss light, not deepening it despite Tayte’s moan of pleasure, the dark haired woman continued the caress.

"Oh, like that." Tayte’s lips tingled when the two women parted. "I see."

Pulling off her leather jacket, revealing a dark grey plain tee shirt, Lauren was a study in the shades of white, grey and black. The only colour in her appearance was her ice blue eyes. Thick eyelashes, void of make up, framed them under equally dark eyebrows below straight bangs. Tayte’s eyes roamed the tall, strong body. She could hardly believe Lauren was here, in her apartment.

"Come," she husked. "Let me show you around the place and get you something to drink."

"I don’t need anything to drink." Strong hands tugged at Tayte’s loose shirt, pulling her into a firm embrace. "I’ve longed to hold you in my arms and I really can’t be bothered with anything else right now." She hesitated briefly. "Have I misunderstood? I was so certain we both felt the same. Am I pushing too fast?"

Finding herself pressed into surprisingly soft curves, since the strong body holding her looked harder, more toned, than it felt. Turning her head, she nuzzled Lauren’s shoulder, the tip of her nose at the level with Lauren’s chin. The other woman’s scent was merely that of regular soap, no perfume. Tayte usually wore a discrete, light scent, and now she heard Lauren draw a deep breath, inhaling it.

"No," Tayte whispered, "you’re not pushing too fast. You’re pushing just … right. I’ve longed for this. I’m so glad you accepted my invitation. I’ve watched you too, you know."

"And what have you seen?"

"I’ve seen how incredibly professional you are. Before you began working with us, your reputation preceded you, suggesting you were an intimidating woman, scary even, but I disagree. You’re very good at what you do and for me personally, the only intimidation lies in how you affect me."

"I frighten you?" A frown appeared on Lauren’s forehead.

"No. But you’ve turned out to be detrimental to my peace of mind. You take my breath away." Tayte leaned back, looking up at Lauren. "Kiss me again? Please?"

Tayte stumbled when Lauren without warning took a few steps forward until they reached the wall next to the bedroom door.

"As you can tell … only a one bedroom apartment …" Tayte whispered, pointing absentmindedly towards the room. The temperature in the air seemed to go up as Lauren gently pressed against her. Enticing curves, the full breasts Tayte had dreamed of, meshed with hers; greedy lips explored the side of her neck beneath the short blonde hair. Kissing a trail towards her lips, Lauren’s mouth ignited a string of small bonfires before claiming what was so eagerly offered. Tayte did not have time to draw her breath before her mouth was invaded by an inquisitive tongue exploring her own. Engaging in the touch, the blonde wrapped her arms around Lauren’s neck, knowing nothing had ever felt so good, or so right. Her heart hammered in her chest, making Tayte shiver when Lauren’s hands slid underneath the white cotton shirt. Finding nothing but naked skin, the hands stopped for a moment before starting to explore.

Pulling back, Lauren’s eyes were narrow slits of desire and something more. "Are you aware of what you've done to me over the last few months?" she asked, her hands moving in between them to unbutton Tayte’s shirt.

"No. For several weeks I thought it was just me. You seemed … untouchable. Out of my league."

Lauren’s eyes widened at the confession. "Untouchable? Nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to you, I’m very touchable. She took Lauren’s right hand in hers while loosening the tee shirt where it was tucked into the black jeans. She placed Tayte’s hand inside. "See? Very touchable."

Tayte pressed her hand gently against the warm skin. Using her other hand to pull the tee shirt completely free from the jeans, she found unknown courage and pushed the garment further up. Lauren was wearing a white cotton sports bra and Tayte leaned forward, nuzzling the soft mounds beneath the fabric. Placing her hands on Lauren’s hips, she kissed the skin above the bra.

Lauren gasped, lacing her fingers through the short blonde hair, gently pulling at it. "How I have dreamed of your touch … of you doing just that …" she murmured.

"Me too. I took every opportunity to watch you when I thought you didn’t notice. I … dreamed of us kissing, of just … looking at you." Tayte’s voice trailed off. "When I noticed you were watching me just as much …"

"More," Lauren interrupted. "When I first saw you, I couldn’t believe my luck. The most beautiful, cutest, blonde I’d ever seen was managing the project where I was the consultant and she was giving me eyes. You made me stumble on what I meant to say several times, when you looked at me with such … hunger."

"You walked into the conference room that first day and leaned against the podium looking absolutely stunning." Tayte took a deep breath at the memory. "Dressed in a trouser suit and with your hair in a strict twist, carrying your leather briefcase … I just knew."

Lauren let her index finger trace Tayte’s right eyebrow. "What did you know?"

"You’d be trouble. Still, I had no idea how much you’d invade my thought and dreams. All I had to do was close my eyes and I could picture us together. One day you wore a white, sleeveless silk blouse and when you were standing between me and the window … I saw the contours of your body. I had to address the members of the board, but I could hardly speak."

"If you like, you can look at any part of me as much as you want. Nothing you ask of me is too much." Lauren looked past Tayte into the bedroom. "Just say the word."

Tayte’s voice would not cooperate. Swallowing hard, she leaned her forehead against Lauren’s chin, trying to remember how to breathe evenly. "There is so much I want," she whispered. "I want to hold you, to look at you, but also to make you dinner, watch TV with you and take you dancing. Can you handle all of that as well?"

Nudging Tayte inside the bedroom, Lauren’s lips stretched to a smile. "Oh, yes." Reaching around herself, she pulled the tee shirt over her head and tossed it on a chair. She unbuttoned Tayte’s shirt, taking it off inch by inch, rewarding every piece of revealed skin with tender kisses.

Not wearing a bra, Tayte stood half naked on her bedroom floor, searching Lauren’s features for a clue as to what the other woman was thinking. Lauren stopped kissing and stared at the exposed skin. "Beautiful …" she whispered. "May I?"

At first unable to respond, Tayte watched the other woman’s hands hover in front of her, a faint tremble visible when they approached her body. "Yes. Please."

It was a relief when Lauren placed her warm hands on Tayte’s breasts. Long fingers curled around the mounds, massaging them. "Oh, God. You feel amazing," Lauren husked.

Desperate to reciprocate, Tayte pulled at Lauren’s sports bra. Huffing in frustration that she had to let go of the blonde's breasts, the dark haired woman raised her arms obediently, so the bra could join the tee shirt on the chair.

Tayte had to moisten her lips again when she fastened her gaze upon the full orbs with their dark brown tips. Unable to resist, she reached for the abundance, cupping the breasts in both hands, and buried her face in them. Placing open mouth kisses on the pale skin, she heard Lauren groan and arch into the touch.

"Tayte, for heaven’s sake …" There was a catch in the taller woman’s voice telling Tayte that whatever she was doing, was driving Lauren crazy. Lifting the left breast to her lips, the blonde circled the rigid nipple with her tongue, mindful of any sign of approval or disapproval from Lauren. The growl emanating from inside Lauren’s chest encouraged her to take it further, softly grazing the puckered skin with her teeth.

Not aware of how it happened, Tayte found herself on the bed with Lauren somewhere above her, but out of reach. Deft hands untied the draw string of her cotton pants, pulling them down her legs before she had the chance to agree or object. Staring at Lauren, Tayte watched as the other woman stood up, removed her boots and then wriggled out of her jeans. Moving towards the blonde, the black hair tousled around her shoulders, chewing on her lower lip, Tayte could not wait to hold her.

"Come here," she whispered, moving up onto the pillows. "Come to me."

"I want you so much." Lauren nudged Tayte’s legs apart, looking down at the younger woman. "Please?"

Feeling moisture pool between her legs at the tone in Lauren’s voice, Tayte blushed. "Oh, yes." As Lauren lowered herself onto the blonde, Tayte watched with anticipation as the other woman closed her lips around an erect nipple. Shocks travelled through her system when an agile tongue lavished all its attention on Tayte’s breast. Teeth nibbled sensitive flesh, causing goose bumps to appear everywhere. "Delicious," the dark haired woman murmured around the nipple before sucking it deep into her mouth.

Tayte pressed the back of her head into the pillow, striving to come as close as possible to Lauren. Wrapping her legs around the other woman’s hips, she pulled her closer. Grinding into Lauren, she sought to find some relief from the passion surging through her, but it was far from enough.

Moving up, Lauren settled between Tayte’s legs, cupping the blonde’s cheek with one hand while kissing her softly, one long, heartfelt kiss after another. The slow caresses eased the passion, but also deepened it, giving it a profound yearning. It gave Tayte the courage to reach down and push Lauren’s panties down over her hips, using her feet to remove them completely. Reaching for the twin globes, she massages the other woman’s bottom, pulling her closer.

"Ah!" Lauren let go of Tayte’s mouth, tossing her head back at the intimate contact. "Sure it’s not too fast?" she gasped, sliding the fingertips of her right hand inside Tayte’s panties.

"Very sure. In fact … long overdue." Tayte did her best to raise her hips and accommodate Lauren when she removed the white cotton underwear.

Smiling down at her, Lauren let her eyes roam the naked body. "You take my breath away." Her voice was little more than a whisper.

"You like what you see?" There was nothing coy in Tayte’s question.

"I love what I see."

Tayte reciprocated the inspection. Lauren’s curvaceous body was beautiful, but that was not what triggered the earth shattering response inside her. Instead it was how the taller woman trembled in her arms, how her skin flushed and how her nipples pebbled. Lauren straddled Tayte’s left thigh. "And I adore what I see …" Cupping the soft blonde curls, the dark haired woman began a circular motion.

"Lauren, please …" Tayte undulated against the touch that was still not enough. Pulling her knees towards her chest, she opened up to the woman above her, showing without words what she wanted.

"Oh, yeah? Like this?" Lauren purred. "You want more of me?"

"Much more," Tayte husked. "Deeper …"

Gentle fingers entered her, pressed into the wetness between her legs. Inside, they curled against a spot making Tayte arch her back and give a short cry. "Lauren, oh, good Lord. Right there." She whimpered when the strong fingers rotated against the sensitive area, while the other woman scooted down far enough to place her mouth above the blonde tuft of hair. Blowing on Tayte’s drenched folds; she elicited a moan from the younger woman who tried to lie still when all she wanted was for Lauren to devour her.

"Tell me what you want," Lauren stated in a low voice.

"I want you to taste me, roll your tongue over me … make me scream ...." Amazed at how well Lauren interpreted her directions, Tayte ran her fingers through her lover’s long hair, whispering her name as she rolled her hips beneath the other woman’s skilled tongue. When she realised she could not hold back any longer, she clutched at Lauren’s shoulders, wanting to be in the other woman’s arms when she came.

Lauren glanced up, abandoned the wet sex under her lips and moved up after carefully withdrawing her fingers. The pleasure bristling inside Tayte was aching to climax. She clung to Lauren’s shoulders as the dark haired woman settled between her legs, grinding against her.

"I love everything about you." She pushed harder into Tayte. "I love how you taste, how you feel. I love how you whimper my name." She smiled as the blonde suddenly stiffened, losing her breath. "And that … I love that look …"

"Please." Tayte whispered. "You’re going to make me … come …"

"Yes, I am." Lauren captured the other woman'ss lips.

Spirals of pleasure drilled down Tayte's legs and up through her torso. Reaching around Lauren, she wrapped her arms and legs around her. Throwing her head back, she melted into the embrace as the orgasm hit. Above her, Lauren pressed her sex hotter into Tayte’s, gasping out loud. "Oh, please, please …"

Her own body still shaking, Tayte managed to roll them over. Needing to feel Lauren’s desire, she reached between them and trailed her fingers into the soaked folds. Finding the engorged clit, she caressed it while looking through the strands of black hair covering Lauren’s face. "I love the way you say please," she whispered, "but, you don’t ever have to beg. Never." Her trembling fingers fondled the swollen ridge of nerves until Lauren began to convulse against her. Wanting to be closer, to feel the other woman's orgasm, Tayte entered her; tears forming in her eyes as she felt slick inner muscles clasp her fingers.

Holding Lauren close, kissing the small drops of sweat from her temples, Tayte pulled at the bed sheet with her free arm. Lauren in turn refused to allow her to move away, making Tayte’s attempt to cover them up more difficult than necessary. Finally the blonde managed to get a hold of a corner of the sheet, pulling it over the two of them where they nestled in the centre of the bed.

"God, Tayte," Lauren whispered. "I had no idea you wanted me so much."

"Yes, you did. That’s why you came here tonight. We couldn’t resist any more."

"Perhaps you’re right. All I know is that it will be damn hard to ever let go of you."

Tayte sighed contentedly and pushed sweaty tresses of hair from Lauren’s face. "You don’t have to let me go."

"I don’t want to." Lauren shifted next to her. "I’m falling in love with you."

Tayte’s heart began to race again, this time from something else than physical stimulation. "Lauren?"

"You’re wonderful. How could I help but love you?" Pushing up, Lauren leaned her head into her hand, resting on her elbow.

Tayte blinked. "I hoped. I wanted it so much and now …" Her lips curled into a smile. "Please, kiss me." Soft lips on hers, inaudible whispers, made Tayte believe Lauren was telling the truth. She framed the other woman’s face with her hands. "I’m in love with you too."

The small lamps on the night stands on either side of the bed ignited a new light in Lauren’s eyes as her gaze widened. A tremulous smile spread on her lips before she leaned down for yet another kiss. "So, do I assume too much if I suggest you let me spend the night?"

"No, you don't." Tayte returned the smile. "This night, the next night ... Any night you want."

Lauren gave a muted sigh and pulled the blonde onto her shoulder. Getting comfortable, Tayte found she was exhausted. Soon their passion would ignite again, but right now she was content simply holding Lauren.