Disclaimer: This story entails sexual relations between conscenting adult women. If this is illegal where you are, or if you are below the age of when this is deemed appropriate, do click here. This story wais posted as part of Radclyffe-Writings Author Challenge, theme: "Travel Tales," on November 12, 2005

Author’s note: This story takes place within the “Supreme Constellation” Space, a world which is where my upcoming science fiction series takes place, published by Bold Strokes Books, starting with the novel, “Book One - Protector of the Realm.” (Dec 2005)

Summary: Anthropologist Tory Moinaird is on her way back to Earth when she runs into Day'Shaun Voit D'Artansis, a diminutive, yet highly dynamic Cormanian woman who is on her way to Earth to join the dipomatic core. Tory finds her defences completely useless when Day merrily declares her sexy intentions toward the reclusive scientist.

 By Gun Brooke


“This is the last available seat, Ms. Moinaird.” The travel agent shook her head apologetically. “It’s First Class and quite a bit pricy.”

Tory Moinaird knew her dusty and worn appearance didn’t exactly give anyone the impression that she was rich, but she still found the comment a little bias. “I’ll take it.” She raised her hand, palm forward, and pressed it against the sensor on the alu-carbon countertop between them. Her built in chip registered the credits required to leave Corma and head toward home.

“Very good, Ms. Moinaird, “here’s your ticket and itinerary.” The travel agent docked a handheld computer with Tory’s and transferred the documents. After you reach orbit, you’ll transfer to Interstellar Shipping’s newest vessel, the Gh’osak. Pleasant journey.”

“Thank you,” Tory said and stuffed the small piece of technology in her breast pocket. She gathered her dusty luggage that looked, very appropriately, as if she’d been through hell. As a social anthropologist, she’d stayed in one of the few uncharted territories within this sector, the vast disi-disi forests of Corma. The paradox between the highly advanced technological society ruling the north hemisphere, and the ancient, unexplored south hemisphere where the Corma-Dexos existed, was of gigantic proportions. Without any modern technology, they were a protected race and it had taken Tory four years of negotiation with the Cormanian government to be allowed to study one of the tribes.

“You’re shuttle leaves in ten minutes, ma’am,” the woman behind the counter called out after Tory as she made her way toward one of the vendors next to the gates. Tory waved back as a thank you and still hoped she’d get her hands around a mug of misostena tea. She was just about to order, when someone bumped into her from the left.

“A coffee, no extras, please,” a melodious voice said in Premoni, the universal language.

Annoyed, Tory refrained from sending the rude woman a sharp elbow. “Get in line, please,” she tried with forced politeness and turned to look at her.

Bright, amber eyes looked into Tory’s own dark-brown ones with complete confidence. “Hi, there, I’m sorry to crowd you, but my shuttle leaves in five minutes.”

“Mine too.” Tory had never seen a lovelier creature than the one before her. Very petite, with black hair that reached almost to her waist, the woman’s body was still curvy in all the right places, which was emphasized by her snug, black leather-like outfit.

“Really?” The stranger leaned over the counter toward the vendor and fired off another dazzling smile. “If you get my coffee and this lady’s…what are you having, by the way?”

Misostena tea.” Tory was so tired and in awe, she didn’t even consider objecting.

“You heard her. If you get this done in…” She checked her chronometer, “…less than two minutes, you’ll get double credits.”

The young Cormanian man busied himself with the appliances and within less than a minute, two smoking thermo-mugs stood on the counter.

“Thank you, you deserve three times the credits,” the woman beamed. She pressed her palm against the sensor and tapped in a command. “There you go.”

“I don’t need you to pay for my tea,” Tory managed, finally getting her bearings around the gorgeous being next to her. “I can…”

“…run, I hope, with all that luggage. I assume you’re heading for the Interstellar Shipping shuttle?”


“They’re closing the gate. Come on!”

Tory held on hard to the strap around her luggage and grabbed the mug with her free hand. She ran after the small woman and watched in astonishment how the beautiful woman more or less threw herself forward and pressed her handheld computer against the ticket confirmation sensor. The assistant working at the gate seemed as taken with the woman as Tory was, because she only smiled and nodded when Tory’s new acquaintance apologized for her late arrival.

Tory didn’t get the same benevolent reaction from the assistant until the woman realized Tory was traveling in First Class. “Welcome aboard, ma’am. You just made it.”

They boarded the long, narrow shuttle that carried about six-hundred individuals heading for the large ship awaiting them in orbit. Tory checked her handheld computer and found she was seated in the front lounge, chair 4.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise who sat in the window seat next to her, in chair 3. “Hello, again. I think it’s time we were introduced,” the woman from the coffee vendor said. “I’m Day’Shaun Voit D’Artansis. My friends call me Day.”

Tory stared. “Oh, my.” She knew she sounded ridiculously in awe, and kicked herself mentally for not realizing when she saw the other woman’s amber eyes. I’m sitting right next to a member of the most famous families on Corma. Damn, I’ve been in the jungle so long now I’ve lost all sense of decorum.

“You okay?” Day asked and raised a perfect black eyebrow. “You look quite pale.”

“I’m fine. Thank you. I’m Tory Moinaird.”

“You’re human, aren’t you? From Earth?”


“And you’re on your way home now?”

Home? Yes, I suppose. “Yes.”

Day brightened even further and her smile drew Tory further in. “Oh, how wonderful. I’m on my way to Earth too. I’m going to work at the Cormanian Embassy at the Alpha II space station as their new attaché d’affair. I’m so glad to have a travel companion.”

“You are? I mean, sure. Of course.” Tory groaned inwardly. “I’m not usually this uncoordinated and…dirty. I’ve come straight from the Isiso-base shuttle.”

Day’s eyes grew wide. “Really? You’ve been permitted to go that far south? You must have connections in the right places, and…obviously, be of a profession that is connected to the research conducted there.”

“I’m a social anthropologist.”

“You’ve studied the holy ones,” Day breathed. Her eyes grew misty and she pressed her palms together. “I can’t believe my good fortune. Please tell me you’ll share everything about them. Or anything. Any little detail would do.”

Tory was unprepared for the reverent tone in Day’s voice, and had to reciprocate her enticing smile. “Why not? I’m going to edit my notes, and the journey back to Earth will allow me the time to do that. You can help me, if you like.” The offer was on the table before Tory realized what she meant to say. Did I just offer a Cormanian mega-celebrity to help me edit? Good thinking, Tory.

Day reached out and took Tory’s right hand between hers. Tory looked down at their joint hands and had to smile again at the difference in size. Day’s hands were small as a human child’s, and yet it was so clear that she was all woman. An unexpected inner disturbance at how the beautiful woman smiled and leaned forward against her sent a stab of pleasure down between Tory’s legs. Stop it! She’s just holding your hand, for skies and stars.

“You’d let me do that? Thank you, so much.” Day settled back in the seat, her hands still around Tory’s. “This trip is looking up, definitely,” Day sighed “I thought I’d have to travel among strangers.”

Aren’t we strangers? Tory didn’t dare move her hand, in case Day would let go. “I didn’t mean to sound as if I intend to put you to work,” she managed and cleared her throat. She felt large and clumsy next to Day’s fairy princess figure.

“You have no idea how this improved my day, my whole journey.” Day shook her head and wrinkled her nose. “I’m probably going to bore you with my endless questions, though.”

She must be joking. She could recite the Supreme Constellation Treaty of Unification, and I’d be enthralled to no end. “I don’t mind questions.” And I need to work on my people skills, for sure. I’ve been alone in that watch-tower in the jungle for too long. Tory sighed in content as Day kept her hand in her lap. Oh, moonlight, she’s driving me insane.




The starship Gh’osak was one of the largest public transportation vessels within the SC. Tory pulled the towel closer around her regarded the luxury around her with a crooked grin. Talk about contrasts. She let her fingers slide along the silver-marble, and carefully touched the real-wood bed frame, unable to keep a frown off her face when she saw it was made from disi-disi trees. These trees were closely guarded and monitored by the Cormanian authorities and Tory wondered what credits had changed hands since Interstellar Shipping was able to use it.

A sudden knock on the door made her jump. “Just a second.” Tory dropped the towel and pulled on a thin-linen robe that was laid out on the bed.  She walked over and to the door and opened it, fully expecting to see a member of the crew.

Amber eyes sparkled as Day brushed past her. “We’re neighbors!” she announced and unabashedly looked around. “This’ll make everything so much easier.”

Easier? What ‘everything’? Tory stared at the revelation before her. Day had obviously already changed and was now dressed in an ethereal, white dress made of some alternating fiber which created highlights of a full-spectrum set of colors. “It is?” Tory murmured and tried to take her eyes off the fullness of Day’s breasts that moved underneath the whisper thin fabric. Suddenly very aware of her own naked, wet body beneath the robe, Tory took a step back. She needed to keep this woman at more than an arms length or she wouldn’t be responsible for the consequences. After all, fourteen months in a disi-disi jungle without any direct interaction with anyone, did the strangest thing to you.

“Yes, of course, it is,” Day laughed. “I can just pop in here when you need me and…Oh, are you all right?”

No, I’m about to make a fool out of myself if I don’t get a grip here. “Yes, yes. Fine. Er…can I get you anything? Something to drink?”

“Yes, thank you. I’d love some citrus juice please. I need to wrap my pallet around the Earth food items and drinks, don’t you agree?”

It wasn’t strictly necessary, Tory thought as she walked toward the bar counter. With the flourishing trade, you could get Cormanian specialties if you were prepared to pay, everywhere within SC space. “It’s called orange juice,” Tory said and was immediately ready to lock herself into the bathroom and weld the door shut. Do I have to sound like I’m lecturing, every chance I get? Well, what can you expect? I spend my entire life teaching and doing research, and when I do get out, I spend that time in a jungle, as far away from civilization as possible.

“Orange juice,” Day repeated obediently and then walked up to Tory and wrapped an arm around the startled scientist’s waist. “I can tell I’m going to need your guidance so I don’t commit a faux pas the first thing I do.”

“Day, I’m not very well versed in diplomatic traditions,” Tory sighed at the sense of loss when Day removed her arm and handed over a tall glass of orange juice. “In fact, I’m probably considered the most awkward member on staff at University Europa.”

“Oh, come on! You? But you’re traveling through space, across most of SC space, I bet, and you’ve studied things I’ve never even heard of.”

“Neither have most other people.” Tory leaned back against the bar and sipped her own juice, merely to occupy herself with something. “My findings are important, but I usually have a hard time persuading the authorities regarding that.”

“That only proves my point,” Day stated and looked pleased. “We all would be better off if we listened to you.”

Tory stared at Day’s beautiful face, delicate and strong at the same time, and then began to laugh. Truly delighted with Day’s way of reasoning, she could but surrender to the smart innocence all wrapped up into one gorgeous creature. “Very well,” Tory smiled, suddenly feeling less clumsy and definitely more at ease than she had in years. “I have to reciprocate the compliment, though. Our unification of planets would benefit from having your positive outlook on life.”

To Tory’s dismay, Day’s face darkened and it was as if shadows from large thunderclouds dimmed her bright eyes. “I’m sorry,” Tory gushed, “I didn’t mean to…”

“You’re fine. You just touched a sore spot, like I think I’ve done with most of my comments.” Day gave a small shrug with her left shoulder. She was obviously trying to keep a brave smile going, but it didn’t scatter any of the clouds.

“I have no idea how I managed that,” Tory grimaced, “but I’m not surprised. I tend to wake up with one foot in my mouth, and only exchange if for the other during lunch break.”

Day’s laughter rang through the cabin and Tory smiled reluctantly. “Oh, Tory, if you know how well that describes my life!”

“Yours? But you’re…” Beauty personified. Elegant. Rich. Famous.

“My family thinks I’ve lost my mind to consider an off-world career. They’d love for me to become a lawyer, or perhaps a Charity Commissioner. I admire both professions, but like my cousin Leanne, I need more. She’s a lieutenant in the SC Navy. They shunned her, and they nearly did the same with me. Only the fact that my Mother Ymmer spoke so adamantly on my behalf, saying that by working on behalf of Corma through our Embassy, I would continue our family’s tradition of caring for its people, stopped it from happening. My other mother, Mama Desolhe, still has her reservations.”

“And so now you’re leaving…how does it feel?”

The last of the clouds in Day’s eyes disappeared and Tory had never felt such a rush of relief in her life. What was it about this woman that seemed to accelerate all her senses, not to mention most dormant emotions?

“It feels wonderful,” Day sighed in content. She tugged at Tory again and this time she didn’t remove her arm. “And since I met you it gets better by the second…” She leaned back as she held on to Tory’s waist. “You are a definite, absolute bonus!”

Tory’s mouth grew dry as she felt Day’s lower body press into her own. Very aware of her own state of undress underneath the robe, she drank from her juice again and licked her parched lips. What are you doing, Day?

Day cocked her head and regarded Tory with shining eyes. “You feel the same don’t you? I’m not a telepath, but I come from a long line of intuitives, and I can sense that you’re not indifferent to me.”

“I’m way out of my league with you.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.” Day stood on her toes and placed a soft kiss on Tory’s chin. “Well?”

Pushy, aren’t we? Tory’s heart hammered almost painfully against her ribs. She was more than a head taller than Day, and at least thirty percent heavier. And I’m considered tall and muscular, even among the more sturdy humanoids in this sector. She had to meet the most delicate of women ever to set foot on a starship… Tory leaned forward and cupped the back of Day’s head. “I’m afraid that someone like me, big and clumsy, would break you in two,” she murmured, unable to take her eyes off Day’s face.

“Oh, you’ll find that I don’t break very easily. Granted, I’m small even for my species, but I’m stronger than I look.” Day looked over at the bed. “Our difference in height would even out if we were to lie down, you know.”

Thud! Tory thought she’d faint at the candid words, uttered with such innocence. Or were they? A devilish gleam sparkled in the midst of the amber irises of Day’s eyes, and Tory wondered if she was being maneuvered by someone much shrewder than herself.

Day tugged gently at Tory’s robe as she apparently tried to persuade her to test her bed theory. “Mm, I can’t wait to discover all these hills and valleys I feel under this,” she murmured and actually licked her lips.

Tory groaned as the robe’s fastening clasp opened and the thinlinen fabric slid halfway off her. Her cheeks warmed in a deep blush, and she inhaled deeply as Day’s small, eager hands were upon her.

“Tory, come over here…with me…” Day whispered and now she didn’t have any problems pulling Tory toward the bed.

“Careful. I mean. With you.” Tory heard how incoherent she sounded, but could not resist any longer. She felt she had to warn Day though. “I haven’t been with anyone for several years.”

“Excellent. No wonder, I’m responding to all that pent up energy.”

Is that all it is? Energy? Lust? Somehow it was disappointing, which surprised Tory. Surely it was all it was meant to be? Strangers meeting like starships in space, sharing a mutual need… And still there was a small, annoying sense of disillusionment that ate away at Tory’s midsection. I should be used to this scenario by now. There has never been anything else. Mostly it was her own fault. There wasn’t enough time in her life to deal with the intricacies of a full-blown relationship.

“I usually can feel this type of energy from people,” Day continued as she started to remove her own clothes. “But I turn off my sensitivity, because it’s most often with people I feel no connection with and I’m rather infamous for being picky.”

Tory’s head snapped up and she had to sit down on the bed since her legs began to tremble. “Picky?” she asked hoarsely.

“Yes. My sisters have had many lovers and they’d never let an opportunity pass them by. I guess you could say we’re of a life-enjoying breed in my family. That’s another reason why I don’t fit in so well. To quote my sisters, I’m everyone’s friend, but seldom anybody’s lover.”

“Sounds good to me,” Tory croaked. “You should live your life the way you think is right for you.” Ah. A ‘helpful’ cliché from the professor. How quaint. Tory tried again. “I mean, I know some of going against the current. I grew up knowing just what I wanted to do, but…” she shrugged “…it wasn’t a popular choice in my family either. They’re all space travelers, and I guess I had enough of this nomadic lifestyle when I was in my teens.”

“And yet you travel to remote areas like where the Corma-Dexos live.” Day divested herself from her last piece of cloth item.

“Yes. Strange how it turns out…” Tory lost track of what she meant to say when she found herself staring at perfection. High, full breasts with dark red, hard nipples, made her mouth water and she swallowed twice. “Curse the moonlight, you’re beautiful…” Her eyes traced the sweeping line of Day’s hips and ended up at the junction of her thighs. A small patch of black hair barely hid Day’s sex, and Tory could only think about how much she wanted to discover this unknown territory.

“Come…” Day whispered and climbed up on the bed. She slid backward toward the pillows and held out a hand to Tory. “Please?”

Tory allowed her robe to fall to the floor, next to Day’s clothes, and followed suit. She took the proffered hand and lay down on the bed as she tugged Day on top of her. Tory moaned out loud at the touch of skin on skin. She let go of Day’s hand and cupped her own around her enticing lover’s buttocks.

“Tory…yes…spread your legs like that.” Day wiggled until she was resting between Tory’s legs.

Tory held on tight around Day’s bottom and rocked her into her own hot center. “I’m afraid of hurting you,” she managed. “You’ll tell me…won’t you?”

“I will. But you won’t,” Day whimpered into Tory’s neck. “Mm. You’re so hot…and wet. Amazing.”

Tory had no idea what was so amazing, but she knew if she didn’t stop rubbing her wet sex into Day’s, she was going to too orgasm way too quickly. I’ve gone without for so long. I want to make it last. That’s when she noticed that Day was furtively scooting down her body.

“Hey…what are you…” Tory clamped her mouth shut when she felt soft lips against the inside of her left thigh. Day kissed her gently and created a blazing trail along Tory’s legs. Moving up, Day skipped the thin patch of hair and instead let her tongue play in Tory’s belly button for an agonizing ten seconds, before she moved further up.

Day’s black hair fell forward when she leaned over Tory’s breasts and created a sense of protection, which shattered completely when Day latched onto one of Tory’s nipples with sharp little teeth. Pain turned to pleasure and Tory thought she was going to self-combust. She arched with a low outcry and laced her fingers through the black masses of hair. “Day!”

“Mm, sweetness, you taste so good,” Day purred. She licked the pebbling nipple until it felt raw, and only when Tory whimpered out loud in abandon, did she switch to the other breast.

Tory couldn’t believe how hard her nipples became, and how they ached for more of Day’s ministrations. The tender assault had unleashed her carefully restrained libido, and Tory knew it would become embarrassingly clear when…if…Day touched her between her legs.

Day didn’t seem to be in a hurry. She moved up, all the time placing open-mouth kisses along her path. She let her tongue paint wet trails and finally she was hovering above Tory’s face. To Tory’s amazement, there were tears in Day’s eyes, and like burning Imidestrian diamonds, they fell down on Tory’s cheeks.

“You’re so beautiful. So forceful and…amazing,” Day whispered. “I’ve never met anyone like you, and I’d given up hope.”

“Hope of what?” Tory asked, her voice breathless with need and desire. She wanted little more than to surrender to Day, but there was something in the other woman’s voice that made her need secondary.

“Of equality. Of this, unbending desire.” A look of sudden alarm spread over Day’s face and she blinked several times as if trying to get rid of the tears. “Or…am I mistaken?”

Tory’s heart grew heavy with a flood of emotions. “No,” she gushed. “No, Day, you’re not wrong. I’ve never met anyone like you before, either, and I can’t imagine what you see in me…but whatever it is, I’m glad you do.”

Day’s look of astonishment would’ve been hilarious if Tory hadn’t been so aroused and absorbed by the beauty in her arms. “You…I see you!” Day said. “You, Tory.”

The words freed what was left of Tory’s inhibitions and she rolled Day gently, but insistently, onto her back. “And I can’t get enough of watching you,” Tory growled deep in her throat. “You’re sheer beauty. And you drive me insane.”

“I do? It’s not my intention.” Day’s eyes glittered. “At least not entirely…”

“I have to have you. I’m sorry, little one, but it’s been so long and I…” Tory swallowed hard and tried to rein in her rampaging emotions. She reminded herself of how petite Day was, compared to her own muscular frame. “You seem so fragile,” hesitatingly.

“I’m not. I don’t break that easily. If you want me…then take me.” Day placed her hands above her head and spread her legs and lay perfectly still, as if it was a gesture of submission.

Tory licked her lips and rose up on her elbow. She slid her hand down along the flawless skin, amazed at its silken feel. “Stars, you feel good,” she moaned.

“You know you want to do more than that,” Day gasped. “You want to take me. You said so.”

Tory wanted nothing more right now, but it was with shy trepidation that she allowed her hand to cup Day’s sex. The copious wetness there spoke volumes and for Tory it was the end of her self-restraint.

She got up on her hands and knees, straddling Day’s prone body. Tory knew she must have a feral look on her face by now, but her heart also ached with tenderness at the sight of the delicate arms that curved around Day’s head. Her hair spread over the pillows and Tory leaned down to bury her face in the fragrant masses. An alien perfume, of mentosin flowers and something resembling vanilla helped pull her senses in, and Tory slid down to cup Day’s breasts. She raised them towards her lips and looked at them for a few, agonizing seconds.

Day startled to squirm under her hands, and Tory relented. She took a rock hard nipple and sucked it as far as she could into her mouth. Day whimpered repeatedly and began to shiver. Encouraged, Tory nudged Day’s legs further apart and was rewarded when Day hooked them around Tory’s hips.

Tory pulled Day up, toward her, and sat back on her heels. Day was now straddling her hips and her arms weren’t passive anymore; instead Day flung them around Tory’s neck. “Tory…Take me.”

Simple words. She’s fire against me. “Hold on to me, little one.” Tory pushed one hand between them and pressed her fingers gently in between swollen, drenched folds. Day began to undulate and Tory could feel more moisture coat her hand. She slid a finger inside and was rewarded by a low growl as Day threw her head back.

“Yes, yes!” Day pressed down hard. “Oh, please don’t stop…”

Tory had no such intentions. Instead she managed to add another finger, and by doing so, filled her lover completely. Day shuddered and held on hard around Tory’s neck. Her eyes were half closed, and she hummed an almost inaudible melody as she grounded herself against Tory’s hand.

Tory was almost ready to burst. Her thighs were damp from the moisture Day’s expression created between her legs. Tory burned inside and knew it wouldn’t take much now to send her over the edge. She was eager to bestow the same pleasure upon the gorgeous creature in her arms and wrapped her free hand closer around Day’s waist. Tory helped Day move and curled her fingers slightly inside her, which seemed to hit a sensitive bundle of nerves. Day called out and became rigid in Tory’s arms, and her hot, smooth inner walls contracted around Tory’s fingers.

“Ah!” Day gave one last cry, and then fell forward, slumping against Tory.

“Oh, little one,” Tory whispered and shifted her grip. She pulled her fingers out gently, mindful not to scratch Day’s swollen tissues. “Come here.” Tory’s own arousal still soared, but had reached a plateau where it had calmed enough for her to be able to cradle Day without concern for her own pleasure. She looked at the flushed face that rested against her shoulder and maneuvered Day’s body into a more comfortable position across her lap. “Beautiful,” Tory whispered and kissed Day’s damp forehead.

“Oh, Tory…this was amazing.” Day sighed and opened her radiant eyes. They shone with a special kind of light and it was pretty clear that this energetic bundle of a woman had not had enough--by far.

As if to illustrate this, Day straightened up into a kneeling position and placed two determined hands on Tory’s shoulders. She didn’t take her eyes of Tory’s and gently pushed her a little, indicating that she wanted Tory to lie down on her back. “My turn, don’t you think?” she smiled. “Time I did some exploring of my own.”

There was not much rational thought in Tory’s head. She lay down and the pounding sensation between her legs increased until it was in tune with the pulsations in her heart. When Day spread Tory’s legs wide and pushed her knees up, it was as if small stabs of pleasures started somewhere around the back of her knees and pierced through her sex, only to end up in the pit of her stomach. Sweat pearled on her upper lip but it was soon gone, since Day launched her attack and started by kissing Tory senseless.

Soon, Day had kissed her way past Tory’s sensitized nipples, across her stomach, and without further ado, parted Tory’s slick folds with curious, nimble fingers.

The sensations became fragmented for a while. Tory tried to absorb the feeling of being filled by slender, inquisitive fingers, and at the same time, felt a soft gush of hot breath against her sex. An agile tongue began flicking over Tory’s clitoris and she couldn’t have remained quiet, if her life had depended on it. “Oh, ohh!”  Tory jerked and still somewhere tried to be mindful of their difference in size. This, however, didn’t seem to be any concern of Day’s since she didn’t hesitate before she spread Tory’s wetness all over her sex while she lapped at her.

“Mm, what a delicious scientist you turned out to be,” Day purred. “I think we’re very lucky. Several weeks in space with little else to do, but…this.” She pushed several fingers into Tory, shamelessly taking advantage of any possibility to bring her pleasure. “I imagine we won’t be lonely, after all…”

Lonely? How can a wonderful, stunning woman like her ever feel lonely? “Then, take me.” Was that her, giving orders to a prominent citizen of Corma? Tory didn’t care. All she wanted was to feel Day enter her in every way possible and she wasn’t disappointed.

With her agile tongue at work, Day filled Tory with tender fingers and did not let go even when Tory’s body was arched so much, she was barely touching the bed. The orgasm hit in wave after wave, and it was as if Tory rode them right into Day’s mouth. She squeezed her eyes shut to try and focus on the all-to-quickly fleeting moments when her body was one with Day’s and not alone.

Tory felt Day flatten her tongue against her and slow down the pace. The convulsions seemed to follow the same pace; they slowed, but didn’t stop. Instead her body lingered in mid air. For a while, Tory thought she’d never come down to the bed, to Day, and only when she drew a new breath did she realize she’d been holding it and was dizzy from oxygen deprivation.

“Breathe, sweetness, breathe,” Day cooed and crawled up along Tory’s slumped, sweat drenched form. “You must remember to breathe.”

Gasping for air now, Tory pulled Day close with weak arms. “Never.”


“I’ve never come like that.”

“Then I’m honored.” There was a smile, but also surprised happiness in Day’s voice.

Tory forced her eyes open and looked at the disheveled pixie-like woman next to her. She possesses such strength, it’s amazing… “We’re a mess.”

“Yes,” Day agreed. “A warm hydro shower? They’re rare, and considered old-fashioned and not hygienic enough on Corma, compared to the super-sounder, but I love them.”

“Oh, yes. A long one.” Again. But perhaps not alone? “Have one here, with me?” It wasn’t like Tory to be forward with partners. It’s not like me to be with a partner. Period. I never have time. Or make time.

“I’d love to take a shower. And stay here.” Day looked like she wanted to say something more, but instead pressed her lips together and gazed toward the transparent aluminum view port.

“Yes?” Tory urged, injecting softness in her voice since she sensed awkwardness for the first time in Day.

“Nothing. Well, yes. I just wanted you to know, that despite my family’s reputation, or that of my sisters, actually…this isn’t commonplace for me. I don’t go around jumping women, or men, in their quarters just like this.”

Tory considered this, and most of all, the fact that it was important to Day that Tory knew. “I believe you. And I can guarantee that I have not jumped men or women ever. My experience in the amorous department is sadly lacking.”

Day’s amazing eyes began to sparkle again. “I have no complaints. Either you’re a quick study, or intuitive when it comes to me. You…were…amazing.” She emphasized her words with kisses along Tory’s neck. “So, how about that shower? We can really get down to business after that.”

Tory stared at the dynamic woman in her arms. “What?”

“Your notes from the disi-disi jungle. The Corma-Dexos that you’ve studied for months on end? Vaguely familiar?” Day made a funny face when Tory growled at her teasing.

“Funny. Get out of bed and into the shower, then.”

Day rose and stood in the middle of the floor, bathed in only the soft illumination from the over-bed lighting. Tory just stared at her for long moments. She rose and reached for Day’s hand. “Come on then.”

As they stepped toward the ensuite bathroom, Tory knew that going back to Earth would not be the culture shock she’d tried to prepare for. With this extraordinary woman around, it would be much better, and much worse.

Either way, Tory knew their explosive start was unique, for both of them, and she’d do her best to keep Day in her life. She punched in a command in the shower stall console and set the water to level six, which was medium-hot. “You prepared to give this a try?” she asked Day and motioned for the running water.

“For a shower? Or are you talking about something more long-term?” Day tilted her head and the long hair fell around her like a satin cloak.

Tory cupped Day’s chin and had to smile at the not so subtle expression on her face. “Both. But right now, this instant, the shower.”

“Then I say, yes. To the shower, and perhaps, if you’re interested, to something long-term.”

Tory could not stop smiling as she ushered Day into the hydro-shower. The water ran down their bodies and refreshed them, but Tory knew, nothing had refreshed her mind, ignited her body, or tugged at her heart, as the sight of Day’Shaun Voit D’Artansis, naked and laughing right next to her.

-- (♀♀) --


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