Supreme Constellations:
Book Two - Rebel's Quest

Available in February, 2007

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On a world torn by war, two women discover a love that defies boundaries, challenges allegiances, and that just might mean the survival—or destruction—of all they hold dear.

Roshan O’Landha, a Gantharian resistance fighter, works hard to maintain her cover as a wealthy businesswoman as war on occupied Gantharat seems imminent. When the Onotharian forces strike an overwhelming blow to the resistance, Roshan sends a plea for help to Kellen O’Dal, Protector of the Realm. In the meantime, Roshan is forced to work closely with Andreia M’Aldovar, a woman she once cared for who now holds a pivotal position in the Onotharian interim government. Andreia also guards a secret, one that if known could cost her life at the hands of either the Onotharians or the resistance. As the two women struggle to prevent annihilation, Roshan is given the only order she may not be able to obey, not even to save Gantharat—assassinate Andreia M’Aldovar.

Read the first three chapters!

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Kimiko at the Star Crossed Production's web site.

Classic sci-fi adventure (Kimiko)
Rebel's Quest is the second book in Gun Brooke's Supreme Constellations series, and her fourth published novel in all. Set on and around Gantharat, it tells the story of Roshan O'Landha, a business tycoon collaborating with the Onotharians by day and a Gantharian resistance fighter by night, and Andreia M'Aldovar, spokeswoman of the Onotharian government who secretly leads the Gantharian resistance. Their paths cross when extensive raids by the Onotharians capture many of the rebel leaders and they start to work together to free the prisoners. Roshan asks the Supreme Constellations, which is gearing up for war with the Onotharians, for help, and they send Rae Jacelon and Kellen O'Dal, the heroines of the first book of the series.

Gun Brooke's writing has improved a lot since her previous books, and I found it hard to put this book down until I finished it. Protector Of The Realm felt much like Star Trek fan fiction, where Brooke's roots as a writer lie. Rebel's Quest reminds me more of classic science fiction. There is a lot of action and adventure here, and relatively little romance, just as it should be. I actually think that some of the romance, and the one or two sex scenes in any case, could have been left out without harming the story much.

This book being more driven by the plot than by the characters' interaction, they may not be as memorable. In this genre, it is only a minor mistake, but seeing as how Brooke also writes romances, she would do well to work on it. What caught my attention more were some mistakes in spelling and logic; not up to par for Bold Strokes's copy-editing. I also wonder if whoever wrote the blurb on the back cover read the book very closely, as it's not very accurate.

Overall, I liked Rebel's Quest very much. It is certainly one of my favorite books in a while, and Gun Brooke's best so far.