Cardinal Succession



1st Story

Moonlight reflected

In the blade of a sword

Not clean of blood

But wielded with courage

A warrior with callous eyes

Masking a wounded heart

Humanity thoroughly suppressed

Out of necessity

Lethal grace, beautiful

Desperate for redemption

Masked as retribution

To hide the pain


2nd Chapter

Her voice; its softness

Ringing true, causing agony

Gentle where it cut

But as deadly as the sword

Scented by flowers

Voice of velvet when she read

Piercing the warrior

Rendered defenceless

The green in her eyes

Beckoned and seduced

Made the warrior grasp the sword

Determined to not surrender


3rd Sentence

To remove an armour

Takes courage and heart

Unclasping, revealing

Our weakened state

To stand naked

Soul bare; heart discovered

For green eyes to see

For soft hands to linger

Warriors in danger

Sharpen their minds and swords

When paladins combat

They fear nothing


4th Syllable

She spoke of love and friendship

Drove a wedge of life

Between ribs of steel

Aiming for the warrior’s heart

Her words lingered

Echoed in the night

Next to the campfire, under the moon

The warrior lay sleepless, dreamless

Wanting to escape the warmth

Dreading closeness and dependency

From the alluring tone of voice

In her memory


5th Letter

Allowing love; admitting friendship

The Gods granted entrance

To show the warrior

What path to take

Entering the clearing

In the deepest, darkest forest

Daring to stand there, defenceless

Offering her heart

A warrior, taking the risk

Of losing more than her life

Wins greater values

Than yet another conquered nation

When her heart comes home


G. Brooke