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If you haven’t already, I think you will find this story more enjoyable and easy to understand if you read the two last “Advent Calendar stories” of mind as this is the third installment of this crossover series. You find the first part HERE and the second part HERE.

Pairings: Janeway/Seven – Andy/Miranda

Rating: G—NC-17 depending on the door in question.

Summary: Four months into their mission, Admiral Kathryn Janeway and covert operative Miranda Priestly, are closing in on the arms smugglers and mapping the organization. Everything is going well until Janeway and Miranda realize their loved ones are the ones who might pay the ultimate price for their assignment.


Gun Brooke ST VOY J/7 – DWP MirAndy crossover fan fiction

Safe Passage

Door 11


Janeway hurried toward the junction the computer had described as Cassidy Priestly’s location. As they reached it, it soon became obvious that the little girl wasn’t there. Janeway whipped out her tricorder while she asked the computer for clarification.

Cassidy Priestly is on deck thirteen, junction one-alpha.

“No, she’s not.” Janeway’s tricorder beep as she directed it toward the aft part of the junction. She stepped closer and saw something glimmering close to the bulkhead. “Cassidy’s comm badge.” She plucked it from the deck and ran the tricorder over it. “It’s hers.”

Tal Celes had scanned the area also and now shook her head in dismay. “She’s not within scanner range, Admiral.”

“Damn. Where is she, and why’s her comm badge here?” Janeway pinched the bridge of her nose. She was about to suggest they widen their search when the alarm klaxons blared and the ship automatically went to red alert. “Computer! Report!”

A high-yield explosive has occurred in Jefferies Tube fourteen-gamma.”

Janeway flinched and slapped her comm badge hard. “Janeway to Seven, what’s going on?” Please answer, darling. Please.

“Seven to Janeway,” a barely recognizable voice said through massive coughing. “An explosive went off in the Jefferies Tube where Caroline Priestly were supposed to be located, but we managed to vacate it in time to avoid the blast.” She coughed again.

“Are you all right? And the others?”

“We are all right, Kathryn. Caroline was not there, but her—“

“Comm badge was. Same here. No sign of Cassidy either.”

“Kathryn, do an extensive scan for any threat in case it was a trap as well.” Seven was breathing somewhat easier. “This is looking far too planned to be a coincidence.”

“I agree. Keep looking for your girl. We’ll do the same here.”

Janeway spent a few minutes deploying security teams all over the ship and ordering civilians to go to safe zones. If someone had put an explosive near the outer bulkheads, she could not allow any of the passengers to be hurled into open space.

“I was thinking, ma’am,” Tal said. “What if the girls were being chased, or threatened…what if they tossed their comm badges to confuse whoever was after them?”

Janeway pivoted, looking appreciatively at Tal. “You have a point. They’re clever girls. Their mother’s daughters in every sense of the word. The question is, why would they sneak out in the first place? They were safe with Ayala—“ She smacked her palm on the bulkhead. “Andy. I bet they were dying to go see Andy. They love her.”

“They’re not in sickbay yet, though. The Doctor would’ve told us.” Tal tapped her chin. “There are many ways that lead to sickbay. Corridors and Jefferies Tubes.”

“We could try a bio pattern scan, but that needs to be done in a more private setting as we don’t want the wrong people to overhear.” Janeway started running down the corridor. “Let’s go.”

As soon as they reached one of the conference rooms, Janeway and Tal slipped inside while the security officers stood guard outside.

“Computer, security input, Janeway-zero-zero-alpha-one-nine-one.” Janeway waited for the computer to acknowledge. She knew nobody would be able to hack into the system and monitor this. Seven’s Borg algorithms came saw to that. “Locate the bio patterns for Cassidy and Caroline Priestly, using their last body scan or transporter buffer.”


Janeway tapped her foot impatiently as the computer ran the scans.

“Cassidy and Caroline Priestly are located in Jefferies Tube thirty-four beta.”

“What are her vital signs?” Janeway held her breath, somehow knowing there would be bad news.

“Cassidy Priestly’s vital signs are normal, with slightly elevated breathing and heart rate. Caroline Priestly is unconscious and showing signs of respiratory distress.”


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