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Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design


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Door 25


Miranda regarded Andrea with as much dread as she’d ever felt. Would Andrea understand why she hadn’t been able to share this part of her duties? Or would she see it as betrayal and—leave? “Tell me what you’re thinking, darling.” Miranda swallowed hard.

“I honestly don’t know what to think.” Andrea turned around from where she’d been putting away some of her fabrics. “You’re some secret operative for Star Fleet. Tal is not a former cage dancer, but someone who is hell-bent on killing a man who is responsible for murdering her parents. This woman, Tal’s former lover, I assume, is onboard for the same reason. Kathryn and Seven are who they say they are, at least. Always something.”

“Can you understand why I couldn’t share this with you?” Miranda pushed her trembling hands behind her, clasping them as she willed her heart not to break prematurely.

“Absolutely. I would imagine you’d break all sorts of spy code if you let the woman you love in on Federation secrets. They would have court-martialed you or something, I’m sure.” Andrea sounded way too reasonable.

“Don’t. Scream at me. Yell at me for not telling you. Tear my head off and let me know how betrayed you feel, even if you understand. Just d-don’t push me away. Don’t leave me, Andrea.” Miranda could hardly breathe. Tears clogged the back of her throat and fear paralyzed her tongue, making it nearly impossible to form the words.

Andrea’s mouth opened, but no words came through. She looked stunned. “Leave?” she finally managed to say. “I’m not leaving. Not you. Nor the girls.” Tears rose in her eyes and the way she tugged at her fingers was a surefire sign how panicky she was right now.

“You’re not?” Miranda stepped closer and unclasped her hands. As she took yet another step toward Andrea, her love leaped at her, throwing her arms around her neck and hugged her tight.

“No. No! I could never leave you. I’d…I’d die without you, Miranda. Oh, Gods, I’m shaking all over and I’m really trying to understand, and to find a way to be supportive and be what you need, to not make you pull away from me and think I can’t handle it and—“

“Shh. You’re doing fine. Andrea.” Miranda found it easy now to be the strong one. As long as Andrea loved her and wasn’t about to pack up and demand her own quarters, she could handle anything. “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you. I know you know why. And, Gods, I’m glad you do know some of it now. This way I can protect you and the girls better and I don’t have to hide everything. There are still details I can’t share, but know you know my double duty, to Runway, and to the Federation.”

“Sort of interesting that you mentioned Runway first, before the Federation.” Andrea chuckled breathlessly. “I just want to ask you a favor, Miranda.”

“If it is at all doable, you can have anything you want. You know that.” Miranda combed through Andrea’s bangs with her fingers. “You know I could never deny you anything.”

“I know. Normally I have to harness you in when you go crazy with the giving.” Andrea smiled. “But this is different. If there is a way to share with me when you go off on assignments for the Federations, especially if they are dangerous, I would like to know. If I don’t, then I’ll worry my heart out even when you’re away on totally benign Runway stuff—I mean, photo shoots. And such.”

“I will be breaking the rules if I do, but I don’t care. You never ask for anything. Never mind the ‘spy code’ as you so eloquently put it. You will not have to worry needlessly. I promise you.”

“Wow. You hardly promise anything to anyone. This is pretty big.” Andrea framed Miranda’s face with her hands. “I love you. I love you so much.”

Miranda’s heart swelled back to what was its normal state around Andrea. “Silly girl.” She pressed her lips to Andrea’s and held her close. “I love you more than I ever thought myself able to. You’re the keeper of my heart. You know that, right?”

“Yeah. And just so you don’t forget whose holding my heart a happy captive.” Andrea kissed her back, brushing those full lips against Miranda’s over and over.

Miranda was about to deepen the kiss when the door hisses open and in stormed the twins, wide-eyed and out of breath.

“You’re here smooching?” Cassidy came to a sudden halt. “Here we think you’re being kidnapped by those goons and you’re here. All cuddled up and just being cozy. Hm.” She folded her arms over her chest. “Typical.”

“At least they’re all right,” Caroline pointed out and went over to wrap her arms around Andrea’s waist. “I was scared when you ran after those ninja looking guys.”

“I’m sorry you were frightened.” Andrea smoothed down Caroline’s wild red hair.

“I wasn’t scared. I thought it was exciting.” Cassidy mimicked her sisters’ pose and hugged Miranda. As much as Cassidy went for the bravado style, Miranda knew her daughter well enough to notice the evaporating shadows in both her daughters’ eyes. They had been very fearful, both for Andrea sake and for their mother’s. She hugged Cassidy tight to her with her free arm and held on to Andrea with the other. Andrea did the same and soon they were wrapped up in a rare sort of group-hug.

Miranda laughed. No matter what the future held in their quest to get to Maladorian and bring him back to face charges, this was a perfect, wonderful moment.




Tal walked silently behind Janeway and Nash as they made their way through the Brilliance’s corridors. She listened intently and was not surprised at Janeway’s ability for compassion.

“I’m not going to insult you by mincing words,” Janeway said to Nash as she escorted the tall woman to her quarters. “You’re going to find yourself in the presence of at least one armed guard until I feel you can be trusted. That said, I don’t want to put you in the brig as we have rather a long journey ahead of us. You will benefit from being around Star Fleet personnel and the civilians aboard the Brilliance.” She tapped the panel next to the door.

Nash and Tal stepped inside. “Impersonal, but adequate,” Nash said, looking around. “Do I get replicator rations?”

“Slightly restricted in nature, but when it comes to energy spent, you have the same allotment as everybody else, including me.”

“I wasn’t about to replicate a weapon. Just a few knick knacks that I could use to make this a little more…homey.”

“My quarters are across the corridor,” Tal said. “In case you need…something.”

Nash’s eyes lit up with a dangerous fire that Tal recognized with a tremor of her midsection as evidence. “Oh, goodie. You know my taste so well. That will come in handy.”

“Uhm. A security officer will be just outside the door until later. I’ve business to attend to. We’re closing the gates in half an hour and then we’ll be on our way to the L’Wiasta sector. ETA unless we run into a snag is twenty days from now. Use the time wisely, Ms. Forster. Lt’ Celes.” Janeway nodded politely and stepped outside. Tal heard her talk to the guard on duty and then there was silence.

Slowly Tal turned to Nash who regarded her with an unreadable expression on her face. Now that there were no witnesses, Nash seemed even tenser, and perhaps a bit…tired? Was that even possible? “So. You okay?” Tal wanted to groan at her trite words.

“Yes. Quite comfortable. Feeling like a prisoner, just a wee bit, but all in all, it could be worse.”

“It could indeed.” Tal sat down on the couch beneath the panorama view port. “We could be at the mercy of those armed thugs back at the Miramar. The stars only know what their true agenda was. Kill us? Kill one of us, or threaten to do so to get us talking. That sounds plausible. Would you have given everything away to save me? Or would you have kept your secrets, hid behind your under-cover part and let them slice and dice me?”

“Stop it. Stop!” Nash was on her so fast; Tal fell back against the armrest. Her arms closed around Nash’s back automatically. “I would never let anyone hurt you. I would take them out so fast, they wouldn’t see me coming. Even if I had to use only my hands, I’d keep you safe at all cost. I know you don’t believe me. I know you hate me for my association with Maladorian, but that is the fucking truth! I would kill to keep you safe. Just like that.” She snapped her fingers and then pressed her lips onto Tal’s neck. “When you left…as much as I could understand why…I couldn’t believe it. I had come to relax in the knowledge that you were there when I woke up. There when I went to bed. No matter what I had to do during the days…you were there.”

“And then I wasn’t.” Tal spoke bleakly. She could feel the tremors travelling through Nash. So much emotion, only restrained because Nash had learned the hard way how to do that. Tal remembered one of the rare times when Nash had shared how she’d once studied the art of logic and control with a Vulcan master. She had a feeling that control was slipping and here she was—probably the one who had to bear the brunt of it when unleashed.

“Then you weren’t.” Nash looked down at her with hungry eyes. “And yet, a few months later, here you are. Going after me, guns blazing sort of, and in the company of such surprises as Miranda Priestly and the most famous admiral in the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Janeway. Of course you brought the former Borg as well. And who was that little firecracker who served the coffee? I thought she was some sort of assistant at first, but the way Priestly looked at her, I could be wrong.”

“Andy’s her lover. Janeway and Seven are together. Just so you know.” Tal’s body was betraying her on all levels now. She arched under Nash. “And then there’s me. Someone you have every reason to hate. Really.”

Nash nibbled Tal’s lower lip and then pressed their lips together in that type of mind melting kiss Tal had experienced over and over in her dreams after leaving Nash. She gave up. Clinging to Nash she wrapped her legs around the other woman. She parted her lips willingly and deepened the kiss. Nash grunted and took as much as Tal gave, and somehow, and this was new, she gave of herself just as much. Nash’s hands caressed every part of Tal she could reach, and her shaking body revealed how affected she was.

“I still love you, Nash.” Tal sobbed now. She had never meant to repeat those words every again, but holding Nash like this, and feel her reciprocate on all levels, made it impossible to lie, even by omission.

“Tal?” Nash raised her head some to look at her. “You speak the truth?” Nash fell into her native dialect. It was evident even through the universal translator.

“I do.”

Nash sat up and managed to pull Tal up with her. Straddling Nash’s thighs, Tal held on to her shoulders and tried to get her brain to catch up.

“I adore you. You must realize how deep my feelings for you run when I risked everything I built with Maladorian to gain his trust.” Nash cupped her hips. “I love you, Tal. I’ll do what I can to make Janeway and her bunch to trust me. Together we can take him out…and then I will ask you how you feel.”

Tal shivered. “Fair enough,” she muttered and sank into the embrace. “But for now. Just hold me, all right?”

Nash squeezed her back. She felt the new little glowing light in the pit of her stomach and for the first time in months, she dared cautiously to hope.    



                                                                          “Seven!” Janeway arched under the skilled hands of her lover as a toe-curling orgasm tore through her system. “Oh, yes, yes, yes…Seven...ah!”

Seven had already climaxed twice to Kathryn’s delight, and now she was reciprocating in kind. Sweaty, tousled, make up gone, and the icy pose Seven kept in place around others, eradicated, Seven had never looked more beautiful. Janeway looked down between her legs where the digits of Seven’s Borg-enhanced hand connected with her body. As Seven slowly withdrew her hand, Janeway groaned and held her lover tight.

As their bodies cooled off, Janeway’s mind returned to the breakfast they’d shared with Andrea and Miranda. She dreaded the answer, but knew she had to face it head on. “Sweetheart? Do you remember when you asked me about children?”

“Of course. I have an eidetic memory.” Seven rose on her elbow. “Why does this question cause you such concern?”

“Do you want children?” Janeway blinked, confused at the sudden tears forming behind her eyelids.

Seven tilted her head for a moment, clearly considering the question. “Yes,” she answered. “One day.”

“O-one day?” What did that mean? Janeway prepared for the potential blow to her system.

“Yes. When we decide we have reached that place in our relationship when we could offer a child our undivided attention. I do not think growing up aboard a space ship is detrimental to a child’s development, but I wish for us to be able to offer ample time on Earth or any other place planetside.”

Janeway pressed her forehead against Seven’s cheek, feeling the starburst formation of her Borg implant there against her. “I—I was afraid that you wanting children did not include me.” She felt silly for saying this, but knew she had to be truthful if they were to stand a chance in the long run.

“Same-gender procreation has long ceased to be an issue, has it not?” Seven frowned.

“Yes, and I didn’t meant that. I…just figured you might not think…” The more Janeway tried to explain her irrational fear, the sillier it sounded. She felt her cheeks color and she closed her eyes in dismay. “I’m sorry.”

“Do not be sorry, my Kathryn.” Seven nuzzled her cheek. “I know how I often fear you may grow tired of me, or how you perhaps might regret us being together. None of my fears are based in reality or from anything you say or do. I fear…because fear is always ready to attack us when we least expect it, I find. I do understand how our minds…I think B’Elanna Torres-Paris called them ‘mind-ghosts’, can sabotage us.”

“So I’m a foolish old woman with mind-ghosts disrupting my happiness?” Janeway chuckled with tears in her voice. I’m not a very good catch, Seven.”

Seven smiled broadly, looking relieved and happy now. “You are, Kathryn. You are the catch. Formerly the most eligible bachelorette in the Alpha Quadrant if you believe the tabloid PADDzines.”

“Oh, God, don’t remind me.” Janeway covered her eyes. “Even Miranda who thinks there’s no such thing as bad publicity, rolled her eyes at that one.”

“And it is no longer true.” Seven kissed her way up along Janeway’s arm. “You are mine, Kathryn Janeway.”

Melting into the pillows with Seven in her arms, Janeway knew she had never been happier. In the midst of a dangerous mission that might yet blow up in their faces, she was content to be just where she was—as long as Seven was there with her.

“Sleep now, Kathryn,” Seven murmured and settled in next to her, her arm protectively around her. “I have you.”

“Yes.” Kathryn turned her head and buried her face into Seven’s silky hair. “You do.”


A/N This is the end of part two of the cross over saga with our favorite pairings and one pairing that just appeared because … because they did. J I plan to continue with part 3 next Easter, as the Easter Egg hunt of this year was pretty well received. Thank you every one for your comments and kind words. The raffle is still ongoing so don’t forget to go check that out if you haven’t already.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – and a very Happy New Year to all of you from me and my family. Love, peace, happiness, the best health possible, and comfort for those of us missing someone.



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