Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design


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Door 20


“I know you guys are ready to go yet another turn around the shops, but I’m bushed.” Andy looked imploringly at the twins. Seven had given up an hour ago and returned to the Brilliance, but of course the girls had wanted to stay longer. “We’re meeting your mother for dinner in an hour. I don’t know about you, but I want to shower and make myself presentable.”

“Oh, all right,” Cassidy said grudgingly. “Just one more peek into the candle store, please? I’ve never seen such diamond-candles before. Mom would love the silver one.”

Andy agreed. “Okay. I’ll find a seat outside and you girls can go in and pick out a candle for your mom.”

She sat down with a huff of relief as the twins entered the store that really did have some wonderful items for sale. Rubbing her neck after placing the bags and parcels by her feet, Andy sighed and leaned back. These girls would become the death of her feet, no doubt, but, oh dear, they had stolen her heart. She could feel how they opened up to her more and more, which Andy knew thrilled Miranda as much as it did her. At first, when the twins learned of how the relationship between Andy and Miranda had altered, Andy had been sure the girls would either become jealous, or feel betrayed. When neither happened, Miranda had actually wiped at tears and hugged Andy very close for a long time after they went to bed that night. Another, totally unexpected, development was the close friendship with Seven. Miranda had expressed a similar joy at how close she was getting to Kathryn, as Miranda didn’t have many close personal friends. Certainly no one who lived under the same spotlight. Kathryn and Seven were legendary after crossing the entire galaxy and beating the Borg in the process. Now that they were a couple, it was as if their fame had grown beyond all limits throughout the Alpha Quadrant, which bothered Seven more than Kathryn. She knew Seven was glad to be away from the onslaught of the media. The fact that Miranda had helped by adding to their legend through the Women of Voyager fashion shoot, did not seem to faze either of them, though.

Andy checked the time. 1900 hours. Half an hour until they were meeting up with Miranda. She was just about to stand up and get the girls’ attention when she saw Tal Celes across the promenade. Tal was approaching a tall woman with long, shimmering hair. They talked animatedly in front of the luxurious hotel, Tal even taking a step back from the woman who invaded her personal space. The taller woman then grabbed Tal by the shoulders and pulled her toward the hotel entrance.

“We’re ready, Andy. We decided on—“

“Shh. Wait.” Andy held up a hand and perhaps something in her tone made the girls realize she meant it, because their chatter stopped instantly, but then continued in excited whispers.

“Isn’t that the Mom’s new girl? Tal? What’s she doing? Why’s that woman pulling her along? Are those guys spying on them?”

Andy glanced around them. Caroline was right. Darkly dressed men were standing to the left and right of the hotel structure, looking as if they were interested in anything but the altercation between Tal and the striking woman. Then the woman pulled Tal inside the hotel and the men moved instantly.

“Caroline, Cassidy. Listen. This is important. Take the bags and all our stuff and then you run to your mom. Hurry as fast as you can, okay? I’ll page her and let her know why I’ll be late.”

“But Andy…?” Caroline looked frightened. “What if those guys are criminals or something?”

“I’ll be careful. Your mom, Seven and Kathryn will help me if I need it. Now run toward the gate and go aboard the Brilliance. Instantly.”

She watched the girls long enough to see them reach the gate. As soon as they were through it, she hurried toward the hotel. Something told her Tal was in trouble and even if the woman was a pain sometimes, she was also becoming a friend. She slapped her comm badge as she entered the hotel. “Andrea Sachs to Miranda Priestly.”

Miranda Priestly is detained in a meeting. Leave a message.”

Oh damn. The computer voice was not what Andy wanted to hear. She could use an emergency override, but she was not sure it actually was an emergency. Instead she paged Seven.

Seven here. Go ahead, Andrea.

“I’m on my way into the hotel close to the gateway, the Tamarina. I think I just saw Tal Celes being coerced to go in there with a woman. She in turn was followed by at least four men dressed in black. They did not look friendly, Seven.”

“Andy, this is Kathryn. Do nothing to endanger yourself, but if you can keep your eyes on Tal until we get there, that would be very helpful.” Kathryn sounded concerned. “This woman, what did she look like?”

Andy moved in through the doors of the hotel as she described the person Tal had met up with.

“Damn it. We need to get Miranda. This could blow up in our faces.”

Andy understood exactly zero, but then she spotted Tal as the woman nudged her into an elevator. Studying the computer console above it, Andy saw it stopped already at the second floor. “Second floor,” she spoke into the comm badge. “I’m going up.”

“Be careful, Andrea.” Seven sounded as if she was walking fast. “Miranda Priestly will not forgive any of us if something happens to you.”

Andy had no idea as to what might happen when she took the stairs to the next level, she only knew she’d ended up in the middle of something she had no knowledge about.



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