Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design


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Door 16


“Andrea, you—you just can’t say things like that!” Miranda blinked at the flickering images of Andrea putting herself in danger’s way because of Miranda’s work for Star Fleet Intelligence. “Not even as a joke.”

“Miranda?” Andrea looked concerned. “Of course I’d come to your aid if anything happened to you—or to the twins for that matter.”

This made Miranda’s stomach clench. “You focus on the twins. I can take care of myself. And unless you’ve missed it completely, we have a whole unit of security personnel with us on this tour. Just rely on them and stop frightening me.”

“Yes, Miranda,” Andrea said and smiled sweetly. “That said, I guess I should go talk to the beauty staff since I’ve been drafted to join this shoot.”

“Finally. Some sense.” Miranda pressed a quick kiss on Andrea’s earlobe. “Off you go. Time is of the essence.”

“When isn’t it?” Andrea teased and stuck out her tongue a few millimeters before she joined Tal and the beauty staff.

Miranda found herself struggling against a sudden surge of arousal. And this just from seeing the tip of Andrea’s tongue. Ridiculous. Then again, she knew better than to even graze the memory of how Andrea had used that particular part on Miranda only last night. “Damn,” Miranda muttered inaudibly. “Too late.”


Tal Celes was not prepared of how many products the beauty industry had come up with to enhance, hide, obscure, erase, and create optical illusions. There was no way she would be able to go through this several times a day. She was ready to clock the first person who dared approach her with an eyelash curler. Glancing at Andrea, Andy, she saw somehow a bit of her younger self. It wasn’t that long ago, really, that Tal had been that friendly and caring. Smiled just as easily. That had all evaporated the day she made herself scarce from Nash Forster’s life.

“How about both of these gorgeous girls in different shades of green?” The bald man named Nigel Kipling asked no one in particular. “Yes. Yes, I think we’ll start out with the green.”

“Is he kidding?” Tal hissed to Andy who was having her hair curled in long ringlets that actually looked quite beautiful. “Green?”

“I trust Nigel,” Andy said blithely. Then she wrinkled her nose. “Up to a point. If he suggests that see-through pink shirt I made for an intimate moment, I will walk off the set like the worst model diva you ever saw.”

Tal found it impossible to dislike Andy no matter how she tried. Returning the smile, if a bit cautiously, she shook her head. “Pink see-through? What were you thinking?”

“Moment of weakness. I thought of Miranda, and she can really rock any pink color even if she rarely wears it, and…I had drawn and then sewn a pink, see-through blouse.” She shrugged.

“Ah, I see. Eye candy for you.” Tal’s smile broadened when Andy’s cheeks turned into the shade they were discussing. “You got it bad, Andy.”

“I know. And it’s actually quite good for the most part.” Andy seemed to internalize the rest of a statement. “So. Yeah.”

“I understand. Some, at least.” Tal nodded.

The two women sat in companionable silence for the rest of the makeup session and Tal knew she would not sell Andy short ever again. Even if she was not aware of the nature of this mission, Andy was nobody’s fool—but, and this was the strangest thing, she could very well be everybody’s friend. Tal closed her eyes, hoping against all odds that this mission would not end in perpetual heartache for Andy.   


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