Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design


Door 14


Miranda debated whether to go after Andrea, but something told her she ought to have a little chat with the reluctant model in the making over there. She walked slowly over to the makeup section. “Leave us.” If she hadn’t been succumbed by ice cold fury, it would have been mildly entertaining to see eight people scatter like frightened lemmings.

“So you come to punish the one responsible for infuriating your girl-toy.” Tal smiled crookedly.

“I have one advice, which you better heed or you will regret it.” Miranda knew her fury made her speak in a barely audible voice. “Nobody, and I mean nobody, speaks that way to Andrea. You may think you’re indispensable, but you’re not.”

“That’s not what the admiral said. From what I heard, you need me. A lot. So that means I don’t have to suck up to your…girlfriend.” She regarded Miranda between her eyelashes.

“The admiral isn’t in charge of this operation. I am. She’s here to provide backup and transportation, and to be of any assistance I might require. If I tell her to cut you loose and send you back to your commanding officer with a very bad report on your permanent record, she will.”

“You’re bluffing. If you do that, I’ll make sure everyone knows of your double life.”

“A nice way to commit treason and be sent to life in prison.” Miranda gave her infamous and well-practiced crocodile smile.

“Another bluff.”

Miranda leaned closer, placing both hands on the armrests of Tal’s chair. “Try me. Say one more derogatory thing about the woman I love, whom my children adore, and whose won the heart of Janeway, Seven, everyone she’s met that was with Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. They can all see what a good person she is, how she cares for others. Even for a grumpy old soul like me who can play very dirty, and not think twice about it.”

Tal was paler now. “I don’t care,” she said, her voice starting to wobble.

“I think you do. The only reason you’re not on the wrong side of an airlock, is that I think you let your nerves get the better of you and Andrea happened to be the one paying for it.”

“Nerves? Me? That was a long time ago.” Tal tugged at her fingers, much like Andrea would do if she was expecting a scolding, or downright evisceration. This, oddly enough, made Miranda relent a fraction.

“This is new to you. People in your face, touching you, and then on top of things, we’re sending you right in the way of Nash Forster, whom might just decide to try the airlock thing on you, herself. It’s not going to be an easy assignment.”

“She…I mean, Nash, she’s not…she’s not all bad. So much about her is fabricated. I mean, there are sides of her that she makes sure nobody sees.”

“But she let you see them?” Miranda pulled up a chair and sat down.

“Not really. I mean, she didn’t let me see anything. I happened to witness stuff when she wasn’t aware that I was there and able to see…see the vulnerable part. And now, now I’m to exploit that. The only true part of her that I saw, that I can cherish the memory of—that is where you will want me to place the proverbial dagger.” Tal’s eyes filled with pain. “So, you see, I really couldn’t care less if I was rude to Ms. Starshine.”

“Then why are you crying, if you’re so toughened up?”

“I’m…I’m not!” Tal hid her face in her hands and cried as if her heart was about to break.

“So, there was something else behind this act of yours after all.” Andrea’s voice made Miranda jump.



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