Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design


Door 13


Miranda glared impatiently at her staff. They seemed quite taken aback by the sullen Tal Celes who didn’t exactly beam at the clothes placed before her. Soon they would initiate Tal’s first photo shoot in one of the lounges where panoramic view screens allowed for a spectacular backdrop.

“This girl is not cooperating.” Miranda pinched the bridge of her nose as she spoke to Andrea who was sitting next to her, data PADD in hand. “Couldn’t she at least act a little bit interested.”

“Uhm. This is rather a big change for her. I mean, going from cage dancer to Miranda Priestly’s new top model, that’s quite the leap. What if I talk with her during the lunch break?” Andy sounded cautious and Miranda surmised her young lover had not yet come to terms with the fact that Miranda valued her opinion.

“If anyone can get her to relax, it would be you, my doe eyed charmer.” Miranda took Andrea’s hand and kissed it briefly. “Bring some of your bloused over. Those things are so lovely; it’s bound to break the ice.”

“Okay.” Andy left after running her fingertips along Miranda’s neck, which made her shiver and clench her thighs. She wondered if Andrea’s touch would ever become so familiar that such reactions became a thing of the past. Somehow Miranda doubted it.




Andy joined Tal Celes where she sat in makeup. “Hello. I’m Andy, in case you missed that while we were introduced. You’ve met a zillion people today, so I don’t blame you.”

“I remembered. Not smart to forget Miranda’s…girlfriend.”

Andy blinked. “Now, please tell me you didn’t mean for that to sound so disdainful.”

“Heaven forbid.”

Frowning now, Andy laced her fingers. “I don’t know you, nor do you know me, or even of me, but a word of advice is, never, ever, let Miranda hear you talk about me that way. She would not like it.”

“Oh, she needs me more than I need her, so I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Andy stared at the brooding girl next to her. “She needs you?”


“Why would you say that? A million girls would take your job in a heartbeat.”

“I think not.” Tal huffed and finally looked Andy in the eyes. “Hey, if being with that woman is what makes you happy, and why wouldn’t it, she’s filthy rich, then I say go for it.”

Andy shook her head. “You’re not very nice and I actually came over here to see if you needed a voice of reason if all this beauty business was getting too much. Looks like I could have saved myself the trouble.”

“I don’t need favors.” Tal pressed her lips together.

“Then we agree on something.” Andy stood and walked away from the infuriating woman. What could Miranda possibly see in her, apart from her photogenic face?”

“Andrea?” Miranda said, raising her eyebrows as Andy stormed right by her.

Stopping, Andy gestured emphatically in Tal’s direction. “Her, you can keep. And just so you know, rumor is out; I’m only with you because you are ‘filthy rich’. I’ll be in our quarter. I have worked to do.” Andy barely registered Miranda’s narrowing eyes before she stalked off.


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