Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design


Door 12


Janeway had never felt as much at home as she did right this instant. Claiming the captain’s chair, having Seven with her, and on a mission that looked like it could be as challenging as it was dangerous. Her nerves tingled and her heart pumped her blood at a steady pace.

“Ensign Vomak, set a course toward the Toskian sector. Lt. Commander Ayala, stay alert for any surprises. This sector is not for the faint of heart to cross.”

“Aye, Admiral,” both her subordinates echoed.

Glancing over her shoulder toward the newly installed duty station behind the captain’s chair. “Commander Hanson. How’s the new astrometrics sensor array?”

“Adequate,” Seven answered promptly.

“A bit different than aboard Voyager.”

“Affirmative. However, the Brilliance’s view screen here on the bridge is larger by thirty centimeters lengthwise, and twenty centimeters height wise. As far as I can tell, the sensors reaches a fifth farther into space. I will be able to offer you more accurate scans.”

“Sounds terrific.” Janeway glanced around her bridge. This was where she belonged. On a star ship with her beloved Seven. She was also getting very fond of Miranda and her family. Somehow, despite their obvious differences, Miranda felt like a kindred spirit. As luck would have it, Seven had bonded with Andy.

Janeway could hardly remember how she had struggled to find meaning with her desk job once she was promoted to Admiral. The first weeks after Voyager’s return had been like an endless whirlwind of briefings, parties, interviews, and all the time she’d been so worried about Seven. Furious, she had watched Chakotay return to his homeworld, not about to wait and support Seven during her ordeal. He had claimed he was getting their future home ready—which had been a lie. Instead, he’d thrown himself into teaching anthropology and lecturing about Voyager and how the Maquis had joined the crew in their attempt at getting home.

Janeway noticed that she was digging her blunt nails into the armrests. Willing herself to relax, she focused on how Seven eventually had broken off the relationship with Voyager’s former 1st officer. When she came to stay with Janeway in San Francisco, Janeway had sworn to never let her go. Not again. As it turned out, Seven had been as lovesick as she had. Once she started putting down roots with her new lover, Seven blossomed. When Star Fleet offered her a provisional rank as Lt. Commander, she’d declined at first, but when they agreed to the addendum that she would always work alongside Admiral Janeway, Seven accepted. Janeway smiled to herself. Seven looked fantastic in her Star Fleet uniform. Why on earth had she allowed the poor woman to be displayed in that cat suit aboard Voyager for so many years? A leering voice in her mind claimed it was not without its benefits, but Janeway frowned at it and beat it down. She’d had struggled with a guilty conscience ever since she realized how she and other had violated Seven’s privacy aboard Voyager. Now, seeing the young woman like this, professional looking, composed and confident, Janeway wanted to kick herself for not using the visual means of integrating Seven via the uniform already back then.

“Admiral?” Seven’s eyes were concerned when Janeway snapped out of her reverie.

“My mind was wandering, Commander. Yes?”

“We’ll arrive at the Oshada asteroid cluster in approximately thirty-eight point six hours.”

Trying her best to hide a broad grin, Janeway felt better immediately. Some things that needed changing, did, and other things, like Seven’s charming approximate accuracy, did not. “Good,” Janeway said, relaxing back in her seat. “We need time to prepare.”

As the Brilliance sped through space at warp eight, Janeway hoped they would be able to anticipate everything. If not, Miranda Priestly and Tal Celes could be lost.


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