Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design

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Door 11


Seven entered the conference room just behind her lover. She thought it was fairly obvious that their last evening and night on Risa had been very pleasurable. If Andrea’s broad smile was anything to go by, she and Miranda had not wasted the romantic setting either.

Miranda wasn’t present at this briefing and only the Brilliance Chief of Security, also a well-known face from Voyager, former Maquis rebel Ayala. Kathryn had offered him the rank of junior lieutenant when Voyager was transported to the Delta Quadrant, some seventy years from home. The Maquis rebels were integrated and Ayala was one of the ones who thrived and did his job exemplary. To see him hold such a position aboard one of the flagships was pleasing. Usually any Starfleet officer would stand in line for years to serve on a galaxy class vessel, but clearly Ayala had impressed the brass. Here he was, and promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander at that.

At the other end of the room, standing by the view port, dressed in plain civilian clothes, Tal Celes looked pale and her lips a fine line.

“How are you?” Kathryn asked, matter-of-fact, but with her trademark compassion.

“Nervous. Apprehensive. Sort of how I used to feel aboard Voyager, only ten time worse.”

“Sit down,” Kathryn motioned for Tal to sit down.

“Isn’t Miranda going to be here?” Tal asked.

“She can’t join us while aboard the Brilliance. Nobody but the four of us in this room knows of her assignment.”

They sat down at the far end of the long conference table. Ayala was studying Tal closely, his stony expression not giving anything away.

“It is natural to feel uneasy when a mission involves something so personal.” Seven knew she shocked Ayala, but not Kathryn, when she took Tal’s hand in hers. “I know I was not very helpful toward you aboard Voyager. I demanded a lot and I made the mistake on assuming that everyone can function the same exact way, all the time. It was more a sign of my ignorance regarding human behavior and capacity, rather any fault of yours. Your recent service record proves that.”

Tal exhaled deeply and leaned back in her chair. “Thank you, Seven. That means a lot, actually. I always tried to please you, but I wasn’t very good at what I did.”

“You are excellent at what you do now.” Kathryn tapped her data PADD with her finger. “Since we got back and you trained for your current position, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty numerous times. Still, we realize that asking you to contact Nash Forster is harder than any other mission.”

“Yes, but…and I promise I won’t let my own feelings interfere, but it will be good for me in the long run to get…closure.”

Seven studied Tal’s dilated pupils, the slight blushing of her cheeks and the base of her neck. “You are still in love with Nash Forster.”

Kathryn flinched and looked back and forth between Seven and Tal. Ayala lost his ability to look expressionless for a few moments.

“As blunt as Seven is, I have to ask you, Lt. Celes, are you still emotionally attached to Nash Forster?”

“I think I always will be.” Tal blinked rapidly a few times, but her eyes remained dry.

“Do you anticipate these emotions to come between you and your duty when we take Maladorian and Forster down together with the rest of his organization?”

“No. I can’t imagine any scenario when I would become affected enough for me to forgo my duties or my orders.” Tal’s eyes were now two large, empty pools.

Seven was concerned. Whatever Nash Forster had done to Tal Celes, it had nearly destroyed the sweet young woman she’d been while aboard Voyager. Feeling cold rage permeate her, Seven wasn’t surprised when her assimilation tubules emerged from her Borg-enhanced left hand and waggled expectantly. She, too, was ready for this mission.


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