Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design

Door 10


Andy curled up on the soft faux fur rug by the fireplace in the vast bedroom that came with their suite. Letting hair air dry, she looked dreamily at the dancing flames and enjoyed the nice glow of happiness in her chest after having spent time with the girls and Miranda. She chuckled at the memory of a drenched Miranda stepping off the water ride, her hair in the sexiest damp waves. At least they knew now that the top she designed for Miranda didn’t become see-through while wet.

“What’s so funny, Andrea?”

Miranda’s voice right next to her made Andy jump. “Oh. Eh. Nothing?”

“Oh, I know. You’re thinking of when you lured me into that god awful canoe.” Her glittering eyes belied her words as she sat down next to Andy.

“You enjoyed it,” Andy said, smirking.

“I did. Until that last waterfall. You had my children and I go freefalling in a canoe!”

“They loved it.”

“Of course they did.” Her voice softening, Miranda cupped Andy’s cheek. “They love you.”

“You think so?” Andy hoped this was true. She adored those girls and not to mention how much she loved Miranda. 

“I know so.”

“And you?”

Miranda tilted her head, pressing an index finger at her lower lips, something she often did when she wanted to distract the person she was talking to. Andy had also often noticed how Miranda tended to do this, but slowly, sensually, when she was beginning to get aroused. This prospect made Andy forget about wistful thoughts by the fireplace.

“What do you think?” Miranda began to purse her lips, but then smiled brightly. “I love you.”

“Oh. Uhm. The girls asleep?” Andy asked, changing the subject surreptitiously after regaining her bearings.

“They are.” Miranda combed her fingertips through Andy’s bangs, adjusting them. “They were quite exhausted, but very happy. I had to promise them to come back for their birthday next year.”

“Sounds like a great plan.” Andy circled Miranda’s waist with her arms and pulled her closer. “I know of another brilliant plan.”

“So it would seem.” Soft and sexy, Miranda’s smile took Andy’s breath away. She slid her hand down her neck, her touch making goose bumps erupt along Andy’s arms. “So it would see indeed.”

“Computer. Privacy lock on master bedroom door.” Andy grinned. “Let’s see if I can coax your skin to go into goose bump mode.” Andy moved her hand from Miranda’s waist to the back of her hair where the tresses lay in damp waves. “Oh, yes. I have the touch too, it would seem.” She leaned in and pressed her lips to Miranda’s neck. She let the tip of her tongue paint a wet trail down to her collarbone. “You smell amazing.”

“A-Andrea.” Miranda’s voice caught and she gracefully lay down on the thick faux fur rug where Andy had tossed a few large pillows. “Mm. Is this what you want? Did you plan this?” She was trembling now. “Me, in just a robe, splayed on the floor for you to do with as you please?”

“Oh, Gods, yes.” Andy untied Miranda’s belt and pushed the silk robe open. “You’re not cold are you?”

“Do I feel cold?”

“No. You’re hot. Scorching.” Andy ran her hands up and down along the slight curve of Miranda’s stomach, enjoying the velvety sensation. “And so damn sexy.”

Miranda just laid there, arms extended above her shoulders, her eyes half close. “Mm.”

“I just might have to sample you.” Andy pressed her lips to Miranda’s, parting them without any resistance. Miranda’s tongue, strong and combative, met hers and their kissing seemed to go on forever. Finally Andy pulled free, gasping for air. “Miranda…” She pushed off her own robe and then moved in on Miranda’s breasts. Pushing them together, she enjoyed the feel of the rock hard nipples, effortlessly going back and forth, nibbling, tasting, tugging, until Miranda was a whimpering mess.

“Andrea, oh, please, please, you’re going…going to be the death of me. Please, darling…” Miranda’s hips shifted restlessly beneath Andy, clearly trying to rub against her.

“No, you’re fine. Very horny, but very fine.”

“Oh, you—“

“Is this what you need, Miranda?” Andy pushed her hand down between them. “This?” In between drenched folds, she found Miranda’s core waiting, no, desiring, her caress. “Like so?”

Miranda pushed her hands into Andrea’s hair and pulled. “Damn it, just do it. Oh, please.”

Andrea loved to tease, but wasn’t much for tormenting, so she entered Miranda and curled her fingers just so. This seemed to send a current throughout Miranda’s body. Wailing, Miranda wrapped her legs around Andy, pressing her closer.

Andy wasn’t prepared for how it would feel to grind herself against her own hand where it was lodged between them. Nor did she know just how close she was to her own orgasm. She stared with greedy eyes at the stunning, amazing woman who actually loved her, who now thrashed beneath her, begging to come. She knew for a fact that Miranda never begged for anything, but she did in bed with Andy. Every single time.

“Miranda…you’re so beautiful.” Andy whimpered as Miranda tugged at her hair, pulling her in for a voracious kiss.

“Andrea, you’re…you’re mine. Don’t you ever forget.”

“I am.” Andy was sobbing now as they pushed against her hand, both of them striving for that moment when they truly became one. “I am. Don’t ever let me go, Miranda. Please.”


“Miranda!” Andy couldn’t wait. Her stomach clenched, her sex convulsed and then her whole body engaged in the sweet agony.

Miranda followed a moment later, bucking up twice more, then freezing before tremors took over and she flung her arms around Andy’s neck. “Andrea, oh Gods. Andrea, darling, darling…”

Andy was in her own little orbit and not quite ready to answer verbally. She buried her face in Miranda while she pulled her poor aching hand free. “Mm.”

Miranda rolled them on their sides. Somehow she produced a pillow from the nearby armchair and a blanket. Andy couldn’t remember ever being more comfortable. Sure, the floor was hard, but she didn’t care. Tomorrow morning, they were due back on the Brilliance, but right now she was in Miranda’s arms where she belonged.



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