Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design

Door 9


The Water Wonder World was every bit as loud, cramped, and, well, wet, as Miranda had feared. Dressed in stylish city shorts, a sleeveless shirt that Andrea had made especially for her, a large sunhat and sun-shields to protect her eyes, she tapped her comm badge. “Miranda to Andrea. Where are you?”

“You’re here!” The jubilant voice of her lover pierced the noise around her. “We’re over by the Raging Roaring River.”

“Wonderful.” Consulting the map of the vast park, Miranda located what sounded like a horrible way to have ‘fun’.” She noticed a few people doing double-takes as she passed them. Not acknowledging their stares, she saw Andrea and the girls, which was in fact impossible to miss as they were all three waving madly.

“Mom, you came just in time.” Cassidy flung her arms around Miranda's waist. “We’re just going on this one.”

“Oh, Bobbsey, I’m not going on that.” Above her, the people already enjoying themselves howled. “I’m—I’m not dressed right.”

“Sure you are, Mom.” Caroline tugged at her hand. “You’re wearing short and I’ve waited and waited to show you that I’m not afraid to go on the rides anymore.”

“That’s brilliant, Bobbsey, you’re obviously braver than I am.”

“Aw, come on, Miranda. I don’t think we’ll get all that wet.”

Miranda cocked an eyebrow. “You’ve got to be joking.”

“No, I’m not.” Andrea pointed at some people coming through the exit. “See. Not drenched. A little damp at the most.”

Miranda regarded the people, most of them dressed in fluorescent colored clothes. Granted, some of the more avant-garde designers had gone down that route a few years ago, but these people had no doubt found these loud garments at the local swimwear and leisure suit shops. “Does it really mean that much to you, Caroline?” She tapped her lower lip with her index finger.”

“I really, really want you to come. So does Andrea and Cassidy.” Caroline tilted her head and looked imploringly at Miranda.

“Oh. All right. If my hair is hanging like a limp dishrag afterward, I won’t forgive either of you. And quit smirking Andrea.” Keeping a straight and stern face, Miranda made sure they had no idea how difficult it was to keep from bursting into laughter.

The line wasn’t very long and sooner than Miranda was comfortable with, they sat down in what looked like an old fashioned canoe. “Doesn’t this thing even hover?” Miranda frowned.

“Some of the way, yes. Mainly it floats along and the scenery is quite beautiful.” Andrea looked way to angelic to be trusted. Her eyes sparkled in a manner that made Miranda weak at the knees and highly suspicious. The young woman that had once and for all captured her heart was not to be trusted when it came to her quest to ‘educate’ Miranda in how you ‘just kick back and have fun.’ A fruitless endeavor, Miranda thought, being unproductive and just ‘kick back’ was not in her nature. She regarded her girls and saw in them an unbridled joy, something they hadn’t always felt around her, she knew that. Andrea’s presence had unlocked something…so perhaps there was something productive and worthwhile in relaxing and just enjoying the moment with her family. It might just strengthen her and add to the probability of success.

Seated in the alu-carbon canoe, Miranda found herself between Andrea’s legs and with Caroline between her own. Cassidy was up front.

“Stop tickling me, Caro!” Cassidy squealed and didn’t sound too angry.

“Hm. Good idea?” Andrea murmured in Miranda’s ear.

“Don’t you dare.” Miranda turned her head and melted completely when Andrea pressed her full lips to the corner of her mouth.

“Oh, I dare, Priestly,” Andrea said and gently caressed Miranda’s hips and then slid her fingertips up to her waist. “I know you like this.”


They were interrupted by the jerking movement that sent the canoe forward. Miranda knew that it was steered along the manmade river by a magnetic strip, and she prayed there’d be no technical malfunction. At first, it was an indeed a beautiful scenery around them where the magnetism pushed them forward. She relaxed against Andrea who wrapped her arms around her.

“Brace for impact,” Andrea whispered and then every sound was drowned out by the roaring waterfall, the twins echoing screams of terror-filled delight. Behind her, Andrea gasped and then laughed and laughed.

Miranda clung to Andrea’s hands, keeping her lover’s arms safely around her. She wasn’t afraid, how could she be, when she was surrounded by the people she adored. And before she knew it, Miranda joined Andrea and her girls, laughing and even giving an occasional squeal.



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