Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design

Door 6


“I’ve never been to Risa,” Andy said as the Brilliance settled into orbit around the planet that was known as one huge world of pleasure. “Have you?”

Miranda looked up from her data PADD. “Yes, a few times. On business.”

“So, no fun and games for you, then?” Andy packed a few more items into her overnight bag and then closed it.

“Not until now.” Miranda smiled slyly. “I do plan to rectify that.”

How could this woman take her breath away with just a few words? Andy shook her head and walked down the small, private corridor that connected her and Miranda’s suite with the girls’ bedroom. She pressed the buzzer.

“Come in.” The door opened at the sound of Caroline’s voice. “Hi, Andy.”

“Just making sure you’re finished packing. We transport down to the surface in an hour.”

“We’re done. We were actually done last night.” Cassidy grinned as she turned her head go face Andy. “If only Mom didn’t make us bring homework.”

“Hey, what’s the price of a few math pages and a history paper, when you get to spend a whole day at the Water Wonder World?” Andy rubbed her hands together. “I know that I can’t wait to try those slides I saw on computer.”

“Oh, they looked scary,” Caroline said, looking worried. “Are you sure they’re safe?”

“Absolutely safe. They have installed emergency beam-out emitters everywhere which are engaged if there is the slightest hint of trouble.”

“Yeah, like if you’ve inhaled a liter of water and look like this,” Cassidy said and goggled her eyes while inflating her cheeks.

“Cassidy.” Miranda’s voice made the teasing twin jump and let go of the breath she held with a resounding whoosh. “Do not tease your sister. We all have our fears. I would never even contemplate going in any of those slides. You should be very grateful that Andrea agrees to take you, as I’ll be tied up with work.”

“Sorry, Caro.” Cassidy slumped her shoulders, but true to her nature, she was soon her sparkling self. “But you’re joining us when you’re done, aren’t you, Mom?”

“Yes. If my meeting ends before you leave, I’ll join you and perhaps watch you be daredevils.”

“What about Kathryn and Seven?” Andy asked, wrapping an arm around Miranda’s waist. It still mesmerized her that she was entitled to do that, and more. Just a while ago, she would have expected to be fired if she touched the untouchable Miranda Priestly. “You think they’ll join us as well.”

“They might. I’ll ask them later.” Miranda glanced at the twins. “Carry your bags out and put them next to ours. Be ready to go to transporter room two in fifty minutes.”

“Sure—uhm, yes, Mom.” Cassidy jumped up and ran over to her sister. Hugging her so fiercely, Caroline squealed, she laughed raucously. “Oh, we’re going to have so much fun. Don’t worry, sis. I’ll stay really close to you the whole time, you’ll see.”

Andy suddenly had to blink away tears. The twins sometimes fought like wild animals and more than once had Andy been forced to act as a referee and separate them. Still, it was during moments like this, when she watched their unconditional love for each other, that she realized how much she loved these children.

“Andrea,” Miranda murmured. “I worry about you sometimes.”

“Wh-what?” Andy quickly wiped at her wet lashes.

“Your heart. So tender, so easily bruised. Still, I also know how brave and strong you are, so I suppose I’m a foolish old woman for worrying.”

“As much as I hate for you to worry, I’m sort of honored that you do.” Andy laughed, her voice a little breathless. “And you don’t fool me, Priestly. You may scare most people’s socks off, but you have the biggest heart of all of us. And you’re not old.”

Miranda tossed her head back and laughed. Andy could see the twins stare with open mouths and she knew her own expression probably mimicked theirs. Not many people ever saw Miranda laugh like this. Holding her tighter, Andy told herself she would never take this for granted.

“I wonder what goes through you head when you look at me that way,” Miranda whispered and regarded Andy through her eyelashes.

“I think the planet of Risa will be the perfect place for me to demonstrate just what I’m thinking of.” Andy turned to go back to their living room area when Miranda stopped her halfway down the short corridor.

“I will hold you to that.” Miranda tugged at her arm. She moved in closer and pressed her lips to Andy’s.

Andy returned the kiss with all of the desire she felt for this woman. Miranda gasped against her lips and wrapped her arms around her neck.

“And there they go again,” Caroline said, her voice bored. “Will they ever grow tired of kissing?”

“Mom and Andy? You’re kidding, right?” Cassidy snorted.

“Cheeky girls nine o’clock,” Andy murmured. “Better wait to read my mind until tonight.”


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