Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design

Door 5


Miranda helped Seven carry the last bowls from the table and placed them in the replicator’s recycling slot. As the leftovers and the dishes dematerialized and was stored back as in the Brilliance’s energy buffer, Miranda regarded the statuesque blond that was still such a mystery to her. There was no denying that Seven was a stunning woman, of model grade actually, but something guarded in her eyes had Miranda concerned.

“This was delicious, Seven,” Miranda said as she sanitized her hands in the small alcove next to the replicator. “I don’t think I’ve ever taste anything as good coming from a replicator before.

“That’s Borg encryption technique and ingenuity for you,” Kathryn chuckled and wrapped an arm around Seven’s narrow waist. “I promise you, the rest of the replicators aboard the Brilliance aren’t capable of such gourmet treats.”

“Kathryn is being facetious,” Seven said, smirking faintly. “I can easily reprogram your own replicator should you wish to recreate this dish.”

“Sounds good to me.” Miranda turned to her lover who was sitting on the couch with Caroline and Cassidy. “You can cook, right, Andrea?”

Andrea looked nervous. “Not really. I do know how to program a replicator, but cook, no, not really.”

“Hm. We have to do something about that. I would love for my girls to develop their palates.”

“They are well developed,” Cassidy said cheekily. “Pizza slices and pasta rollers. Not to mention the meat-stackers.”

“Junk food. We’ve eradicated war and greed from most of the Federation, but amazingly enough we are plagued by junk food even more when it became popular during the twentieth century.”

“Hey, I like meat-stackers,” Andrea said. “Don’t bash my very favorite food.”

“How can you possibly enjoy such a ridiculous excuse for nutrition?”

“It kept me alive while in your employment,” Andrea answered blithely.

“Excuse me?” Miranda raised an eyebrow deliberately. It used to unnerve Andrea to no end, at least before they admitted to their feelings for each other.

“It’s fast. It’s readily available. Just what a hounded assistant need to make it through the day without fainting.”

Caroline and Cassidy guffawed and slapped each other’s hands. “She got you there, Mom,” Caroline said and giggled.

“Oh, don’t worry, Bobbsey. I’ll ‘get’ her right back.”

I hope so, Andrea mouthed, making Miranda swallow hard and coughed to camouflage it. She still tried to wrap her brain around the fact that Andrea could do that to her at any given time. One look, a few mouthed words, a quick whisper in passing, or, and this was most devastating of all, a quick, secret caress just under her hairline at the back of her neck. Andrea had learned she could not do that unless she was prepared to deal with the consequences later. That was another surprise. She didn’t know, until Andrea, just how voracious she was. Before, Miranda had occasionally enjoyed sex, in a detached sort of way. What had been disconcerting back then was when she realized that masturbation was just as satisfactory as being with the man she was currently married to. Now, only Andrea’s touch would do. If masturbation entered the picture, it was because Miranda loved watching Andrea caress herself. Andrea had yet to convince Miranda to return the favor, but knowing her young lover, it was just a matter of time.

“You’re far away, Miranda,” Kathryn said and placed a gentle hand on her elbow. “Why don’t you take a seat over by Andy and I’ll bring you some of the coffee my mother sent.”

“Mm. Colombian?”


There wasn’t much Miranda wouldn’t do for the right type of coffee. She was among the few who could get her hands on un-synthesized coffee back on Earth, but somehow Kathryn’s mother, a traditionalist from Indiana, had some pull with the area where they grew the beans. She sat down next to Andrea and Caroline switched to sit next to her mother.

“Mom, Andrea promised to help us with our science project,” Caroline said.

“She did?” Miranda pursed her lips. “Not help as in suck her in to doing all the work?”

“No, just help. Give us pointers. We’ll do all the work.” Cassidy blushed faintly. “I really want Ms. Tara to be proud of me…us.” Her cheeks grew crimson.

Miranda blinked. Cassidy clearly had a case of hero worship. Her teacher, of Bajoran descent, was a stern, quite beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. A flicker of a thought made Miranda stop just as the fragrant mug of coffee was by her lips. About the same age difference as between her and Andrea.

“Miranda? Something wrong?” Andrea’s voice, low and soft, immediately engulfed her, so warm, so loving.

“Not a single thing.” She sipped her coffee and gazed around the room at faces she loved, and others that she’d come to think of as very close friends. No, nothing was wrong. She thought briefly of her mission. Not yet.


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