Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design

Door 4


Janeway blinked. Tal Celes from Voyager? She remembered the awkward and not very skilled ensign that drove Seven crazy in astrometrics for screwing up constantly. She had moved on to become an undercover agent?

Miranda sighed and stood. “I’m starting to think it might have been a grave error in judgment to bring my children on this mission.”

Janeway heard the desolate ton in Miranda’s voice clearly. “Caroline and Cassidy will be tucked away aboard the Brilliance the entire time. They’ll be fine.” She hoped she sounded convincing. She rounded her desk as Miranda stood. “Our ETA to Risa is in eighteen hours. I’ll come by your quarters later with a high security data PADD with all you need to know about my former crewmember. She must be our link to reach someone close to our objective. As strange as it sounds to me, as I remember this young woman as quite timid and uncertain. Losing her family just after returning to the Alpha Quadrant must have toughened her and made her go look for…” Janeway hesitated.

“Revenge? Payback?”

“I’m afraid that might be the case.”

“As long as she keeps her head cool, nothing wrong with some motivation.” Miranda sighed, despite her tough words. “For a young woman to lose everything is heartbreaking, of course.”


“She’s quite beautiful in a wholesome sort of way, at least in this picture.” Miranda’s eyes narrowed. “This could be an idea for her to come with us further into enemy territory. I could use her as a model for one of the mainstream spreads.”

“Celes—a model?” Janeway tried to picture her former crewmember moving down the runway, or posing for lingerie or haute couture.

“I absolutely see it. In fact, her coloring reminds me of Andrea’s. This could be a way to launch her clothes line.”

“Seven told me, after checking with Andy, of course, that she’s quite the designer.”

“Now there was a surprise I didn’t see coming,” Miranda said, snorting. “When I learned that Andrea is in fact Sara Candes, a new, undiscovered designer with a whole new concept and excellent taste…” Shrugging, Miranda tapped her lower lip. “I will need to find a way to tell her about my double duty here, even if it is a very watered down version of the truth. I can hardly expect her to be completely honest, when I’m hiding what I do when I’m not editor-in-chief of Runway.  She’ll sense that I’m not being entirely truthful; she’s very perceptive when it comes to the girls and I.”

“Seven didn’t used to be.” Janeway leaned back in her chair, relaxing a little. Her neck was sore to the touch and she hoped Seven might give her one of her fabulous massages tonight. “She was far too literal when she first came aboard Voyager. As she learned the intricacies of the social structures, she began reading me very well. Too well, sometimes.”

“Perhaps it’s because she loves you so passionately.” Miranda regarded her thoughtfully. “Andrea has understood and read me quite well for the last two years, or more. She would have the upper hand if she wasn’t making herself entirely transparent to me. So you see why I need to tell her something.

“Clear it with Hayes when we have secured Celes and left Risa.”

“How long do you think we will be in orbit around Risa?”

“Forty-eight hours approximately.”

Miranda’s smile softened. “So, time for a little shore leave when we get our hands on Celes?”

“I don’t see why not. We might have to brief her together, but I don’t see why you can’t spend twenty-four hours at one of the resort with Andrea and your children.”

Miranda’s face softened. “That makes me very happy to hear. Thank you.”

“I’ll talk to my first officer and let her know she needs to set up a duty roster that allows as many as possible to get some downtime. It will be a while before we are off duty for any extended period.”

“Going into what my superior called the ‘hot zone’ will keep us on our toes on a whole new level. If we run into one of those nearly mythical ships, the Brilliance will have her work cut out for her.”

Janeway regarded her ready room with a critical eye. This wasn’t Voyager, nor did she have her the same feeling for the Brilliance as she had for her little Intrepid Class ship that carried her and most of her crew back home to safety. Still, the Brilliance was every bit as impressive as the legendary Enterprise. With time, she would no doubt come to mean a lot as well. “We’ll do what we did in the Delta Quadrant. Meet everything head on.”

“Sounds reassuring.”

“Seven of Nine to Admiral Janeway.” Seven’s hail interrupted them.

“Go ahead Seven. Just me and Miranda here.”

“Excellent. I would like Andrea Sachs and the Priestly twins to join us for dinner tonight. Would you ask Miranda Priestly for me?”

“She hears you, sweetheart.”

“Thank you, Seven. I look forward to it. What time?”

“As the girls are joining us, I suggest 1800 hours as they might need time afterward to do homework.”

A unison moan made Janeway smile. “Sound doable, Miranda?”

“It does.” A soft smile lit a warm fire in Miranda’s eyes.

“Good idea, Seven. I’ll be back at our quarters half an hour before our guests arrive. Janeway out.” She stood and walked Miranda to the door. “This way I can give you the PADD when you and your family join us.”

Miranda nodded and left. Janeway strode onto the bridge where she listened to uneventful reports of everything working at peak performance. She might have thought that was boring, but the true nature of their special assignments made her relish in the relative quiet. Soon enough they would have to watch their backs at every turn.


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