Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design

Door 3


“Andrea Sachs,” Seven said by way of greeting her friend. “Caroline and Cassidy Priestly.” The young twin sisters often tried to trick others by assuming each other’s identity, something Seven found curious as they were decidedly different. Caroline’s eyes were three shades lighter than Cassidy’s and she had fourteen more freckles across her nose. It was strange that others didn’t notice this.

“Seven!” Cassidy jumped up from the checkered blanket on the grass in the arboretum. “You off duty already?”

“I am.”

“Oh this is great. Mom had to go see Admiral Janeway and we were just going to suggest a game of four people Kadis-Kot. Would you like to play?”

“Seven might have other plans, Cass,” Andrea cautioned.

“Kadis-Kot is my favorite game.” Seven couldn’t remember feeling so at ease with a friend since she came to the Alpha Quadrant, not counting Kathryn. In the Delta Quadrant, she had often played this with Neelix and Naomi Wildman. The thought of Neelix, the Talaxian former moral officer and ambassador that helped guide Voyager through unknown space made her heart ache. She missed him. And Naomi was in school on earth. Even if they corresponded regularly, she did miss her young friend. “I would like to play with you if you have time.”

“Oh, fantastic!” Cassidy, impulsive as always, hugged Seven around the waist.

Swallowing against a sudden surge of emotions, Seven smiled brightly to hide how moved she was at the adoration in Cassidy’s eyes.

“Thank you, Seven,” Andrea said and returned the smile. “The girls were so disappointed when Miranda had to meet with Kathryn.”

“I am happy I decided to see I you were still here. We did not have an arboretum on Voyager as it was much smaller, but we did have a hydroponic bay.”

“Here. Sit here with me,” Cassidy said after sitting down, patting the blanket. “Perhaps we could play in teams? Would you be in my team, Seven?”

“We’re always in teams, Cass,” Caroline said quietly, her eyes huge. “How come you want to be in Seven’s team all of a sudden?”

Cassidy faltered, looking back and forth between Seven and Caroline. “I—I just thought it’d be sort of fun. You with Andy and me with Seven.”

“I think it’s a good idea, Caro,” Andrea said calmly and slid closer to the distraught twin. “This way it will be a more even game as you and Cassidy are unbeatable when you’re playing together. You got to give me and Seven a break, you know. Or we’d lose in the first set.”

Caroline smiled cautiously. “You really think Cassidy and I are that good?”

“Ha! You’re monsters when it comes to all games, but mainly Kadis-Kot.” Andrea tucked a tress of red hair behind Caroline’s ear. “And I would love for you to be on my team, Caro.”

“Yeah?” Smiling broadly now, Caroline nodded regally to her sister. “Very well. You might regret this when Andy and beat you fair and square.”

As the girls busied themselves by setting up the board game, Seven sat down next to Andrea. “You handled this potentially hurtful situation very well.”

“I know them rather well. After I moved in with Miranda, I was afraid the twins might be put off by the new arrangements, but as it turned out, they really like me.”

“Completely understandable. You’re a very worthwhile individual,” Seven said. “I am lucky to be among your friends.”

“You’re kidding, right? I’m the one who feel so very lucky. To have Miranda return my feelings and be friends with you and Kathryn…it’s amazing. I have to pinch myself sometimes.”

“Do you have time enough on your hands to work on your designs?” Seven, who was scientifically gifted, was in awe of how Andrea could design something as beautiful as a comfortable, stunning garment, just with a few pen strokes.

“Yes, when the twins are at school, Kathryn was kind enough to grant me some small quarters where I set up a drawing board and my sewing equipment. I had it in my quarters the first week, but it was in the way.” Andy patted Seven’s hand. “And what about you? Are they treating you well in the astrometrics department?”

“Compared to the Daystrom Institute, this is—most satisfactory.” Seven had still not been able to come to terms with how they had treated her at Daystrom's, or how her then partner, Chakotay, had dismissed her pain. To work among people that were either afraid of her or disdainful because she was a former Borg, was a relief. “I find my superior officer quite impressive.”

“There, you ready?” Caroline sat down close to Andy and leaned her head against her shoulder.

Seven was surprised that Cassidy mimicked the behavior as she scooted in under Seven’s arm and smiled expectantly. “You start, Seven. Which color is your favorite of the pieces?”

“Green.” Seven moved her first piece and drew a deep breath, enjoying the sound of birds and the smell of the different flowers around them.

“Ah,” Caroline said with a toothy grin. “A classic start, and a classic mistake, dear Seven.” She rubbed her hands gleefully, making both Andrea and Seven chuckle.

Seven watched the others make their moves. The afternoon seemed to promise even more of friendship and sense of family.


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