Gun Brookes Advent Calendar 2012

Star Trek Voyager /Devil Wear Prada – Crossover

Dangerous by Design


Door 2


“Enter.” Janeway looked up as the door to her ready room hissed open. “Ah, Miranda. Take a seat.”

“I take it you have heard from the brass?” Miranda sat down on the opposite side of Janeway’s desk. “From your expression, I take it you are not entirely pleased.”

“I knew some details about your part of this mission when we embarked on this journey. I admit, I thought we’d hear from Hayes and Neyachev much sooner. Clearly Starfleet and the Federation leaders are not in complete agreement how to proceed.” Janeway turned the computer around. “Here’s your message. I have read the part I could decrypt, but some of it is meant to be read with both of us present and then deleted. And before you worry about anything remaining in the system, I asked Seven to write a whole new Borg algorithm for this.”

“Well, that’s good enough for me.” Miranda leaned forward and entered her security code. She allowed the virtual lens to scan her retina.

Instead of a written instruction, a low female voice started speaking.

Admiral Janeway, Ms. Priestly, Admiral Neyachev said curtly. “As circumstance would have it, you two on the same vessel give us hope that a politically delicate and volatile situation could be resolved. I see from the crew manifest that Seven of Nine is aboard the Brilliance. As much as I’m still wary of this former Borg of yours, Kathryn, her skills will come in handy.

“She still hates everything and anything Borg,” Janeway muttered.

Your orders are to continue on route to the pleasure planet of Risa as your first destination. Neyachev’s air-quotation marks were readily audible. “There you will allow for shore leave and thus be able to blend with the tourists. Rendezvous with one of our local agent there at a club called “Minya’ar.” You will recognize this woman on sight, but a genetic verification scan is still prudent. Her cover is working as an exotic dancer. She will be of assistance when Miranda Priestly initiates contact with the woman who has a strong personal connection to the individual responsible for the attack on more than fifteen Federations settlements the last year. She lost her family in one of them recently, so her motivation is high. This contact has gone through conditioning only comparable to yours, Kathryn, as this woman was an ensign aboard Voyager while it was lost in the Delta Quadrant.”


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