Advent Calendar 2011

Double Trouble Love 

(Cross-over Janeway/Seven (STV) – Andy/Miranda (DWP))

By Gun Brooke



Door 2


Seven of Nine, late of the Borg Collective, but part of the renowned Voyager crew since more than three years, was close to tapping her foot while waiting outside Admiral Janeway’s office. She had arrived early, this was true, but something had detained her former captain. Seven caught the glances of the star fleet officers in the headquarters building. They reminded her of that first time aboard Voyager when the crew treated her with suspiciousness and disdain. The difference now were obvious. She was no longer completely in the dark when it came to command structure and social rules and etiquette. Seven did not always abide by the rules, but it wasn’t for lack of knowledge.

Seven had contemplated not showing up for this ridiculous assignment. Only B’Elanna’s pleading, which was a rare occurrence in itself, had made her relent. The photo shoot even had its own designation “The Women of Voyager” and consisted of Admiral Janeway, Chief Engineer B’Elanna Torres-Paris, Lieutenant Commander Samantha Wilder, her daughter Naomi Wildman, the Delayney twins, Tal Celes and Seven of Nine. It would no doubt be about the ship, the Delta Quadrant, and Seven didn’t enjoy the chance of being put back into the biosuits. After coming home, and leaving the ship, she had reinvented herself when it came to clothes. In fact, she had reinvented most of her life, and kept her distance from the rest of the crew. It simply hurt too much to be around any of them.

Seven heard familiar steps approach and had barely time to adjust her facial expression before the formidable Capt—Admiral Janeway stood before her. She smiled widely at Seven and held out both hands.

“Seven.” Oh, that smoky voice, so deep and rumbling and with such allure, it sucked all oxygen from Seven’s lungs. “I’ve missed you so much.” Admiral Janeway took Seven’s hands in hers, before Seven had a chance to habitually clasp them behind her. “And I like that dress. You look so different.”

Seven wore a cobalt blue dress with a wide skirt and a narrow, long-sleeved top. She didn’t want to flaunt the residual Borg implants if possible. Not everyone she met were so understanding about her being a former drone.

“It is good to see you, Ca—Admiral.”

“Don’t worry. I get it wrong myself, constantly.” Janeway smiled again and leaned in. She brushed her lips against Seven’s cheek. “It’s been too long, Seven. We can’t let so much time go between our getting together. How are you? Enjoying Dahlstroms?”

“I am functioning—I mean, I am doing well. Dahlstroms seems to be the best place for me.” Seven tried to sound convincing, but a rapid blink from Janeway made her think she was unsuccessful. “I am surprised that you have time for this fashion shoot, Admiral.”

“I don’t. It’s more or less decided over my head by the admiralty. Goodwill and all that.” Janeway waved her hand dismissivly. If it had been any other person than Miranda Priestly, I would’ve plainly refused. I admit I’m curious why she would be personally involved. We better get to the conference room. We have less than two minutes. I hear she hates tardiness.”

Seven thought that sounded commendable and it intrigued her that Janeway knew and clearly admired this Priestly woman. Walking behind Janeway, Seven began to look forward to this meeting.


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The Devil Wears Prada
Star Trek Voyager
Rating: G -- NC-17 (depending on which door)

Andy/Miranda - Janeway/Seven

Summary: Post Endgame story. The year is 2379 and Voyager has been home in the Alpha Quadrant a year. Miranda Priestly, editor-in-cheif for the renowned fashion holo-magazine, Runway, intends to commemorate this by doing a fashion shoot with some of the women from the famous ship.
Admiral Janeway is less than pleased, but the decision is taken and little does she know what this shoot will set in motion.