Advent Calendar 2011

Double Trouble Love 

(Cross-over Janeway/Seven (STV) – Andy/Miranda (DWP))

By Gun Brooke





Andy sat by her desk, watching through the door how Miranda paced while on her communicator. She spoke in her usual low tone, but she could tell that the woman she loved was furious.

“I do not understand why it would be so difficult to make a new arrangement. It’s not like we’re going on a ten passenger shuttle, for heaven’s sake. I’m not asking for the moon here, after all.”

Andy tapped in information on her data PADD, but her mind wasn’t on her work. She hated when Miranda got that strained tone in her voice. They had been back from the near-disastrous photo shoot on Parduat, and Miranda had worked non-stop to prepare for her Alpha Quadrant tour. Her entourage consisted of models, photographers, and fashion editors. Andy knew she was going as well, but she had no idea what had Miranda’s ire up right now. It had to be important.

“And my next matter?” Miranda hissed into her communicator. “Yes. Oh, very well. At least someone came into work today. Tell Admiral Paris I appreciate his efforts.”

Admiral Paris? Andy leaned over the desk to catch a glimpse of Miranda and nearly knocked her computer screen off the desk in the process. The noise made Miranda poke her head out, roll her eyes emphatically. Smirking she shook her head and returned to her office. “Thank you. Yes. I look forward to a more favorable response on the first matter. Yes.”

Andy wanted to hurry into Miranda’s office and ask what was up, but she knew that wouldn’t go down very well. Instead she virtually held on to her chair to remain at her desk.

“Andrea? Come in here before you develop and aneurysm. I know you’re curious.”

Andrea nearly skidded around her desk before she caught herself and walked with a resemblance of grace into Miranda’s office. The glass and metal wonder that was the editor-in-chief’s domain was awe-inspiring no matter how many times Andy had been inside. Hovering above New York and Manhattan, on the 120th floor, it was a marvel of engineering and the view breathtaking.

“Yes, Miranda?”

“Don’t ‘yes, Miranda’ me. We’re alone in the office. Come over and kiss me.”

Andy barely stopped herself from saying ‘yes, Miranda’ again, but instead sauntered around the desk and cupped Miranda’s chin. Tipping Miranda’s head back, Andy gently kissed the lips that could cut you down to size in a faint whisper, but also build you up just as effortlessly.

“That’s not a very convincing kiss. I think we should take it over to the couch.” Miranda stood and moved over to the plush couch by the huge panoramic windows. “Are you coming?” she asked impatiently.

Andy crossed the room in three strides and sat down next to Miranda who immediately pulled her in close, half turning Andy so she lay cradled in Miranda’s arms. “Now this is more like it.” Bending her neck, Miranda kissed Andy and it was like that first time. Soft at first, nearly tentative, only to escalate and deepen until Andy whimpered helplessly. Miranda’s lips left Andy’s, travelled along her jawline toward her ear. “It’s been too long, hasn’t it? You’ve been very good. Very patient.”

“Not so patient,” Andy confessed. “I’ve been pretty frustrated. I knew…oh…mm…I knew you were so busy arranging the tour. I didn’t want to add to the stress.” Andy shivered when Miranda’s insistent lips nibbled a path down her neck. “I want to be a good thing for you.”

“You are, Andrea. You are.”

“As opposed to something, or someone, that mostly gives you more grief.” It was important to Andy that Miranda understood this. “I really mean it.” It was hard to talk about serious things when Miranda was unbuttoning her top.

“And I know you do. And you are. Good for me.” Miranda sounded serious, if a bit breathless. Her hands felt hot against Andy’s stomach. “Your skin is flawless.”

“Uhm. Thank you.” Andy couldn’t focus on anything else but the way Miranda’s hands slid up under her top. They had not had any opportunity to do anything more than exchange some quick, albeit very hot, kisses since they got back from Parduat. Miranda had been busy with the latest edition of Runway and going over the Women of Voyager shoot, and coordinating where to rendezvous with her twins while on tour. Andy had been stuck with all the minute details of the tour, as well as all of Miranda’s notes. Every now and then, their eyes have met, and for Andy it was as if the surroundings faded away, whether they were in a conference room with the rest of the staff or alone in the office. If they were alone, Miranda would reach for Andy, kiss her, sometimes just hug her briefly, while whispering, “Soon, darling. Not much longer now.” Those were the moments Andy lived for, until now. Whatever Miranda had accomplished over the comm link, it had given Miranda what she needed to slow down and get back on course with Andy.

“I’ve missed this.” Andy sighed happily and returned the kisses. Suddenly certain that Miranda would welcome more initiative on her part, Andy buried her face against Miranda’s neck, biting gently on the velvety skin.

“Andrea!” Miranda jerked and her grip around Andy shifted. “What you do to me…” She pushed her back on the couch and hovered above her for a moment. “I’ve waited—trying to be patient, and you know how well I do with patience, and now…you bite me.” Miranda gasped, and—oh Gods—started unbuttoning her own shirt. “Computer. Look doors, voice print Miranda Priestly Beta-183. Andrea. I need your hands on me. Now.”

Andy pushed herself up, eager to finally touch, really touch, Miranda. She had fantasized making love with this fantastic woman so many times. Reverently, Andy pressed her hands against Miranda’s waist, and the feel of her skin was beyond what she had ever imagined.

Clearly impatient, Miranda tore off the sheer top and the undergarment. Andy found herself staring at the most perfect breasts with pink nipples that begged for her touch.

“Don’t just look at me. I know I’m not young anymore—“

“Shh.” Not so reverent, Andy looked sternly at Miranda. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and I don’t want to hear another word about that.”

Miranda blinked, and for a moment Andy thought she saw unshed tears glimmer, but then they were gone, if they ever were there in the first place. “Then by all means. Look all you want, but please…touch me?”

Andy didn’t know which threw her most, the fact that Miranda had been so moved by her words, or that she’d actually said ‘please’. Not wanting Miranda to suffer, Andy cupped the luscious breasts from beneath and carefully closed her lips around a nipple. Miranda growled softly, pushing her fingers into Andy’s hair, holding her closer.


 *** *** *** *** ***


Miranda could not believe how hot Andrea’s mouth was against her breast. Her agile tongue wrapped around it, causing Miranda to murmur under her breath, pulling the young woman closer. “Andrea. I need you to undress.”

“All right.”

Regretfully this meant that Andrea had to let go of her breast in order to rid herself of the top, which fortunately went quickly. Andrea wore nothing underneath. Miranda looked at the breasts that she’d glimpsed once before, but now her eyes feasted on them. She lowered Andrea onto her back. The funny girl, she thought Miranda was the most beautiful woman. Clearly Andrea hadn’t paid attention to her own reflection. Now her long hair fell over the cushions and the armrest, and her chocolate eyes sparkled with desire. Miranda knew she’d never grow tired of this sight, and even if the risk of Andrea finding love elsewhere with time, Miranda was convinced that she had to take what bliss she could together with this woman.

Unbuttoning her own slacks, Miranda pushed them down, kicking them off. She kept her eyes locked on Andrea’s as she took her hand, kissed every fingertip slowly, and pushed them inside the hem of her panties.

Andrea’s eyes grew huge, but then her fingers came to life between Miranda’s legs, sliding between the wet folds. Miranda needed this fast and hard. “Andrea, please. Oh, please…” She knew she was whimpering and shamelessly grinding against Andrea’s hand, but the look on Andrea’s face reassured her. This was all right. Andrea would make sure it was all right.


 *** *** *** *** ***


Andy felt like she was in one of her heated nightly dreams, but this was reality. She was on the couch, underneath a very amorous Miranda Priestly, her hand in between Miranda’s legs. And Miranda sure was wet.

“Inside?” Andy looked carefully up at Miranda.

“Yes!” Miranda busied herself with Andrea’s skirt, managing to push it up around her waist. As Andy pushed two fingers inside her lover—her lover—Miranda pulled at Andy’s sheer panties and when they were tossed on the floor, she shifted so Andy could spread her legs more. “There. Oh my. You’re so wet, Andrea.” Miranda pushed her fingers through Andy’s folds, rubbing insistently.

“You too,” Andrea gasped.

“I know. Your fault.” Miranda leaned down and took Andy’s right nipple between her teeth, making Andy yelp. The bite was not hard enough to hurt, but it stung and soon Miranda’s tongue came to sooth the aching nipple. This made Andy even wetter, something that clearly pleased Miranda who now circled Andy’s entrance.

“Yes. Go inside. I want to be yours.” Andy raised her hips as Miranda filled her, groaning out loud with every movement.

Eventually they established a slightly erratic rhythm, rubbing fiercely against each other, taking turns finding each other’s nipples and lips. Surrounded by Miranda’s scent, her touch, and words of passion and endearment, Andy had never experienced such bliss. As this was her first experience making love to a woman, Andy had feared being clumsy, and not able to satisfy Miranda, but clearly she was doing something right in the way she thrust her fingers into her lover, and how she made sure she pressed down on her clitoris with the palm of hand. Miranda panted, writhed, and downright rode Andy’s fingers, matching the speed with her own hand between Andy’s legs.

Andy came first. She cried out, arched as Miranda sucked on one of her nipples and tugged at the other. Miranda let go of the first breast, looking down at Andy’s face with greedy eyes.

“Miranda, Miranda…” Andy gasped, trying to say how good it felt, how the orgasm burned through every single vein in her body. She couldn’t get the words out, but Miranda seemed to understand. She cupped Andy’s cheek and kissed her gently.

“Beautiful,” Miranda murmured.

“Tell me how to please you. Tell me what else to do.” Andy wrapped her free arm around Miranda neck.

“Add more…”

Carefully, Andy added one more finger and pushed inside Miranda. Unlike before, she moved slowly, deliberately, and curling her fingers slightly every time she pull them back. The more Miranda gasped and moaned, the slower Andy moved her hand, until Miranda went rigid and then went into convulsions as she came. “Oh. Oh! Gods!” Miranda collapsed on top of Andy, both of them still connected via their hands. “You will no doubt be the death of me,” Miranda sighed when she’d gotten her voice back.

Andy shifted so they could extract their fingers from each other. Wincing, she immediately missed the feeling of Miranda.

“Are you all right?” Miranda looked concerned for a moment.

“I couldn’t be better.”

“You were curious about my conversation over the comm link before.” Miranda pressed her lips against Andy’s damp temple. “I merely wanted to make sure we have a large family unit waiting for us when we go on the tour.”

“Family unit?” A tiny hot flame erupted in Andy’s chest.

“I needed our quarters to be big enough for you, me, and the girls. I also wanted them to see that the nanny is well cared for.”

“Family unit?”

“You’re repeating yourself, darling. Yes. Of course we’re going to be a family. Naturally.”

Andy pressed her face against Miranda’s neck with a muted sob. “All right. Sounds good.”

“Am I right when I think you bonded quite a bit with Seven of Nine during the Voyager shoot?”

“Uh? Yes. Yes, we hit it off. We’ve stayed in touch.”

“Good. I also made sure Admiral Paris realized that we couldn’t go on this extended tour, gallivanting around the Alpha Quadrant, without being under the care of the best commanding officer in Star Fleet. And where Janeway goes, there goes Seven of Nine, as I understand.”

“Yes, she—what? You exchanged the captain? But Janeway’s an admiral!” Andy felt her eyes go huge.

“Even better. She has been behind a desk for a year. No place for a Star Fleet officer.”

“And as Seven is going with her, that’s all she needs,” Andy said thoughtfully. “You’re quite something, Priestly. You know that, right?”

“Of course.”

“And I love you.” Andy hugged the disheveled woman. “Now there’s only one problem left to solve.”

“Oh?” Miranda looked quite cute when alarmed.

“We need to figure out how to restore the couch. I think we wrecked it.”

Miranda snorted. “Oh, Andrea, I know you’ll do a fabulous job. There’s nothing you can’t do, is there?” She looked up at Andy through her eyelashes.

“Oh, no. I may be your assistant, but the family unit part of this conversation means we clean up our messes, together.”

Strangely enough, this valiant speech from Andy made Miranda’s eyes go impossibly soft. “Yes,” she said and pushed Andy’s bangs out of her eyes. “Together.”




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The Devil Wears Prada
Star Trek Voyager
Rating: G -- NC-17 (depending on which door)

Andy/Miranda - Janeway/Seven

Summary: Post Endgame story. The year is 2379 and Voyager has been home in the Alpha Quadrant a year. Miranda Priestly, editor-in-cheif for the renowned fashion holo-magazine, Runway, intends to commemorate this by doing a fashion shoot with some of the women from the famous ship.
Admiral Janeway is less than pleased, but the decision is taken and little does she know what this shoot will set in motion.