Advent Calendar 2011

Double Trouble Love 

(Cross-over Janeway/Seven (STV) – Andy/Miranda (DWP))

By Gun Brooke



Door 25


“Amazing that we can be outside, in this environment, dressed like this, and still be comfortably warm.” Seven gazed down at herself and over at Kathryn. They were both dressed in thin white leggings, made from some thermo-fabric that kept them warm even in -12 C. Ice-blue long shirts accentuated their respective figures.

“And you look so beautiful, Seven.” Kathryn smiled.

“That’s it. Hold that thought.” Weoyah shouted from behind the camera. “Lean toward each other. Maintain eye contact.”

“Gods, I feel silly.” Kathryn managed to speak without visibly moving her lips. “Is it just me, or is she getting testier by the hour?”

“Perhaps she is cold. Should we suggest she should wear these fashionable leggings?”

Kathryn snorted, which rendered her a frown and huff from Weoyah. “Keep your pose. This also means your facial expression.”

“As I said. Testier.” Kathryn smiled sweetly at Seven. “I’ll just focus on you.”

Seven knew Kathryn was playacting, but it was enough to be the focus of the admiral’s attention for her midsection to clench.

An hour later, Weoyah finally deemed she had the shots she needed. Andrea had worked stoically as her assistant and Miranda had been unsurprisingly efficient with makeup and wardrobe, clearly set on getting the best pictures possible.

“We’re done? Fantastic!” B’Elanna looked relieved. “I can’t wait to head back. I know Tom’s going nuts back home waiting for me to call.”

They all assisted Weoyah and Andrea with packing up. They were starting to feel the cold, and Seven had seen how Kathryn and Miranda, the thinnest of them, had begun to shiver. Eventually they were both unable to hide it.

“Miranda. We need to get back to the hotel. You’re risking hypothermia.”

“I’m quite all r-right.” Miranda pressed her bluish lips together.

“You’re not. Neither is the admiral. We’re all done packing the clothes and the gear. We can come back for anything else left behind tomorrow if necessary. We should go. Now.” Andrea spoke with such conviction, Seven was quite impressed. She had yet to come upon someone else among Miranda’s staff who dared to talk like that around her.

“Kathryn. Andrea Sachs is right. You’re in danger of hypothermia as well.”

“Yes, I know. I need to go back. I used to be more resilient.” Kathryn gave a wry smile.

They made their way over to the tracker-wagons, armed vehicles outfitted with spiked larva wheels, and a propulsion system that conveniently ran on H2O. Seven glanced at Kathryn and saw that she was not in any shape to drive. She exchanged a concerned look with B’Elanna.

“Find a way to increase the heat in this vehicle and I will drive us back.”

“Better make that fast, Seven,” Andrea said from the back.

Glancing over her shoulder, Seven saw Miranda curled up on her seat, her teeth clattering.

“I will ‘step on it’.” Seven let her ocular implant scan the controls and within three point four two seconds they were on their way. The temperature gage explained why they had begun to freeze so badly all of a sudden. It was just because they had been out there too long.  “B’Elanna Torres, the temperature is -29 C and falling.”

Kahless, we’re in a super-cell. It’s going to keep falling, rapidly. Go faster, Seven. If we’re not in thermo-safe construction within minutes, we’re not going to make it.”

Seven wanted to look over at Kathryn, who was eerily quiet, but there was no time. She punched in new commands and the tracker-wagon nearly rose so tall it stalled, but then it found traction again and practically flew across the snowy terrain. It was all downhill, which would make the drive harder. Seven wrestled with the controls, having to use the pedals manually to keep them on the road. She never cursed, but she wanted to do so now.

The tracker-wagon lurched and Seven stomped on the pedals while she furiously pushed at the controls.

“We’re going to crash!” Weoyah yelled from behind. “We won’t make it.”

“Don’t say that.” Andrea spoke calmly even if her voice trembled. “Seven will get us there.”

“Temperature at -55 C and falling. We’ll reach the hotel in half a minute if you don’t crash, Seven.” B’Elanna stood behind Seven, holding on to the driver’s seat. “Just get us there and we’ll be able to use the docking facility to get inside.”

Suddenly a large ice formation rose before them. It had not been there when they had left for the shoot. The cold might have caused it to dislodge. There was no time to put on the brakes.

“Brace for impact!” Seven called out. In the corner of her eyes, she saw B’Elanna throw herself over a semi-conscious Kathryn, holding on to her and the seat.

The tracker-wagon launched over the ice formation, flew through the air where it tilted precariously. Seven moved both feet to the right pedal, trying to right it. They slammed into the ground on the other side and skidded sideways down the last part of the slope leading to the valley.

Just before the first structure appeared on their right, Seven managed to regain control of the vehicle. She punched in commands and steered them into the hotel courtyard. A lock extended from the building and she docked the tracker-wagon to it. Only when she removed her hands did she notice how badly they trembled.

“Let us get inside. Quickly. Can Miranda walk? I will carry Kathryn.” Seven could hear the metal alloy make alarming squeaky noises as the cold tore at the hull. She lifted the barely conscious Kathryn into her arms, cradling her as they moved to the hatch. Half running, Weoyah and Andy managed to drag Miranda through the short tunnel. Behind her Seven hurried with Kathryn pressed tightly to her chest. She glanced behind her and saw B’Elanna carry the camera equipment.

“No need to let all the work go to waste,” she gasped.

They reached the hatch leading into the hotel, it opened and hands reached in for them, hauling them through.

“Oh, mon Dieu, mesdames,” the desk manager said, when he closed the hatch behind them. “You were the last of our guests still out there. We thought we’d lost you. This super-cell came out of now where. Je suis désolé, mesdames.

“We need thermo-blankets.” Seven still cradled Kathryn as she strode to her room. “Have them sent to my room. Same for Andrea Sachs’ room.”

Oui, madame. Tout de suite.” The manager pulled out his communicator and issued the order in pattering French.


*** *** *** *** ***


Janeway shifted and opened her eyes. At first her eyes were blurry and only after she blinked repeatedly did she finally make out the ceiling of a room. She figured she was back at the hotel, but the bed was in the wrong place. Shouldn’t her viewport be on the other side? She moved again and found something was hindering her movement. Frowning, she glanced to her right. Seven of Nine was there, lying next to her, eyes closed and looking like she was actually asleep.

“Seven?” Janeway heard her voice was huskier than before. “What are you, I mean I, doing here?” She moved a third time and realized that she was indeed naked underneath the thick cover. A thermo-blanket?

“I had to get you warm very quickly, Kathryn. A thermo-blanket and shared bodily warmth is the preferred method.”

“We were freezing…” Scattered memories of how she’d been colder than ever before in her life, began to surface. “You drove the tracker-wagon. I don’t remember much more.”

Seven pulled Janeway closer, aligning their naked bodies. “I thought I might lose you. I could not bear it. I drove quite recklessly, but I had no choice. We made it back in time for you and Miranda to not go into hypothermic shock.”

“What about B’Elanna? Klingons don’t tolerate cold very well.”

“Turns out she had taken that into consideration. She wore special thermo-wear under her clothes.”

“Thank God. Little Miral needs her mother and Tom would have killed us if anything happened to her.”

“They have spoken, he knows all is well. The super-cell will be in effect until tomorrow evening. After that, we can go back to Earth.”

“All right.” Kathryn was warm and felt fine, if a bit tired, but Seven’s close proximity was becoming a problem. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not entirely unaffected by this…by us sharing a bed like this.”

“You want me to move?” Seven frowned.

“No. No! I meant, do you feel what I feel?”

“As I am not a telepath, I have no idea.”

“I want to kiss you again.”

“Then, yes. I do feel the same way, Kathryn.” Seven didn’t waste any time. She pressed her lips to Janeway’s and curled tongue around hers. Janeway groaned and returned the kiss feverishly. She cupped Seven’s cheeks to hold her in place, set on finding out everything about the other woman’s mouth.

“You feel so good.” Janeway groaned against Seven’s lips. “You taste even better. I want to taste you all over. Kiss you everywhere. I’ve wanted to do that for years and it was never my place to do so. To even think that. I just can’t come up with any reasons to stop now. Unless…” She lifted her head, looking down at Seven with damp eyes. “Unless this is not what you want?”

“Kathryn Janeway. This is what I want.” Seven pulled her tight and pressed her mouth against Janeway’s neck. “This is exactly what I want. I do not want to ever be away from you. Ever.”

“Then stay with me. Forever.” Her heart soaring, Janeway rolled them, ending up on top of Seven. She used her mouth, rather than her hands, to explore the voluptuous body beneath hers. She licked along the Borg implants that still existed, and caressed each scar that the removed ones left behind. She wanted to do so much more, but she also knew that this was new to both of them. Neither of them had ever made love to a woman before, and they were new to knowing how the other one felt. “I’ve known I loved you for so long. I can’t believe you’re in my arms. That I can just reach out for you and kiss you.”

“I feel the same way.” It was Seven’s turn to roll them over. “I have loved you for very long, but never thought I would ever get this chance. I am sorry I hurt you by choosing another.”

“You followed your heart.”

“No. I followed my fear of being alone. I chose the second best. Now I know better and I have better.” Seven took Janeway’s left nipple in her mouth. “You are the most beautiful woman. Erotic. Arousing. I cannot keep from touching you.”

“I don’t want you to stop, please, Seven. I don’t want you to stop. I…I’m so close.” Janeway arched, rubbing her center against Seven. “I want you to…touch. I think I must have your fingers…there.” She reached down and pushed Seven’s fingers in between her legs. “Yes!”

Seven rubbed her in a circular movement, watching her intently with keen eyes. “Does this feel good?”

“Yes. Oh, yes.” Janeway moaned, holding on to Seven when the fire rose inside. She felt herself become even wetter, and then the orgasm hit, erupting between her legs, spreading down her thighs and up her abdomen. “Seven! Ah!” Closing her legs, she locked Seven’s hand in place, riding the aftershocks in wave after wave.

Eventually, Janeway regained her breath. “Oh, Gods.”

“Calling on deities is a good sign. I learned that from my research,” Seven said helpfully.

“I take your word for it.” Kathryn looked up at Seven. “Now, darling, what about you?”

“I am still aroused.”

“Good.” Janeway rolled her over. “I love you, Seven. Now it’s my turn to play.”

Seven gasped as Janeway continued her feasting from earlier. Her plump nipples grew taut in Janeway’s mouth and when she pushed her hand in between Seven’s legs, careful not to penetrate, merely rubbing gently; it was all it took for her young lover to climax. Seven whimpered, keening loudly as she arched, bucked, nearly throwing Janeway off.

“Kathryn! I never…never…” Large, fat tears ran down Seven’s cheeks. “I did not think I could…Oh…again. Again. Again.” She wrapped her legs around Janeway, rocking against her. “Oh. Kathryn. I love you too. I love you too.”

Eventually everything stilled and they curled up together under the thermo-blanket. Janeway had kissed away Seven’s tears and Seven had made sure Janeway had no injuries from having been close to hypothermia.

“So. No more of this being apart business. Never further away from each other than transporter distance. All right?” Janeway held her breath for the second it took for Seven to answer.

“Yes. Very all right.” Seven snuggled close. “Kathryn.”


“Just that. Kathryn.”

Janeway smiled and nuzzled Seven’s temple. “Seven.”


*** *** *** *** ***


Miranda felt something touch her forehead and fought to open her eyes. Something cool and damp moved back and forth in an oddly pleasing manner. “What are you doing?” Miranda asked the person doing the wiping.

“Taking off your makeup. You say it is vital to maintain a good complexion. The makeup remover wand is still in the tracker-wagon so I’m using an old-fashioned washcloth.”

The thoughtful ness was unsurprising, and so very much like Andrea. Blinking, Miranda managed to look up. “You’re all right, Andrea?”

“I’m fine. I have more padding than you, remember. Smart and fat.”

“You’re not fat.”

“That’s not what you said way back when. You were pretty mad at me for not being able to scare up a shuttle for you during a plasma storm.”

“Ah. Yes. That was not nice of me. I apologize.”

The movement of the washcloth stopped. “Wha—really? You apologize?”

“Ha-ha. I have been known to apologize.”

“To royalty and the chairman of the Federation, perhaps. To a lowly assistant. Not so much.”


“Sorry, sorry. Just teasing. I’m just so giddy that you’re not injured by that damn super-cell thing. I thought for a moment—“ Andrea stopped talking and Miranda looked up at her. Pale and trembling, Andrea clenched her hand around the washcloth, her gaze lost at something outside.

“Andrea? Darling, I’m fine. You’re fine. So are the rest of them. Please. Look at me.”

“All I could think of was how I’d never told you…my secret.”

“Then tell me now.”

“I’m afraid you’ll hate me. Or laugh. Or hate me and laugh.” Andrea smiled wryly.

“I promise you I will do neither.” Sitting up, carefully tucking the thermo-blanket around her naked form, Miranda held out her free hand. “Come and hug me, and then tell me, for heaven’s sake.”

Andrea scooted closer and hugged Miranda hard. “It would just kill me if I wasn’t able to hold you ever again. I couldn’t stand it.”

“You can hold me.”

“I can? I can. Yes.” Andrea drew a deep breath and then sat back a little. “I’m Sarah Candes.”

Miranda just stared. What was she talking about? “Who? Sarah Candes? Who is…?” Then the memory floated to the surface. “Oh.”

“I’ve been taking classes.” Andrea looked imploringly at her. “I really have grown to love fashion and I wanted to learn more of your world, of what you love, and then someone said I had an eye for design, and I bought an old sewing machine, because replicating really isn’t the same, and I knew you don’t like replicated clothes very much, and—“

“And breathe.” Miranda looked in amazement at Andrea. She couldn’t think of anyone else who would go to such extreme just because they cared about her. Then there was the fact that the garments by Sarah Candes that Miranda had seen had been excellent. It was rather mind-blowing when she thought about it. A terrified hiccup kind of sound from Andrea reminded Miranda she needed to tell her this. “You are nothing short of amazing. I think it’s wonderful that you’re Sarah Candes. I know your work ethic, I know your level of dedication, and if you have more pieces like the ones I saw, then I think Sarah Candes will be featured in Runway soon.

“F-for real? Really? Miranda? Really? You’re not mad? You—really?”

“You’re babbling.”

Andrea threw herself at Miranda and kissed her. Miranda quickly caught the girl and held her close, returning the kiss with all the love that was in her heart. “Darling, darling. Easy.”

“Am I hurting you?” Andrea whispered against Miranda’s mouth.

“No, but we have all night. All night to talk and plan. And kiss. And more, if you like.”

“I do. I want all of that. You. The girls. Kisses. And more.”

Miranda chuckled. Andrea was the one. She knew it the way she knew how much she love her children. There was still one thing about her that Andrea didn’t know, couldn’t know, not yet. That would come later, perhaps. For now it was enough, that Andrea was kissing her neck, her lips, and whispering the most endearing declarations of love Miranda had ever heard. She ought to have thought them ridiculous, but she didn’t. She should’ve thought Andrea was babbling, but she didn’t do that either.

“I love you, Miranda,” Andrea finished off with.

“And I love you.”

“Oh.” Snuggling up, Andrea wrapped arms and legs around the naked Miranda, something that neither of them seemed to mind. “I could hold you like this forever.”

“I would like that.” Miranda sighed and felt the fatigue hit again. She knew there would be time to explore each other once the repercussions of the super-cell had worn off. Truthfully, Miranda thought, she couldn’t wait.

Author’s Note:

Surprise! On the 26th – there will be a secret link on the MirAndy & Janeway/Seven Advent Calendar which leads to an epilogue to this story. I will announce on Twitter, Facebook, and the shout box on my web site when it is posted, so you won’t have to hunt for it before it really is there. Okay? Cool! J


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The Devil Wears Prada
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Admiral Janeway is less than pleased, but the decision is taken and little does she know what this shoot will set in motion.