Advent Calendar 2011

Double Trouble Love 

(Cross-over Janeway/Seven (STV) – Andy/Miranda (DWP))

By Gun Brooke




Door 23


Seven regarded the site of the next shoot with some trepidation. Having transported to a luxurious resort on the moon, one of the places she had not yet visited, she regarded the artificial lake, which was actually big enough to be called an ocean, and the skillfully planted palm trees.

“This place looks more like Florida used to, according to old vids and photos.” Andrea came up next to Seven. “Before the decade of tsunamis about a century ago, the former US state of Florida was the ultimate vacation resort. It used to be only the coastline, but eventually the entire state was one big amusement park.”

“It does not sound very appealing.”

“I’m sure it had its moments. Still, this place isn’t so bad. Not as alligator infested either.” Andrea laughed. “Don’t look so shocked. There were lots of alligators on Earth back then. There still are. They migrated to Texas when the climate there turned parts of it to a swampland.”

“I do not think that sounds very enticing either. I have been in pristine environments in space too long to appreciate ‘roughing it’,” Seven said. “I do like the outdoors in the different park areas. Like our previous shoot. The forest was aesthetically pleasing.”

“It sure was. This holds an almost eerie beauty too, don’t you think?” Shading her eyes with her hand, Andrea looked out over the mirror-like water. “I mean, there’s hardly any wind, the palms don’t move much, and the sun’s dangerous rays are kept away by technology. It’s a little scary, but pretty.”

“I see what you mean. I understand why Miranda chose this site. It will make for remarkable pictures.”

“It sure will.” Andrea seemed suddenly distracted.

“Are you all right, Andrea Sachs?” Seven placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“What? Oh, yes. Yes. I’m fine. Just thinking.”

“Have something happened between you and Miranda that upset you?” Seven knew she and Andrea only had each other to talk to about these matters. “I want you to know you can confide in me if you wish to.” This thing with friendship was as hard as loving someone, but Seven was willing to try friendship with Andrea.

“We kissed.” Andrea blushed. “I mean. I asked for a goodnight kiss and she said it was all right.”

“And was it?” Seven blinked at the thought of their similar experience. The coincidence was rather amazing.

“It was far more than all right.” Andrea smiled to herself and then giggled when she looked at Seven. “Why do I feel you’re bursting to tell me something?”

“Because you are correct.” Seven had to reciprocate the infectious laughter. “Kathryn and I kissed also.”

“Really?” Andrea practically skipped closer to Seven and, lowering her voice, whispered conspiratorially.  “How was it? All right?”

“It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt.” Seven sighed. “I am afraid I was somewhat lacking in my technique and even if there is a reason for that, it bothers me.”

“Interesting. Miranda and I spoke a lot about what bothers us, but that turned out to be a good thing.” Andrea hooked her arm around Seven’s and pulled her along to walk among the palm trees. “So, you kissed. Was it all fire and stuff?”

“There was no self-combustion, although, there was a moment when I thought that possible.” Seven shook her head at the memory. “And for you?”

“If I hadn’t pulled myself together, it would’ve gone way too far. I just knew somehow that it would be a mistake to rush things. Then again, Miranda is off on some long promotion trip soon, more or less the entire Alpha Quadrant. If I’m going to get a chance for more than goodnight kisses, I can’t wait too long.”

“You’re not going with her? You’re her assistant.”

“I know, but she hasn’t mentioned anything, and I’m usually more informed about her schedule than anyone else. She’s being very secretive about this one. Probably has some scoop going on that she’s deathly afraid that any competitor will get their hands on.”

“I see.” Seven sighed and stopped walking. Turning to Andrea she saw the sorrow in her eyes. “I do understand. I will soon go back to a workplace where I do not feel welcome, and live where I do not have any friends, at least not yet. It does not appeal to me at all. I will also miss Kathryn, especially since we are reconnecting…” Seven could hardly believe it when she felt tears burn behind her eyelids. “I do not know how to proceed. Kathryn said she would ‘pull some strings’ to help improve my situation at Daystrom’s, but it might not be enough. I apologize for sounding so depressing.”

“Hey, Seven, that’s all right. I mean, I know we’re new friends, but I truly feel we are friends. I don’t have anyone else I can talk to about Miranda. I wouldn’t trust this information with anyone but you. I hope you feel you can rely on me.” Andy looked imploringly at Seven. “You feel so comfortable. Like I’ve known you forever.”

Nobody had ever said that to Seven. She knew nobody found her comfortable, not even her Voyager friends. Andrea Sachs was truly and extraordinary individual and Seven knew without understanding how, that this was her chance at a lifelong, nurturing friendship.

“I reciprocate the emotions you talk about. You too feel like a very close friend. This is unusual. At least, it is for me. I do not make friends easily. Usually people fear me, or despise me, for being a former Borg. I have participated in unspeakable atrocities.” Seven thought it only fair to inform Andrea of this.

“I know. And for no fault of your own, Seven. People should realize this and regard you as a representative of all their lost loved ones…you are unique in many ways, but mostly because you are one of the very few that was saved from the Hive. They should celebrate that it was even possible, and also see that you bring hope that it can happen again. I look at you and see someone who’s redeemed herself, regained what was stolen from her, and who has done with such dignity. If anyone says anything else, they’re fools. And alas, the worlds in the Federation have their share of fools.”

Seven smiled. Andrea’s words had an astonishing healing power. She wished she could be as reassuring toward Andrea as well. “Has Miranda indicated that she would appreciate another goodnight kiss?”

“I got that impression, yes. I haven’t decided whether to go full steam ahead with this and take what I can get, or if I should back off and save myself from bruising my heart any more than it is.”

“I understand. I cannot offer advice since I am facing a similar dilemma. Do I go back to Daystrom’s, to an interesting position, but where I cannot find personal happiness, or do I stay here, with no position, not knowing if Kathryn will want to pursue any type of relationship of a longer duration?”

“Gods, Seven, your language is like code sometimes. So you’re basically choosing between a high profile job, and a high profile woman, whom you’re not sure will want you for life?”

“That was what I said, yes.” Seven raised her human eyebrow.

“I wasn’t sure.” Andrea wrinkled her nose and smiled. “We sure neck deep in this, aren’t we?”

“If by that you mean that we are faced with emotional difficulties due to the respective individuals that hold our affection, yes, we are.”

“S’what I said.” Andy pulled Seven along and they began to stroll back to where the crew was setting up their equipment.


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The Devil Wears Prada
Star Trek Voyager
Rating: G -- NC-17 (depending on which door)

Andy/Miranda - Janeway/Seven

Summary: Post Endgame story. The year is 2379 and Voyager has been home in the Alpha Quadrant a year. Miranda Priestly, editor-in-cheif for the renowned fashion holo-magazine, Runway, intends to commemorate this by doing a fashion shoot with some of the women from the famous ship.
Admiral Janeway is less than pleased, but the decision is taken and little does she know what this shoot will set in motion.