Advent Calendar 2011

Double Trouble Love 

(Cross-over Janeway/Seven (STV) – Andy/Miranda (DWP))

By Gun Brooke




Door 22


Andy watched, not without fascination, how Miranda’s flawless complexion turned faintly pink. This didn’t keep the woman from looking regally at Andy. “By all means.” The words would have sounded standoffish if Miranda hadn’t been so breathless.

“Come here.” Andy knew instinctively that she was the one in charge now, no matter their status at work. Runway and its world had no place here in this bedroom, or between them. Andy slid her arms around Miranda, going for much more than a mere peck on the lips. If she was granted a kiss, and she was, she would make the most of it. Strangely enough, she had the strong notion that Miranda would be disappointed if she didn’t seize the moment. “So beautiful,” Andy breathed against Miranda’s lips, drawing out on the moment. Normally, she knew Miranda would have huffed with impatience, but she just stood still in Andy’s embrace, her eyes fluttering close, breathing in short gasps.

Daring to touch the iconic, white hair, kept in the style that was as famous as the woman who wore it, Andy laced her fingers into the silky masses. She half expected Miranda to growl at the audacity, but instead she purred. Andy felt her nipples tighten at the sound. Never in a million years had Andy expected to be on the receiving end of such a thoroughly sexy sound.

“Gods, woman…” Andy caressed the small of Miranda’s back with small circles of her hand. So slender, Miranda fit easily against Andy when she pulled her closer.

“Andrea.” Miranda’s normally low voice was a mere whisper. She cupped Andy’s shoulders just as softly as she spoke, her hands seeming almost shy. “You are intoxicating. What am I to do with you?”

“Just let me. Kiss you. Goodnight.” Andy smiled and pressed her lips against Miranda’s hairline. She hoped this kiss wouldn’t count.

“You are impossible.” In Miranda’s gentle tone, it sounded like a caress, or a compliment.

“And yet you’re here. Letting me hold you. Eventually kiss you.” Andy hoped she wasn’t pushing her luck.

“I am. I must be out of my mind.” Miranda ran whispers of fingertips up Andy’s spine. “I clearly have taken leave of my faculties, but that’s what happens…”

“When? Happens when?” Andy shivered from the touching, so gentle, so Miranda, and felt how goose bumps rose in its wake.

“It’s what happens when I let my guard down, and I never let my guard down. It’s bad for business, and it’s dangerous in private.”

“And yet you have?” Andy held her breath, not sure if this question would cause Miranda to recoil.

“I detest repeating myself, but yes.” Miranda pushed her fingers into the back of Andy’s hair. Running them through the long tresses, she seemed to caress ever single strand individually. “Like the finest silk.”

“You’re doing.”

“Mm? How can it be?” Miranda smiled lazily, her eyes still closed, her hands still entangled in Andy’s hair.

“You gave me the products to use in my hair.” Andy chuckled quietly, while drinking in the unusual vision of Miranda smiling. “You said my previous choice was plebeian.”

“Ah. You’re welcome.” Miranda let her nails gently scratch Andy’s scalp.

Now it was Andy’s turn to hum and purr. She had always loved when someone brushed her hair, and generally fiddled with it. She had even let Miranda’s twins play beauty salon with her, when their nanny had been taken ill.

“Oh, I like that sound. I think I want to hear it again.” Miranda dragged her fingertips down along Andy’s neck and found her collarbones. “I wonder…yes, like that.” She ran her thumbs back and forth over the protruding bones, gently, gently.

Andy moaned and tipped her head back. “Miranda. You’re—you’re driving me crazy. I can’t stop shaking.”

“That makes two of us. I’m not sure what it is about you, but you’ve had me tremble more tonight than two husbands, and several lovers have not ever.” Miranda looked slightly affronted, though whether it was because of previous lover’s failure in the tremor-inducing department, or if it was because Andy could, was hard to tell. Perhaps she was merely taken aback by this reaction.

“Do you mind?” Andy asked gently, cupping Miranda’s cheeks. “Does it bother you?”

“You bother me!” A sudden flash of anger turned Miranda’s eyes into a searing blue ice. “You bother me whether you’re here or not. Whether we’re at work or not. Why is that, Andrea? Tell me.”

Andy swallowed, but would not be intimidated. “It’s because of the same reason you bother me.”

Miranda jerked. “What?”

“You are constantly on my mind. In the beginning it was because of Runway, of the new job, of wanting to do well. Then it turned to wanting to make you proud. Now it is partially because I want to make life easier for you, so you can be happier in your private life. It bothers me when people don’t understand the toll it takes on you to be away from your children, to work so many hours, and to have so many commitments. And then…it bothers me that I haven’t been given permission to kiss you goodnight. Until now.”

Miranda’s eyes were now soft and warm. Her eyelids heavy, she looked up at Andy between the thick eyelashes. “And it hasn’t escaped me that you still haven’t done so. Do I make you nervous?”

“Yes. And no. Yes, because I’m afraid you’ll hate it. No, because I know I’ll love it.”

“Then just do it.”

Andy caressed Miranda’s left cheek and wrapped her free hand around her waist. Without hesitation, she pressed her lips to Miranda’s. Heat. Dark pleasures and bright, searing light. Sweet and spicy. So many adjectives ran through Andy’s mind, but none could describe fully how it felt to kiss Miranda. Andy knew Miranda had agreed to a kiss, and by that she probably had a more demure sort of kiss in mind, but there was no way Andy could refrain from parting her lips. To her complete shock, so did Miranda, eagerly and willingly. In fact, it was Miranda who pushed her tongue against Andy’s, claiming the inside of her lips, exploring Andy’s mouth with such passion; she thought she’d never be able to draw another breath again, ever.

Angling her head for better access, Andy whimpered into Miranda’s mouth, twirled her tongue around Miranda’s, over and over. Their lips fit so well together, and the taste of Miranda, faintly tinged by coffee and something else, something unique, only gave birth to more desire. Aroused beyond her wildest dreams, Andy knew she had to pull back or she’d do something that overstepped Miranda’s boundaries. If that happened, it might lead to no more kisses ever again, and that would kill her, Andy feared. She pulled back, despite the sound of dismay from Miranda.

“Shh. It’s all right.” Hugging Miranda close, rocking her, she tried to calm the tremors they both suffered from.

“Andrea?” Miranda leaned back to look up at Andy. A small frown marred her perfect forehead and she had dug in equally perfect teeth into her lower lip. “I guess this is goodnight, then.”

“This time, yes.”

“What do you mean, this time?” Miranda looked suspiciously at Andy, the frown deepening.

“Next time,” Andy said and combed her fingers through Miranda’s tousled hair, “I will ask for more than a kiss.”


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The Devil Wears Prada
Star Trek Voyager
Rating: G -- NC-17 (depending on which door)

Andy/Miranda - Janeway/Seven

Summary: Post Endgame story. The year is 2379 and Voyager has been home in the Alpha Quadrant a year. Miranda Priestly, editor-in-cheif for the renowned fashion holo-magazine, Runway, intends to commemorate this by doing a fashion shoot with some of the women from the famous ship.
Admiral Janeway is less than pleased, but the decision is taken and little does she know what this shoot will set in motion.