Advent Calendar 2011

Double Trouble Love 

(Cross-over Janeway/Seven (STV) – Andy/Miranda (DWP))

By Gun Brooke



Door 19


The transporter gave a muted tingling sound and then Seven rematerialized in Janeway’s hallway. Janeway looked up from her data PADD where she sat on the couch, holding a glass of red wine.

“Welcome back. How was—Seven?” Janeway stood and placed her glass on a side table. Seven had stepped off the transporter dais and now remained in the doorway to the living room. She was pale and if Janeway hadn’t known any better, she would’ve sworn that Seven was actually swaying as if intoxicated. “Are you all right?” Janeway strode up to Seven, taking her gently by the shoulders.

“I am functioning at normal parameters.” Seven set her jaw and kept her gaze somewhere around Janeway’s eyebrows. “I…I went to the university to retrieve some of my things I had in storage. When I called on Chakotay to obtain my things, a woman opened. She was the new resident in his quarters. Clearly he has moved on.”

“And this upsets you.”

“Not the fact that he found happiness in another individual. I was the one who left, after all, and I do wish for him to be happy. I was however not prepared for how much the woman he now loves dislikes me.”

“Oh?” Concerned, Janeway could feel Seven tremble.

“There was no way I could have foreseen her attack.”

“She attacked you?” Appalled, Janeway pulled Seven with her to the couch. “Sit down. Tell me what happened.” She sat down next to Seven, close enough to hold on to her human hand.

“This individual, I never quiet caught her designation, clearly regards me as a threat when it comes to Chakotay’s affection. She caught me unaware and tried to push her nails through my skin.”

“Gods.” Furious at this woman’s audacity, not to mention exasperated at Chakotay, Janeway leaned in to examine Seven’s perfect complexion. “Did she get you anywhere?”

“Not my face. My neck. My nano-probes are dealing with the healing, if a bit slower than I was used to aboard Voyager.”

“Let me see. Please?” Janeway regarded Seven carefully before pushing the collar of her white silk shirt to the side. An angry, red welt made Janeway gasp. It was a crime to mar the skin of this woman further. As if the Borg hadn’t done enough of a number on her. “I’m getting a dermal generator. Wait here.” Not waiting for Seven to concede, Janeway fetched her med kit and pulled out the instrument. She ran it over the bad cut several times before the nano-probes allowed for it to heal. “There. Better?”

“Yes. It was quite painful.”

“You should press charges.”

“But I will not. I will not participate in what will be construed as a ‘cat fight’ over a man. That is a cliché I am not prepared to see spread all over the news. It is enough to have the news media regarding me as their favorite prey.”

“Yes, I know. I feel the same way. Still, if you’ll allow me, I’ll find out who she is and make sure she knows better than to speak of this with anybody. I carry some weight you know.”

“I know. Thank you.”

“Anything for you.” Janeway put the dermal generator down, pondering her words. They were true. So true it frightened her. Shifting her gaze to Seven’s eyes, Janeway tried to read their expression, which was nearly impossible. Still, she thought she saw a trace of reciprocation there. She knew Seven was loyal, caring, and that she had claimed to harbor strong feelings for her. Janeway cupped Seven’s cheek and brushed her thumb gently along her full, lower lip. “Absolutely anything. You could ask me for anything and I’d do it. I’m not sure if telling you this is right, but it’s the truth.”

“Anything?” Seven’s breath caught. “What if I want something you are not prepared to offer? Something you are not capable of because of personal preference?”

“Try me.” What on earth was Seven talking about?

“I feel apprehensive. If you say no, that you made a mistake in thinking you could do ‘anything’, it would injure me much worse than that woman this evening.”

“I can’t possibly think of anything you could ask for that I wouldn’t grant you.”

“Even if it is deeply personal?”

“Even then.” Janeway kept caressing Seven’s cheek, wanting to reassure her.”

Seven drew a deep, shaky breath. “Then I wish for you to kiss me, Kathryn.”

Janeway froze. Her hand stopped its movement against Seven’s smooth cheek, and she held her breath for several moments. Surely she had misheard Seven’s request? “Kiss?”

“I did tell you it was too personal.” A small light in Seven’s eyes began to flicker and die.

“And I told you—anything.” Janeway cupped Seven’s other cheek and leaned in. Brushing her lips across Seven’s, the damp softness was almost too much for her. Janeway placed a series of gentle kisses along that lower lip, back and forth several times.

“Kathryn…” Seven whimpered against her mouth, her breath sweet and warm.

“Yes, Seven.” Janeway felt as if she was drowning in the taste of Seven’s lips, and all she could think of was how her heart pounded, how damp her skin became, and how the center between her legs contracted. She ran the tip of her tongue over Seven’s cupid’s bow.

Suddenly strong arms wrapped around Janeway’s neck, pulling her in closer, chest to chest. The sensation of Seven’s breasts pressing into her made it Janeway’s turn to whimper. When Seven met Janeway’s tongue with her own, she moaned and pushed Seven into the backrest of the couch, kissing her feverishly. This kiss resembled no other kiss Janeway had either received or given. So slow and passionate it almost hurt, Janeway explored Seven’s mouth, its sweetness and the dark danger that lured there somewhere. This dark part of Seven, she could taste it on her breath, on her tongue, and under her fingertips as she pushed them into Seven’s hair.

“God’s, Seven.” Janeway had to push back, had to breathe. “Was this what you meant?”

“I had no idea there was anything like this.” Seven’s eyes, unusually hooded and sultry, also showed something that was part desire, part confusion. “I never knew a kiss could feel like this.”

“I’m not going to ask about you and Chakotay, since I know just what you mean anyway.” Janeway leaned her forehead against Seven’s. “I’ve never experienced kisses like these either?”

Seven gave a muted sob.

“Please. Don’t cry. I’m sorry, Seven.” Janeway wasn’t sure what she was apologizing for. She pushed back and regarded Seven carefully.

“I am not sad, merely somewhat overwhelmed. I never thought I would be kissed by you and now you tell me this is something unique?”

“Very.” Janeway touched her own lips and then Seven’s with unsteady fingertips. “And now we have to make a decision.”


“We kissed. We can’t very well un-kiss, so where do we go from here?”


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The Devil Wears Prada
Star Trek Voyager
Rating: G -- NC-17 (depending on which door)

Andy/Miranda - Janeway/Seven

Summary: Post Endgame story. The year is 2379 and Voyager has been home in the Alpha Quadrant a year. Miranda Priestly, editor-in-cheif for the renowned fashion holo-magazine, Runway, intends to commemorate this by doing a fashion shoot with some of the women from the famous ship.
Admiral Janeway is less than pleased, but the decision is taken and little does she know what this shoot will set in motion.