Advent Calendar 2011

Double Trouble Love 

(Cross-over Janeway/Seven (STV) – Andy/Miranda (DWP))

By Gun Brooke



Door 15


Seven looked down at herself. On one hand she was thrilled to not have to wear the biosuit from the years on Voyager, but she wasn’t sure this outfit was a step up.

Blue, a color almost the same nuance as her eyes, the short dress hugged her body, revealing her hips and breasts to the beholder. It wasn’t skin-tight, but it was fitted perfectly to her body. Leggings in a darker blue shade made her think a little of the biosuit, but the black shoes were the worst part. Six inch heels made her even taller, and if it hadn’t been because of her superior senses, including her balance, she would have fallen over after only a few steps.

The fabric of the dress shimmered, and Seven had to concede it was quite beautiful. She glanced over at Janeway and her mind went blank for a moment. The admiral was dressed in a knee-length green dress, adorned with small yellow crystals. The garment set off the highlights in Janeway’s auburn hair and her eyes glittered a brilliant blue as she looked at Seven.

“Seven, you look amazing.”

“Thank you. I fail to see Miranda’s vision for this shoot. How will this tell the story of my failed dating attempt?”

“If I knew that, I’d be the one making all those credits and be a publishing powerhouse.”

“In the meantime, you’re a military powerhouse with influence all the way to the top,” Andrea said, suddenly standing next to Seven. “Miranda isn’t trying to be literal, or to depict the events exactly the way they happened. Just give the viewer a flavor of the Woman of Voyager. Call it artistic license.”

Seven wasn’t sure she understood, but walked toward the area they were going to pose. A gazebo were located among the trees and sun filtered down between the branches, making it glow almost magically.

“Ah, Admiral. Seven.” Miranda stood next to the gazebo. “I want you both inside. You will dance slowly as Weoyah works.”

“Dance.” Seven held her breath. “I do not dance.”

“I’m not saying you should break Kathryn’s arm,” Miranda said. “Just sway together. Look…amicable.”

“Amicable. We can do that.” Janeway lifted one corner of her mouth in her customary lopsided smile. “Come sway with me, Seven?” she murmured out of earshot of anybody else.

“Very well.” Completely uncomfortable about the scenario unfolding, Seven walked up the few steps and into the gazebo with Janeway. One comfort was that Janeway also wore these ridiculous high heels.

“You’re taller, so the traditional way to hold each other will work well if you lead.” Janeway slid effortless into Seven’s personal space, taking her Borg-hand in hers and placing her other hand on Seven’s shoulder. Music began streaming from somewhere, soft tones that made it somehow impossible to divert her eyes from Janeway’s gaze.

“There. We’re doing fine.”

“Where’s the photographer?” Seven still felt rigid.

“Never mind her. Just focus on me.” Janeway smiled. “You are so beautiful, Seven. You always were, but now, there’s something more mature about you, and yet you look so damn innocent. Must be those blue eyes of yours.”

“I am hardly innocent. Of anything. And you have blue eyes also. Right now, that is.”

“What do you mean, right now?” Janeway looked quizzical.

“Your eyes change with your mood. Don’t you know that?”

“No? Really?” Janeway blinked. “Please tell me they don’t go red when I’m really angry or something.”

Seven laughed quietly. “No. Not red. When you are angry, or upset, they go flat and grey. When you are excited or happy, they become very blue.”

“And now?”


“There. You see?” Janeway moved closer,  cupping Seven’s neck with her left hand. The hair stylist had been most complimenting regarding Seven’s hair, and had arranged it in long flowing locks down her back. Nobody could see the small, caressing circles Janeway’s hand made under the rich hair. Seven however felt it and her entire body reacted. Again, her nano-probes were rendered ineffective, and all Seven could do was to hold on to Janeway and hope the admiral did not notice how badly Seven trembled.

“I have missed you so much.” Janeway whispered. “Ever since we returned and the crew were scattered, I have had one thought in my head.”

“Kathryn?” Startled at the pain in Janeway’s voice, Seven pulled her dance partner even closer. “Please tell me what thought that was?”

“I wished with every fiber of my being that I’d been less of a stickler for protocol. So much might have been different.”


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The Devil Wears Prada
Star Trek Voyager
Rating: G -- NC-17 (depending on which door)

Andy/Miranda - Janeway/Seven

Summary: Post Endgame story. The year is 2379 and Voyager has been home in the Alpha Quadrant a year. Miranda Priestly, editor-in-cheif for the renowned fashion holo-magazine, Runway, intends to commemorate this by doing a fashion shoot with some of the women from the famous ship.
Admiral Janeway is less than pleased, but the decision is taken and little does she know what this shoot will set in motion.