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Below the Surface

There are two hidden links so far (not behind any of the doors) that will lead you to two manips. Search with the cursor until you see it change into a hand. :-)


Door 9 


Kathryn felt, more than heard, her cell phone ring. Glancing at the screen, her heart fluttered painfully for a moment before resuming its normal steady beat. Annika.

“Hey. Calling me again so soon?” Feeling ridiculous for the forced lightness in her tone, but Voyager was truly not the same without Annika. When had she become so all-important not only as a dive leader, but by her mere presence. She was aloof and rarely smiled, probably because she was an introvert and found small talk awkward. Whenever they had attended social events, Annika tended to avoid anyone she didn’t know previously, and more than once, Kathryn had had to save her from persistent men who seemed intent on not taking no for an answer. No doubt, Annika could have broken them in two if they had been too hands-on, but as she was also set on not embarrassing her boss by creating a scene.

The first time that happened, Kathryn had spotted Annika backing away from a young man who had, clearly inebriated, tried to kiss her neck. Having observed Annika take down a man at a local restaurant in Greek archipelago only a month before, it astounded Kathryn that Annika showed such restraint at the banquette. However, angered and slightly tipsy herself, Kathryn had yanked the man back from Annika and growled something so foul and menacing in his ear, he slithered away very fast.

“Kathryn?” Annika’s voice broke through Kathryn’s reverie. “Did I lose you?”

“No. Not at all. I’m here.” But you’re not and it’s horrible.

“I…I’m bringing two, well, guests when I arrive to New Zealand. I require them to stay aboard Voyager. Are any of the guest quarters available?” Annika sounded tense.

“Guests?” Clenching her fist, Kathryn blinked. “Family?”

“No. Someone I need to be there with me. I promise I’ll explain everything when we get there. I just can’t over the phone.” Annika gave a trembling sigh. “Please, Kathryn? It’s terribly important.”

Kathryn’s thoughts were so jumbled, she had to count to three before she tried to sort them. Who was this person she needed so badly? A man? A woman? A…lover? “One of our guest quarters are available. I hope these two friends of yours don’t mind sharing.” Fully aware her answer was curt, Kathryn tried to mellow her tone. “If you need them to be here, for whatever reason, that’s good enough for me.”

An even deeper sigh proved how important this was to Annika. Kathryn yearned to be in the same room as the beautiful woman. Hear her voice in person, see her features, the blue eyes, the full, luscious lips…and then there were the ill-advised ideas of what Kathryn would like to do with those lips and everything below them. Annika had the most beautiful, sexy body. Tall and lanky, wiry and curvaceous. It was little wonder men hit on her as soon as she showed herself. Kathryn had gone through life thinking she was straight and actually been engaged to a man at one point. Now, her mouth dried up when she thought of kissing Annika, and watered at the idea of her stunning body.

“Thank you, Kathryn,” Annika said quietly. “I do need them and I think when I explain, you’ll realize this unusual request is all for your benefit. I promise.”

What? Kathryn frowned and rose from her chair on the bridge. “For my benefit?” That didn’t make sense. Or, at least, it was a huge mystery. “You are okay, aren’t you?”

A pause so brief, it was easy to miss, then Annika replied in her fake casual tone. “Of course.”

“Oh, Annika. Just get here. Bring a football team if you like, as long as you get here soon.” Kathryn didn’t care one bit if she sounded needy. So what? She needed Annika like she needed oxygen. One day Kathryn hoped she may become brave enough to share with Annika how important she was to her.

“I will, Kathryn,” Annika whispered and Kathryn could have sworn there was tears in her voice. “I—I miss you also.”

Jesus. Kathryn trembled and almost drop the phone. “We’ll talk every day until you get here, okay?”


As they disconnected, Kathryn covered her eyes with her free hand, clutching the cell with the other. What the hell was going on? What had Annika gotten herself into?



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