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Below the Surface

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Door 8 


Andy was sure she had begun hallucinating. “Uhm. Wait…what? New Zealand. As in the New Zealand?” She probably looked as stupid as she felt.

Miranda snorted softly, a totally cute sound in Andy’s opinion. “The New Zealand. Yes.” She explained what Annika Hansen wanted them to do. “I have yet to decide as it is very short notice and I’m not at all sure it will work. Nor am I keen on going behind anyone’s back and have other lives dangle in the balance. It’s about diving in caves after all.”

“I have a diver’s certificate, by the way,” Andy said casually. “I used to dive all the time in the great lakes with my brother and his friends. That and waterski.”

“You do.” Miranda looked stunned for a fraction of a second. “With tanks?”

“Sure. I was kind of obsessed as a teenager to outdo my perfect brother. I was fifteen when I got my certificate and I was so proud of it. I made a point of keeping it current as we still dive in the summer whenever I have a chance to go camping with them by the lakes. Not as often now as—oh sorry, I’m rambling.” Andy felt her cheeks grow warm. What was it about Miranda that made it impossible for her to keep her mouth shut and not bore the woman to tears. But now when she studied Miranda’s expression, she saw avid interest and it warmed her. Perhaps Miranda didn’t think she was a complete nitwit. And why would Miranda even consider bringing Andy along on such a long trip if she easily bored her? That type of reasoning strengthened Andy’s self-confidence.

“This is useful information,” Miranda said. “I’m going to call Annika Hansen this evening, because I have quite a few ultimatums and rules that I need to make clear if we go forward with this. If she understands, you will need to clear my schedule for the next couple of weeks. I’ll let you know later.”

“Okay. Thanks.” Andy groaned inwardly. To call all of Miranda’s upcoming patients and reschedule them…not something she looked forward to. Some of Miranda’s long term patients were not easy to deal with under the best of terms. She knew they would feel slighted at being moved to a later date—and blame her about it.

“Now, onto another matter. I haven’t performed hypnosis in a while. Would you be interested in a session? Have you ever been hypnotized?” She eyed Andy with a calculating expression.

“No. Never.” Andy wasn’t so sure she was keen on letting Miranda into her subconscious mind.

“When the last of my afternoon appointments are take care of, would you do me the favor of attempting a session? It would be very quick. A few questions about mundane things, that’s all.” Tilting her head, Miranda looked at Andy in that way she found so irresistible.

“Do you promise not to ask me anything embarrassing?” Andy made it sound like a joke, but she was serious. “I don’t want to rattle on and on about something I’d rather forget.” She looked at Miranda through her eyelashes. “You know?”

“A common fear, feeling awkward about revealing something deep within. I won’t pry into your personal life, Andrea. You have my word.” Extending her hand, Miranda nodded at Andy to shake it.

Carefully, Andy took Miranda’s elegant hand in hers. She had shaken hand with Miranda only once before—when she was hired ten months ago—and now she reveled in the soft skin and firm grip. “All right, Miranda. I’ll be your Guinea pig.”

Miranda made a wry face at the term. “Thank you.”

Gaping now, Andy registered the appreciative words, so rarely coming from Miranda’s lips, and the fact that Miranda still was holding her hand. A moment later, Miranda let go and returned to her office.

Andy staggered off to her desk and tried to understand what she had agreed to. Also, she needed to prepare the list of patients to call just in case they were going with Annika Hansen to New Zealand in a week. Working on autopilot, Andy could only think of the fact that she would be under Miranda’s control later in the day. Why…why had she agreed to that?

It was bound to backfire.


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