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Below the Surface

There are two hidden links so far (not behind any of the doors) that will lead you to two manips. Search with the curse until you see it change into a hand. :-)


Door 7 


Miranda strode back into her office, her mind jumbled with a multitude of thoughts. She disliked feeling this scattered with a passion. Her private life had been calmer than usual since her divorce went through three months ago. Her daughters, Caroline and Cassidy, spent every other week at her townhouse and every other week at their father’s penthouse. James was Miranda’s first husband and she had married late. Thus, she had become a first-time mother at thirty-nine, which was of course quite common in the cutthroat world of making it in New York—and Manhattan.

Now, Miranda felt as if she jumped a hurdle and landed safely on the other side. Andrea was staying on—for now. This was a relief, but it didn’t sit well with Miranda just how relieved she was to not loose Andrea. She was used to go through assistants like a child goes through a bag of candy after Halloween. Now, when Andrea had sat there across the table from Miranda, looking stunning in the muted light of Smith & Wollensky, she had noticed how her heart had pounded when Andrea’s cognac brown eyes looked at her so imploringly. That combined with the shiny, waterfall-like chocolate brown hair made Andrea into the most beautiful woman Miranda had ever seen. Normally more interested in a person’s thoughts and internal struggles, Miranda had long debated why she noticed Andrea’s looks and outfit of the day from the first day and onward. And it wasn’t just Andrea’s looks. It was the way she smelled, a blend of vanilla, citrus, and musk…and sandalwood? Of course, Andrea had other qualities. Some were more annoying than others. That cackling laughter she gave once in a while when talking to people in the outer office. Usually, the person before her would laugh along, no matter how depressed or worried they were. Perhaps it was that fact, rather than the cackle, that bothered her? Miranda stopped before she started psychoanalyzing herself.

The intercom buzzed. “Miranda? Your two o’clock has cancelled, but Annika Hansen is back,” Andrea sound, back to being entirely professional.

Miranda checked the time. It was ten minutes to two. Concerned, she walked to the door. Pushing it open, she saw the tall blond standing by the window, her hands shoved into her coat pockets. “Annika? Come, please.”

Annika turned and the pain her eyes were now so evident, it didn’t take a psychologist to interpret it. “Thank you for seeing me again like this. I—I should’ve called ahead. I suppose I took a chance.”

“And we just had a cancellation. See? It all worked out. Come on.” Miranda turned to Andrea. “Bring us some lemon tea and biscuits.”

Andrea nodded and headed for the kitchenette.

This time, Annika didn’t mind sitting on the couch. She took one of the pillows and held it against her abdomen as she clearly tried to keep her breathing even. Miranda sat down in the armchair angled slightly toward Annika. It was a non-threatening position and she placed the Dictaphone between them to make the fact she was recording their impromptu session obvious.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I’m back here only hours after…” Annika’s voice trailed off. “I mean. I know I have an appointment in two days. It’s just…it won’t work. I’m no fool. I realize therapy is something you commit to for the long haul. I can’t expect miracles to happen in eight days and—I’m in such a need for a miracle right now.”

Miranda nodded slowly. She had expected to be the one who had to break this to Annika and it was a nice change that a patient realized what was doable—or not—when it came to therapy. Miranda knew her reputation for being somewhat of a miracle worker often lead to too high expectations. “Then how can I help you, do you think?”

“I understand that this will sound crazy, but it’s all I can think of. I need you to join me in going to New Zealand. To Deep Water Cove and the Voyager.”

“What?” Miranda never gaped at anything, but this had gotten to be the closest she’d been to look entirely slack-jawed. “Go with you to New Zealand? That’s im—”

“Not impossible. Money is not an issue. I’m quite well of and able to pay you handsomely. Andy as well, if you need to bring your assistant. It’s matter of a three-week assignment.”

“Three weeks.” Miranda’s thoughts whirled through her mind. She had other patients, other engagements. She couldn’t possibly go away for three weeks. Then there were the girls… Realizing she was contemplating the insane idea, she mentally shook herself. “What could possibly be gained from that?” Tilting her head, she studied Annika closely. This was the first time she had seen any type of animation in the beautiful blond. Her cheeks were flushed and she used her hands to emphasize her words.

“I have done my homework on you, Miranda. Your method of using hypnosis in the field is groundbreaking in many ways, even if hypnosis is an old method in itself. I will need your supervision and I should be able to perform my duty and find out the true reason behind my panic attacks if you come with me. I read on your web site that you and your daughters are avid scuba divers. You can be in the water with me and—”

“Stop. Just stop. I have obligations and other patients.” This was true, but also a bit untrue. Her current patients were people that she had seen for years. Being gone three weeks would not impact their therapy as most of them only saw her every two week, most of them once a month.

“Please. I wouldn’t ask if this wasn’t important. Not only to me, but to my boss, Kathryn Janeway. She’s about to do her first major cave dive, and she will be down there with us. She’s experience, to some degree, but I know she’s counting on me and my assistant, Icheb, to keep all the other divers safe via training and so on. If I can go into one of my panic attacks at any given time, and something happens to Kathryn in the meantime…” Annika’s eyes showed there would not be any coming back from such a catastrophe for her.

“Then why not simply postpone this dive,” Miranda asked, lacing her fingers softly.

Flinging her hands up in air in clear frustration, Annika sighed. “This particular dive has been postponed eight times. Not only that, it’s going to draw in a lot of money, which Kathryn needs to keep her research going. If I fail her now, she’s going to have to start laying off personnel and we are down to a skeleton crew as it is. I’ve…I’ve donated money, as much as I dare for Kathryn not to become suspicious. She would never take money from me directly. I know that. By donating, I can at least help some. I’ve also used the contacts my family has to help, but it only gets us so far.”

Miranda was stunned. There was no other word for how she felt when she regarded the passionate woman as she explained at what lengths she was prepared to go at to keep Kathryn Janeway the captain of the science ship Voyager.

“As you can imagine, this is highly unorthodox and even if I were to accompany you, there are no guarantees that I could help you. First of all, we don’t know how well you respond to hypnosis—or if you will at all.”

“I still have those eight days. We can establish a baseline of sorts at least.” Annika sat calm and collected now, looking much more the professional individual she was. “That way, we at least know that part.”

“Yes. Perhaps.” Miranda tilted her head and studied Annika. She was one of the most stunning women she had ever seen. Only the woman in her outer office were more beautiful in Miranda’s eyes. Was Kathryn Janeway aware of what Annika was prepared to do, and was doing, for her? Was Annika in love with Janeway? Or someone else on the ship whose job might be in jeopardy? “Well. I need to consider your suggestions and talk to my assistant. I’m not making any promises, but I will contact you tomorrow and let you know.”

Annika slumped back against the couch. “Thank you. That’s all I ask. I don’t mean to put any pressure on your, but you are my last chance, as I see it.”

“I’m good at what I do, but I’m hardly the only one in all of the US you can turn to.” Miranda stood when Annika got up from the couch.

“I’m aware of this, but if this should have any chance of working without jeopardizing lives, it needs to be you.”

Standing in the doorway, arms crossed, after saying farewell to Annika, Miranda was so lost in thought, she didn’t notice Andrea until she was well within Miranda’s personal space.

“Miranda? Everything all right?”

“Sure.” Miranda turned her head and couldn’t avoid flinching as she looked into Andrea’s warm eyes. “We have things to discuss that has to do with a potential field trip.” She tilted her head and tapped her lower lip with her index finger. For some unfathomable reason, this often made Andrea blush and now at this proximity, Miranda could actually see how her assistant trembled as she locked her gazed on Miranda’s lips. Interesting.

“Field trip?”

Smiling her barracuda smile, Miranda nodded. “Hypothetically speaking, Andrea, how would you like to come with me on a three-week paid trip to New Zealand?”




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