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Below the Surface


Door 5  


Kathryn Janeway kept her gaze on the smartphone screen long after the call to the US was disconnected. Something was up with Annika. She had felt it before she took her ship to Deep Water Cove. The journey took seventeen days starting out from Oakland, California and the weather had been on their side the entire time.

Placing her phone in its holder on her hip, Kathryn walked toward the bridge where her next in command, Chander, was going through their log. She wasn’t in the mood to talk about Annika with the tall, handsome man, as she knew he had once had a crush on the tall, blond beauty. When Annika bluntly told Chander she wasn’t looking for a relationship with anyone, Kathryn’s heart had been torn between feeling relieved and sad. From day one, Kathryn had been puzzled regarding her own feelings for Annika. Her dive leader was aloof, introvert, and professional to a fault. Still, despite this stand-offish approach to people around her, Annika also radiated a raw sexuality and her stark beauty left no one indifferent. For believing she was straight her entire life, Kathryn had questioned this after only knowing Annika a few days.

“Kathryn? You look like someone stole your favorite harpoon.” Chander looked up from the log. Born in India, he and his parents moved to the US when he was only two years old. “Or worse, your thermos of Gevalia coffee.”

“Very funny. I guess I’ve studied the maps and sea charts a little too long each night since we left Oakland. I need to catch up on my sleep.” Taking the captain’s chair, Kathryn shoved her fingers through her unruly, short auburn hair. “What about you?”

“What about me?” Chander raised his eyebrows.

“You took on double shifts quite a few times on this journey. If Tom doesn’t shape up, this will be his last assignment with us.” Kathryn scowled at nobody in particular at the thought of the brilliant third in command. Tom Paris had engaged in poker games with some of his ship mates and broken the no-alcohol rule twice. She was going to have to talk to him before the divers’ training began. Diving was dangerous enough, let alone cave diving, without having unreliable backup aboard Voyager.

“I know. I couldn’t let Harry or Neely work themselves to a pulp. Or you.” Chander winked at Kathryn. “It’ll be great when Annika gets back. You’re always more relaxed when she’s in charge of the divers. Is she coming in a few days or…?” To Kathryn’s relief, Chander merely seemed interested in a friendly sort of way.

“No. She’ll fly out of New York in eight days. I had hoped four days would be enough, but she has something personal she has to deal with in New York, so...” Kathryn shrugged. “She’ll get here when she’s done.”

“New York, huh? Might have something to do with what Icheb said?” Chander rubbed his chin. “He said she was acting a bit strange during their last training sessions just before we left Oakland. Icheb worried she might be sick as he found her hyperventilating at one point. I told him she could have something so benign as the common cold, but he didn’t look convinced.”

Startled, Kathryn stared at Chander. “Why is this the first time I hear of it?”

“Because Icheb told me only last night.” He had mulled it over, second-guessing himself as Annika is the big hero in his life, all categories.”

“God. I’ll have to talk to her too, then. Damn it.” Kathryn rubbed her face.

“You look bushed. Get some more sleep. Nothing happens until nine am anyway.”

“I’m all right. Just…” She yawned discreetly behind her hand. She really was tired. “Perhaps that’s a good idea.”

“Sounds like a great idea to me.” Chander pulled out his walkie-talkie. “Chander to Wildman. All well at the aft section?”

“All is well, sir,” Samantha Wildman, the security guard that had been with Kathryn for five years said calmly. “Not even a seagull in sight.”

“Sound good. Chander out.” Turning to Kathryn, he smiled. “See? All is well. That makes my idea of you getting some shut-eye even better.”

“All right, your smugness. See you at breakfast then.”

“Sleep well.” Chander returned his focus toward the log again as Kathryn walked back through the ship to her quarters. She doubted it would be easy to go to sleep with Annika on her mind.


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