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Door 25  


Miranda sat down on one of the chairs by the table in their quarters, her movements slow and looking almost painful. She closed her eyes briefly as she began to pull down the zipper of her wetsuit. She dragged it down her arms, but got stuck with her left hand as her end of the sleeve turned itself inside out. Tugging at it, she eventually gave what sounded eerily like a sob.

Andy threw herself forward, kneeling by Miranda’s side. “Let me help you,” she said quietly.

“Oh, God.” Miranda covered her eyes with her free hand. “I could have killed her. What was I thinking?”

“What?” Andy froze, her hands still on the stubborn wetsuit. Then she understood. “No, oh, no, Miranda. This wasn’t your fault. And it all ended well.”

“You’re loyal to a fault.” Miranda lowered her hand and stared at Andy with burning eyes. “That does not change facts, however. I thought I could handle a panic attack in the water and…no pun intended…I was in over my head. Annika’s fears are deeply rooted. So deeply, even her most basic survival instincts are suspended.” Anger radiated from Miranda, but Andy knew enough to realize it wasn’t directed at her.

“You had one professional diver and two divers with certificates there. And you made this decision together with Annika and Kathryn. Yes, what bothers Annika goes deep—even I can understand that after today—but it was worth a shot and she was never in any real danger, not with the three of us there.”

Miranda stood so quickly, Andy had to grab hold of her upper arms to not fall over. Ironically enough, this also freed Miranda from her wetsuit and she raised both her hands as if to push Andy away.

Eyes narrowing, Miranda instead took Andy by the shoulders and tugged her close. She literally shook Andy, though not very hard, and then pulled her close, burying her face against Andy’s neck. It quickly became clear to Andy how badly Miranda trembled.  She wrapped her arms around Miranda and held her close.

“I have you. Don’t blame yourself. Annika is fine. She’s with Kathryn and don’t ask me how I know this, but I have a very strong feeling they’re discovering just how close they are.”

“How can you possibly know this?”

“Because Annika and I kind of compared notes the other day and found more similarities in the way we relate to our employers than we could count. So, if she feels anything remotely for Kathryn, the way I do for you, then—I know.” Andy knew she placed her heart in the palm of her hand and held it out to Miranda, risking it to be slice and diced.

“And, do tell, how do you feel?” Miranda spat the words, but in her eyes, the brilliant blue shone relentlessly.

“I’m not sure it’s in my best interest to tell you when you’re in this frame of mind. You look like you’re ready to throttle me.” Andy smiled carefully, hoping such talk didn’t get her fired instantly.

“Throttle you?” Miranda shook her head. “I—I can think of many things I want to do to you, but strangling you isn’t one of them.”

“You do? Like how? I mean, what?” Andy caressed Miranda’s cheekbone with unsteady fingertips.

“Are you sure you’re ready to know exactly what’s going through my head now?” Miranda’s eyes became narrow slits as they raked over Andy’s body.


Pressing her lips hard against Andy’s, Miranda held her so close, Andy could feel the outline of her breasts against her body. Her hands worked between them and then she tugged Andy’s wetsuit down her body. “I want you. I can’t remember ever wanting anyone like I want you. It’s like you’ve taken over every part of me and since we kissed after the Met Advent ball, I—I have thought of little else.” Sliding her tongue along Andy’s lower lip, Miranda moaned faintly.

Andy knew she was toast. She loved Miranda Priestly with all her heart. Nobody had ever reached so far into her soul, her mind…or any part of her that harbored love. She parted her lips and met Miranda’s tongue with her own, taking over the initiative. Pushing Miranda’s wetsuit down her hips, she revealed her toned, youthful body, little by little. Dressed only in a simple, black swimsuit—yes, you could tell Miranda was older—she was stunning.

Now heavy and aching between her legs, Andy couldn’t stand to wear her own wetsuit any longer. She yanked and shoved at it with desperate movements. Only when Miranda decided to assist, did the offending piece of equipment end up at her feet.

“I want to see you. All of you.” Miranda looked questioningly at Andy.

“Then undress me further.”

Miranda pushed the shoulder straps off Andy’s shoulders and soon the dark-blue swimsuit lay around her feet on top of the wetsuit. Andy didn’t ask. She wanted Miranda naked. As she began to remove Miranda’s swimsuit, Miranda’s tremors escalated.

“You okay?” Andy whispered, but didn’t stop, merely slowed down.

“Hurry. I’m burning up.” Miranda placed her hands on Andy’s full breasts. “I want you. Now. I have to have you, Andrea.”

Gone were the black swimsuit and then Miranda was on her back on the lower bunkbed. It was narrow, but it didn’t matter as they moved as one. Slipping in between Miranda’s legs, it was as if Andy’s hands knew what to do. She had never made love with a woman before, but she figured if she started with the caresses she usually liked, then Miranda could tell her more specifically later.

“Tell me if I do something you don’t like, or like extra much,” Andy whispered in Miranda’s ear as she pushed her left breast up to reach its nipple better. She pulled it in between her teeth, lavishing it with her tongue.

Miranda groaned loudly, wrapping her legs around Andy. “I’m too far gone. It hurts. I have to…you must…oh God, Andrea…I need to come. I promise to reciprocate, I will, for as much as you want, as long as you like, but if I don’t c-come right this instant, I’m going to…Yes!”

Andy simply entered through Miranda’s wetness, into her core with two fingers, then three, when she learned just how drenched Miranda was. “I can’t wait either. Can you reach me, Miranda? Just rub my clit.”

Miranda wormed her hand in between them. She managed to squeeze two fingers in along the aching ridge of nerves at the apex of Andy’s thighs. Running them back and forth, gently squeezing the hood of Andy’s clit, she hummed.

“Yes, like that…like that…” Andy in turn curled her fingers upward slightly as she began thrusting, in and out, over and over. Turning her hand only a few degrees, she could press the pad of her thumb against Miranda’s clit. Immediately, Miranda arched and began rolling her hips steadily against Andy’s hand.

Miranda’s hand was almost still now, as her climax, probably because her climax was closing in. That was all right. Andy moved her hips just enough to keep the friction against her silky, wet tissues, going.

“Yes…yes…” Miranda closed her eyes hard. Andy took a chance and bent down to bite gently at a dusty pink nipple that seemed rock hard. Miranda bucked at Andy’s hand, flooded it as she came. Over and over, her inner muscles squeezed Andy’s hand. Andy kept up the intense caresses against Miranda’s g-spot. Short, hard strokes and Miranda came a second time, or perhaps it was the same orgasm, merely prolonged.

“Oh. Oh! Andrea…oh, Andrea, Andrea, Andrea…” Miranda clung to her with her free arm. “You are…you are amazing. Utterly amazing. Oh, fuck…”

The profanity from Miranda’s usually so correct and eloquent mouth was all it took. Andy came in one convulsion after another and drenched Miranda’s fingers, coated her own thighs, pressing her face against Miranda’s neck.

As their breathing began to resemble normal, Andy raised her head and tried to move onto her side next to Miranda on the narrow bed. Miranda would have none of that.

“Is this situation better?” Miranda asked.

“What?” Confused, Andy wracked her brain. What was Miranda on about? What situation…oh. Yes. That. “Right. You want me to tell you how I feel. All right. I think the cat’s out of the bag anyway.” She paused. “I love you, Miranda.”

Miranda grew rigid for a few seconds and then pushed one hand into Andy’s hair, pulling her down for yet another kiss. Her other hand was still firmly in place between Andy’s legs. “I love you, Andrea. I love you so very much.” Flustered and pale at the same time, which should’ve been impossible, Miranda gazed up at Andy. “You brave girl. I’m not easy to love…I have court documents to prove that.”

“Screw those fools. I’m not saying I’m better—”

“I am. You’re better. You’re better for me than anyone else has ever been.”

“Okay.” Andy just looked and looked at Miranda. This woman, impossible as it may seem, had confessed to loving Andy.

“I want you again,” Miranda whispered. “I can’t resist you.”

Andy smiled, broadly this time. “Don’t be ridiculous, Miranda. Why would we ever resist each other?” She gently rolled them on their sides. “Tell me what to do.” She giggled softly. “You know I’m good at taking order.”

“Oh, you—” Miranda chuckled. “Be careful, Andrea. There’s so much I want when I’m with you.”

“Oh, goodie.” Andy kissed Miranda and then set to explore every part of the woman she loved.




Annika placed Kathryn’s hands on the wall in the shower. Standing behind her, she pressed her entire length against Kathryn’s back.

“Annika?” Kathryn trembled and parted her legs. “I don’t think I can do this again, so soon…”

They had already come once, each. Kathryn had never doubted there was a lot of passion in Annika, despite her icy, austere exterior. Now, here in the steaming hot showers stall, a tigress had come unleashed and Annika seemed determined to explore every square centimeter of Kathryn.

“I’m sure you can. You’re trembling and there is new wetness right here.” Annika cupped Kathryn’s folds from behind. She dragged it slowly toward her, parting Kathryn’s buttocks, which made her feel frantically for something to hold onto as her knees were buckling.

“I think I found yet another erogenous zone, Kathryn,” Annika whispered huskily. “I think I will make it my mission to map your body and soul so I can love you the way you deserve.”

“L-love me?” Kathryn shook, rather than trembled, now.

“Yes. You should’ve guessed by now that only the fact that I love you made me return to you and lower my guard like this.” Annika moved her hand forward again, dipped into the wetness, dragged it back again and rubbed it against Kathryn’s other puckered orifice.

Moaning, Kathryn couldn’t believe how willingly she parted her legs further. Annika’s free arm circled around her and held on to her left breast, plucking at her nipple.

“Annika! Oh, God!” Kathryn had to rely on the woman behind her to keep her upright. It was fortunate that Annika was so strong.

“May I?” Annika asked and circled Kathryn’s anus. “I will only proceed if you tell me to.” She nuzzled Kathryn’s neck. “All I want is for you to feel good. It means everything to me.”

“Annika, darling…you can do anything you want to me. Anything at all.” Kathryn had to level with Annika. “I love you. I have for quite some time, but I’ve tried to…not pressure you…”

“I know you love me. I’ve felt it ever since I came back.” Now Annika massage Kathryn’s anus with two firm fingers. The slickness coming from Kathryn’s own moisture, and perhaps some from the soap, made it so soft, so easy.

“Take me. I need you to take me again.”

“Mine.” Annika pushed on finger into Kathryn, who could easily feel two knuckles going in. There, Annika moved her fingers in a slow, twisting motion, over and over. Lowering her left hand from Kathryn’s breast to her extended, engorged clit, she pinched it lightly between two fingers.

Kathryn groaned, a guttural, deep sound, and pushed back against Annika’s hand. “Ha-harder…”

Annika pushed her finger firmly in and out now, keeping a steady rhythm. Kathryn could feel the soft patch of Annika’s pubic hair press against her buttocks, adding in the thrusting motion.

“So hot, so sexy, Kathryn. I can’t believe I’m allowed to touch you like this…you’re going to make me come.” Annika trembled behind her now and her movements became jerky and erratic. Oddly enough it was this sign of Annika’s pleasure that sent Kathryn over the edge again.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes…” Everything inside her, her entire pelvic area, contracted and ached for long moments before the release made Kathryn scream and slap a hand over her mouth. “Oh…”

Behind her, Annika followed. She moaned as she pushed so hard against Kathryn, she was afraid they’d both fall.

Slowly, they caught their respective breaths, moving in under the hot spray of water again. “You are nothing short of a miracle,” Kathryn murmured as she rinsed off together with Annika. “Please, don’t leave again. Whatever happened today—we’ll figure it out.”

“I’ll stay, but you need to let me contribute.” Annika kissed Kathryn, small kisses all over her face. “Don’t let your pride stand between us—let me help.”

“What?” Kathryn blinked against the droplets of water. “What do you mean? I wouldn’t do that?”

“Listen.” Holding Kathryn close, Annika continued. “I have money. Quite a lot after my parents. I come from old money, actually, and I have invested in things I believe in these last two years.”

Kathryn wasn’t stupid. “You have invested in Janeway Enterprise,” she said noncommittally, but held on tight to Annika. She wasn’t sure what to think, how to feel, except the all-overshadowing love and adoration for the woman in her arms. Had Annika sponsored her research and filming without telling her? Why? And why was she so adamant now? She gazed up at Annika and turned off the water. Grabbing two large bath towels she wrapped one around Annika and allowed Annika to do the same to her. She could tell Annika was nervous now, but didn’t want her to feel like that. Not at all.

“Tell me what you have in mind, darling,” Kathryn said as she stepped out of the shower stall, gently pulling Annika with her.

“I cannot dive yet. I may never be able to, even if I of course hope to. That’s why you hired me. I cannot fully complete my duties aboard Voyager this way. I can still take part in the training and oversee things, but I need to contribute more than that. Make myself useful in other ways. Please allow me to sponsor future projects. That way I can justify being aboard—with you. I so very much want to be with you every day from now on.” Annika whispered the last sentence and the heartfelt plea nearly shattered Kathryn’s heart.

“I can’t say I don’t wish you’d told me before. Every sponsor should have their name on the list of benefactors. I don’t like that you deprived yourself of that by being anonymous.”

“I won’t be anonymous from now on,” Annika said, wiping at her damp eyelashes.

“Oh, no. Don’t cry. Please, don’t,” Kathryn said urgently. “Everything will be all right. I will gladly accept you as an official sponsor. I’m totally fine with that.”


“I wouldn’t lie to you.” Kathryn stepped closer to Annika and wrapped them both in her bath towel. “I love you. Always have, it feels. Always will. Every day you choose to share with me is a gift. Please stay aboard Voyager. We’ll be sailing back to the States when we’re done here and we can spend some time in New York so you can keep working with Miranda. I just know you two will find a way for you to do what you love again.”

“I’m already doing that. I’m here with you. But I understand what you mean. Diving is my second love.”

Kathryn’s cheeks warmed and she buried her face into Annika’s shoulder. “I’m getting a bit cold again. How about we make good use of my slightly bigger captain’s bed, darling?”

“Excellent idea.” Annika followed Kathryn back into her quarters. Tossing their towels on the table, Kathryn pulled back the covers and motioned for Annika to get into bed. As she followed the stunningly beautiful woman, Kathryn slid right back into her strong arms.

Home. Yes. As much as Voyager was Kathryn’s preferred dwelling, Annika’s arms were home.




From: Belle Walters

To: Annika Hansen

Subject: So good to reconnect


Dear Annika,

It’s been too long since we got together. I know the experiences we went through when you were a mere child had to have scarred you. I still have problems with water and I was an adult when I lived through that ordeal at the bottom of the pool. You were just a kid when things happened to you and it’s understandable that you may have blocked out some of it. It may be a good idea to read this email in the presence of a loved one or your therapist.

You talk about those times Derek and I left you alone at the time, and the time I got stuck and Derek bailed on you. It’s puzzling that you don’t mention the time Derek lured you in under the pool cover.

My brother and are no longer socializing. We still send each other Christmas cards, but that is the extent of our contact. He pulled one stunt too many to get his own way and I had to choose between him and my husband and children. (I have four!)

I found out about his dangerous behavior regarding the pool cover when my kids were in grammar school. He wanted me to drop everything and come visit him. He is still a bachelor, and I can understand that much more now. When it dawned on him that I couldn’t just drop everything and come spend time with my brother, he became downright nasty. He accused me of preferring you over him when we were little, and then triumphed at hos he made you pay the price for his skewed perception.

When you were ten, he had lured you in by playing nice and decided you two should go play in the pool even if you didn’t want to. It was late in the evening and he managed to persuade you it would be fun to bring flashlights. This apparently caught your attention and tipped the scale for you. You swam back and forth and played with waterproof flashlights for a while, but then Derek got out of the pool and pushed the button that dragged the pool cover across the pool to the other side.

I’m feeling physically sick just writing this. I can’t imagine how confused and afraid you were, trapped under the heavy cover. Derek stood at the edge of the pool, directing his flashlight toward you where you pushed against the cover. What’s even harder to believe is how he simply just left you there. He walked into the house, got ready to go out, and left you in the pool, under the cover. You managed to crawl out from under it. How long you were in the pool is anybody’s guess. You made it back to the house and never told anyone as far as I know? I don’t think Mother ever knew. If she had, she would’ve finally disowned Derek. There is something seriously wrong with him. He loved Mother and he loves me—but that mere fact makes it impossible for him to be anywhere near my kids.

I’m so sorry, Annika, for not being there for you when you were little, and for not making sure we stayed in contact. If it isn’t too late, I would love to hear from you and have my children get to know you. Perhaps that can make up for my brother’s atrocities.

Take care, Annika and feel better soon so you can go back to work. I could read between the line how much you love your job.




Annika closed the screen and leaned back in her chair. Her heart pounded with such ferocity in her chest, she thought it might get bruised when slamming into her breastbone.  “Kathryn?” she whispered, then cleared her throat. “Kathryn?” She tried again, this time a little louder.

“Yes, darling?” Sitting in the recliner, Kathryn raised her head from where she’d been reading one of her infamous bodice rippers, a choice of literature that rendered her much teasing from her crew, but that didn’t stop her from reading them.

“I heard from Belle.”

Immediately, Kathryn put her thick book down and came over to the desk. “Could she contribute anything of importance?” She scanned Annika’s face. “She did, didn’t she?”

“Yes.” Annika gave her the shorter version of what Derek had done.

“Fuck.” Furious enough for her eyes to become a dark and stormy kind of grey, Kathryn pulled Annika out of her chair and held her close. “You can report him. That’s attempted murder. If I get my hands on him…” Kathryn pulled back enough to look at Annika again. “Whatever you decide to do, I’ll back you up, and I can vouch for Miranda and Andy as well. We’ll be behind you—all of us.”

“I won’t waist a single moment on Derek.” Annika knew this for a fact. “He’s not worth it. According to Belle, she has not allowed him the closeness he so craved from when they were little. That’s his punishment. Worse than any prison sentence.”

“How do you know?” Kathryn tilted her head, her eyes slowly returning to their normal blue-grey hue.

“If I had done something so bad that you had to shun me—it would break my heart. I would never be whole again.” Annika smiled gently. “And now that I know of a repressed memory, which happens to entail flashes of light, then Miranda and I can work through it. I’m very lucky.”

“So am I.” Kathryn stood on her toes and kissed Annika gently. “I can’t imagine you doing anything that would make me shun you. Ever. It would break my heart too.”

Annika walked over to the large recliner, pulling Kathryn with her. Sitting down, she tugged gently at Kathryn’s hand. Smiling softly, Kathryn willingly sat down, straddling Annika’s thighs. Leaning in, she kissed Annika, over and over as they slowly undressed each other. Their confidence in each other and their love grew with each passing moment. Annika knew she had never been happier.

“You make me so very happy,” Kathryn said, echoing Annika’s thoughts.


“And so hot.”


“I want you, Annika.”

“Want…you…” Annika could hardly speak.

Kathryn chuckled against Annika’s lips as she continued to touch Annika in all those ways she loved to be touched.




“Anything I can help you with before we go home?” Andy poked her head into Miranda’s office where the woman she adored sat by her laptop, deeply engrossed in some text.

“Come here.” Miranda waved Andy over. “Annika sent me an email. She especially mentioned that I needed to show you this.” She pointed at the screen.

Andy read over Miranda’s shoulder. “That’s—that’s…and she’s not going to report him? How…what…?” Sputtering, Andy knelt next to Miranda’s chair. “But doesn’t the tone in her email kind of feel, I don’t know, empowered? Strong?”

“It does.” Miranda smiled down at Andy and laced her fingers through the long, brown tresses. “I’m impressed that you picked up on that. I think I need to utilize your powers for as long as you work for me.”

“Utilize? Wait…what? For as long as I work for you?” Blinking hard, Andy tried to grasp what Miranda was saying. “You—you’re firing me?”

“Not at all. Don’t be ridiculous, darling. I’m simply considering the fact that working as my assistant isn’t your dream job. You have a great academic background and you came to New York to write. I’m not sure you still feel that way, but I want you to pursue what you really burn for. I’m going to hate not working with you. But coming home to you every day will be a wonderful motivator. Now since the girls have mellowed a bit and realized that you have a good influence on me, I foresee a smoother sailing, family-wise.”

“So, you’re saying…”

“Please, stay until I’ve found someone half decent to take over your duties. Please, stay with me—and the girls.” Miranda brushed the last strands of hair from Andy’s face. “I can’t imagine my life without you in it and even if I’m a selfish old bitch for not being the bigger person…and allowing you to find happiness with someone your own age.” Miranda kissed her gently, holding Andy’s face between gentle hands.

“Don’t you dare, Miranda Priestly. I can’t imagine my life without you either. This, what we have, is extraordinary. I may be younger, but I still know that feeling like I do for you, and to see how you feel about me in everything you say or do, is rare.”

“I’m hopeless to live with. I’m demanding. A workaholic. And, let’s not forget the monikers that some people attach to me. Snow Queen, Devil in Heels…”

“I’ve got some things that I’m sure will drive you nuts. But we’ll sort it out—I know we can.”

“Yes.” Miranda cupped the back of Andy’s neck under her hair. “I’ve learned to trust you with everything—far would it be for me to object when you are so certain. And I’m selfish. You’re mine…”

Andy angled her head and deepened the kiss, humming her pleasure into it. “Why don’t we go home and call Annika and Kathryn on their satellite phone. They’re halfway back to Oakland if I remember correctly. We need to tell them we’re backing Annika no matter what she decides to do.”

Miranda looked vulnerable suddenly. “I worry for your caring heart. Everyone else benefits from it, but I fear it might shatter one day.”

“With you to help safeguard it? I don’t think so.” Kissing Miranda again, slowly, Andy continued, “I promise to keep you heart just as safe, all right?”

Sighing deeply, Miranda nodded. “All right.” She stood, pulling Andy to her feet. “Let’s go home to the girls. After dinner we’ll call our friends.”

Andy stood and hugged Miranda. Her heart was so full of warm, no, blisteringly hot feelings, she nearly twirled with Miranda in her arms. That day might come, when doing silly things would come naturally, but for now, Andy was content in knowing she was meant to be with this woman—and that she was loved.