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Below the Surface

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Door 24


Annika turned her head to the side, the bright sun blinding her as she coughed against the stinging sensation in her throat.

“For heaven’s sake, breathe, Annika,” she heard Kathryn growl. “Come on.”

Annika coughed again and someone else, perhaps Andy, kept her on her side as she tried to take deep breaths. “What—what happened?” Annika asked huskily. She had vague memories of hands tugging at her.

“You sank like a rock,” Miranda said from above her head. “What do you remember?”

“Can we wait with the twenty questions until she’s able to breathe, perhaps?” Kathryn hissed.

“No,” Miranda said firmly. “This is our window of opportunity to find out what Annika remembers. We saw her reaction and now we need to figure out why.”

“Kathryn,” Andy said. “Annika is going to be all right. She was under for fifteen seconds, max.”

“I’m okay, Kathryn. I just swallowed some of the ocean, apparently.” Annika sat up, only to notice that someone had unzipped her wetsuit to make it easier for her to breathe. She kept it together with one hand and took Kathryn’s hand with her other. “See. I’m fine.”

“Fine?” Kathryn was pale and her lips a thin, pale line her stark face. “We swam with you unconscious, or at least unresponsive, between us all the way back to Voyager. We hauled you up on deck where you began retching. And you tell me you ‘fine’?” Flinging her hands in the air, Kathryn whimpered and then covered her mouth with a trembling hand.

“I’m sorry, Kathryn,” Annika said quietly. She felt awful for putting Kathryn through this. “It was a mistake to try and deal with this aboard Voyager. “I don’t know what I was thinking. Do you wish for us to go back to New York?”

“I’m not letting you out of my sight!” Kathryn took Annika by the shoulders in a firm, but not painful, grip. “You may think what you want, but you need me.”

“I never said I didn’t.” Annika placed a hand on top of one of Kathryn’s. “I was just thinking you didn’t sign up for…this.”

“Oh, yes I did. The moment you walked aboard my ship I knew no matter what, you were the one. I thought you may possibly break my heart, but I didn’t care. I just knew.” Kathryn trembled now. “And then you go and do this…and you think I dare turn my back for a second? You’re stuck with me, Annika. I’ll be with you until you find out what’s going on.”

“Which will take longer than these three weeks,” Miranda said calmly. “Annika will need longer treatment than that, to find the root of the problem. Something below the surface set her off, and if we can figure that out, we will have an access point to start with.”

Annika nodded slowly. “Was…was there lights? Below? I remember flashes of light.”

“There was,” Kathryn said.

“It hurt my eyes. I felt as if I was falling.” Shaking her head, Annika began to shiver.

“That’s it. Now I have something to work with during out next session. What I want you to do is return to your quarters and have a hot shower and then rest, Annika. I for one will do the exact same.” Turning to Andy, Miranda frowned. “And you too. Your lips are blue.”

“Annika, please come with me. I don’t feel it’s safe for you to be alone in your quarters after this incident.” Kathryn helped Annika stand up.

Still feeling like a burden, Annika said, “I’m sure—”

“Humor me?” Kathryn drew a trembling breath.

“Very well.”

“Good,” Miranda said and placed a hand at the small of Andy’s back. “I suggest we rest a few hours as we’ve gone through this scare. Neither of us expected something to happen quite this dramatically.”

“I’ll say,” Kathryn muttered as she wrapped her arm around Annika’s waist. “Come on, darling. Let’s get you inside.”

Annika was grateful for the support as her legs felt wobbly and awkward. She was used to being extremely well trained and able to work for hours on end in and out of the water. Her mind kept trying to figure out about what the flashing lights could have meant. Was it a suppressed memory, or something entirely random?

“Here we are.” Kathryn opened the door to her quarters and helped Annika inside. “You have a shower first, and then crawl into bed. I’ll have cook bring us some hot tea.”

“All right.” Holding on to the wall, Annika realized she was reluctant to leave Kathryn. “Could…would it be completely inappropriate if I asked for your assistance?” She felt her cheeks warm. “I’m still shaking.”

Kathryn took two long strides toward her. “Not inappropriate at all. I’ll help you. Good thing I had them install a bigger than average shower.” She smiled lopsidedly. “Let me help you out of your wetsuit.”

Grateful, Annika stood holding on to the wall as Kathryn pulled the tight wetsuit off her. Standing there in only her swimsuit, she could tell Kathryn’s hand began to tremble again as she guided Annika into the bathroom. There, she eased the swimsuit off Annika’s shoulders and pulled it down her legs. Kathryn ran the water and then helped Annika inside the shower before getting rid of her own wetsuit and swimsuit.

Annika couldn’t take her eyes off Kathryn’s naked body. She had seen Kathryn in nothing but a swimsuit many times, but this…this was what she had dreamed of, but never imagined ever happening. Perhaps it was because of the incident that just took place, or it could be because she had wanted this woman for so long that Annika pulled Kathryn close.

Kathryn gasped and then, somehow, their lips pressed together in a desperate, hungry kiss.




Door 25 will open on Dec 25,  2016