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Below the Surface

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Door 23


Kathryn was dressed in her favorite wetsuit and had dont of her diver’s equipment set as she stood by the railing leading to the swim platform. Next to her, Andy stood in her wetsuit, holding her fins, cyclops and snorkel, as Annika had allowed for Miranda’s assistant to join them as well. Miranda and Annika was still not there as they were going through some esoteric breathing exercises and other techniques to stave off panic attacks.

Annika had told Kathryn in very brief details about how he experienced the panic attacks and how she feared they might endanger others on the team. She hadn’t gone into any great detail and Kathryn felt in her bones that Annika hadn’t told her everything—let alone the most important part.

“Such freedom,” Andy said next to Kathryn, who turned to face her. Andy was a stunning brunette and her kindness and positive disposition made it impossible not to fall for this young woman. Kathryn found herself smiling a lot around Andy and perhaps it was because Andy reminded Kathryn of her younger sister, Phoebe. Phoebe was an artist and very much a free spirit. Even though Andy was Miranda’s assistant, there was an ambiance around the young woman that suggested she had an artistic vein that would manifest itself very soon.

“What do you mean?” Kathryn asked now.

“The air. The view. The fact that you can order this ship to raise its anchor and go anywhere in the world.” Dreamily, Andy leaned against the railing. “It seems rather magical to me at least who live in a studio apartment in New York. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong,” Andy said, smiling broadly. “It’s just that sometimes, I’d give anything to be on a ship on the ocean. Like this. I can understand why Annika would resort to this unusual measure to regain this freedom—and to be with you.” She tilted her head. “I have had the chance to talk to Annika quite a bit on the trip here and during downtime. She’s amazing, isn’t she. So brilliant. And very humble. When I complimented her on being so knowledgeable, she said it was all because of your inspiration.”

Kathryn tried to look casual, but her heart beat painfully fast. “Because of me?”

“That’s what she said. I don’t think I’m betraying any confidence as she told me this while we were in the mess hall. Annika thinks the world of you in every respect—at least that’s the impression I got. She wants to be as accomplished as you. And who wouldn’t. I find myself in a similar situation. I too work for an amazing, charismatic, and highly successful woman. Miranda has helped so many people by her very special variety of therapy.”

“I’ve read all of her books,” Kathryn said, relieved that the focus was off her and Annika’s thoughts of her, even if she was curious about it. “I especially found useful methods in her book about relaxation and mindfulness. I used to always nod off when I tried to relax in a controlled way. The CD that came with Miranda’s book kept me alert, but also managed to rejuvenate me. That’s a first for me, at least.” Smiling lopsidedly, Kathryn regarded Andy with interest. “You must learn a lot from her.”

For some reason, this made Andy blush profusely. “I have. Mostly, I’ve learned how difficult it is to be a truly good assistant. It took me a while to know what she needed before she even knew herself, but I think I’m really getting it.”

“If you did, you would have my cyclops and snorkel gear here,” Miranda’s voice interrupted them.

Andy merely smiled and held up Miranda’s equipment and yet another set that turned out to be Annika’s.

“Thank you, Andy,” Annika said and smiled faintly.

“Very good.” Miranda nodded approvingly toward Andy. “You look all set.” She scanned the other. “Annika and I talked this over. Why don’t you and Kathryn go into the water first. That way we’ll have assistance already in place if—if we need it.”

Kathryn glanced up at the upper decks. She had given Icheb orders to train the other divers further into the Deep Water Cove, out of sight of Voyager. She knew this was hard enough on Annika without having her subordinates watching her struggle.

“All right,” Kathryn said and put on her cyclops with the attached snorkel on her head as a hair band before she climbed down the ladder to the swim platform. There she dived into the water with practiced ease. The water was about twenty degrees Celsius and with the wetsuit on it was very comfortable.

After a few more preparations where Kathryn could see Miranda take Annika by her arms and gently shake her. Annika didn’t smile, exactly, but the eye roll showed humor in a typical Annika way.

Annika was third in the water and swam back and forth with perfect, efficient strokes. She rolled over on her back and let herself float for a minute. Andy and Kathryn kept close, but tried not to crowd her.

Miranda dived in and she too was clearly used to water. Swimming over to Annika, she nudged her to focus on what she was doing. “Do you feel ready to do some diving exercises? We can start snorkeling and just get used to how the water feels.”

“Very well.” Annika put on her cyclops and placed the mouth piece of the snorkel in her mouth. The other three women did the same and soon they were swimming a few feet below the surface.

Kathryn didn’t take her eyes off Annika as she swam a few feet behind her. Soon they were closer to the shore and the steep bedrock. The water was very clear and if Kathryn’s mission hadn’t been about Annika, she would have taken mental notes regarding what places to shoot when they started their exploration. They weren’t far from the opening leading in to the caves, which made her scientific mind race.

The sun had to have reappear, Kathryn thought a moment later when the water became much lighter and created some lovely sparkles around them where the light hit the bedrock. Kathryn’s wasn’t sure what made them sparkle, but as soon as she noticed the phenomenon, she also saw a difference in how Annika moved. She swam with jerky, erratic movements and appeared to cough against her snorkel. Then, to Kathryn’s shock and fear, Annika stopped moving and simply sank further below the surface.

Kathryn stared in disbelief. Annika didn’t even struggle. She sank, her eyes wide open behind the cyclops, as if frozen beneath the surface.

Kathryn swam after her as fast as she could. The other two seemed to respond simultaneously. Kicking their feet, their fins pushed them downward rapidly. Kathryn knew they all had the same all-overshadowing thought. They had to get to Annika.



Door 24 will open on Dec 24, 2016