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Door 22


Miranda watched Annika where she semi-reclined on the bed in Kathryn’s quarters. For the first time, Miranda had succeeded in hypnotizing Annika down to a level where she was fully relaxed and at ease. It was only now when she saw Annika in this state that she realized how tense the tall blond was at any given time.

“Annika. Try to think back at your earliest memory of water as a child.” Miranda kept the Dictaphone going.

“I think I’m four. Maybe five. It’s my Aunt Irene’s pool. I’m not allowed there by myself.” Annika’s voice is not sounding childlike per se, but is tinged with innocence when she replies.

“Who goes in the water with you at your aunt’s?”

Annika frowns. “Mostly Aunt Irene. Sometimes my cousins Belle and Derek. They’re her children. Derek says they’re her real children.” Annika has her eyes closed per Miranda’s instructions. “He says my parents prefer to explore rather than to be with me and that’s why Aunt Irene has to put up with me.” Sadness and confusion lingers on Annika’s face and in her voice.

“Are your cousins older than you?”

“Oh, yes. They’re ten years older than me.”

Miranda leans forward to study Annika’s expression closer. “Did they ever do something hurtful to you?”

Annika stops breathing for a second, but then relaxes again. “Sometimes they would leave me alone.”

“At the pool?” Miranda feels herself frown and deliberately relaxes her face.

“No. In the house. Or the garage. They tell Aunt Irene that I always hide from them. It’s not true.” Annika shakes her head sorrowfully.

“What does your aunt think about it all?”

“She believes them at first, but after a few times, she gets angry at them. That makes Derek hate me even more.”

“And Belle?”

Annika smiles faintly. “Belle says she’s sorry and she stops running away from me and leaving me behind.”

“Anything else regarding your aunt’s pool that makes you uncomfortable, Annika?” Miranda speaks in her professional, soft voice.

Annika is silent for a moment, but then she nods slowly. “Belle got stuck.”

“What happened?”

“I was eight. Belle was twenty-two and home from college. We were playing in the pool when she spotted something on the bottom. She dived and…and…she got stuck in some of the grids down there. I tried to help her. I dived too and tugged and tugged at her arm. Her fingers were stuck and…and I couldn’t free her. Then Derek jumped in and got her out. He did CPR. Aunt Irene came home right then and called the paramedics. She went in the ambulance with Belle.”

“And you?”

“I was cold. I had dived so many times, trying to free her.”

“Why were you cold?” Miranda asks gently.

“I was there, in my swimsuit, on one of the deck chairs, until Aunt Irene came home from the hospital. She thought Derek had taken care of me. He had left to be with friends. The front door was locked.”

“What happened when she found you alone?”

Annika swallows convulsively. “She was angry. I thought she was mad at me and knew I would have to move into the orphanage that Derek thought I belong in even if I wasn’t an orphan.” She shrugs. “Or at least, not yet.”

“And then?”

“Aunt Irene didn’t send me away, but she made Derek move out. She was furious with him and he ended up blaming me for everything.”

Miranda could see signs of fatigue on Annika’s face and thought it was best to take a break. “Annika. I’m going to count backward from six. When I reach one, you will wake up, remember everything, and feel very good and relaxed. All right?”

“All right.”

Miranda counted backward and with each digit, she saw and felt Annika go limp and smile faintly. “…two, one. Open your eyes, Annika.”

Annika looked up and then stretched her arms above her head. “That was…nice? Well, no the topic, but the sensation of feeling fully rested for once.”

“Was this something you remembered before the hypnosis?” Miranda asked.

“Yes. But not in this detail when it came to my emotional response. I think it may perhaps been overshadowed by what happened later.” Annika sighed and sat up fully.

“How did Belle do, eventually?” Cautiously, Miranda took Annika’s hand. She rarely used physical contact during her sessions with a patient, but sometimes it was what it took to ground the person before her.

“Belle recovered fully, physically speaking. As for the pool, she never went back into it, nor did I.” Annika shuddered and busied herself with putting up her hair.

“So, what overshadowed this incident for you?” Miranda pushed the Dictaphone closer.

Annika stood and walked over to the small circular window above the table by the bulkhead. “About six months later, the week before my ninth birthday, Aunt Irene told me my parents were both killed in a work-related accident.” Annika turned around. Her eyes opaque. “Mom and dad were meant to come home for my birthday. As things were, we skipped my ninth birthday and I vowed to never celebrate it again.”

“Do you think this has something to do with your current stress reactions?”

Annika shook her head. “No. I mean, I have known and remembered this my entire life. Why this would haunt me now—it doesn’t make sense.”

“Hm. I think I need to go in the water with you. We have been doing this for three days now, ever since we arrive in New Zealand. Time to push the envelope a little. I was thinking, if it is all right with you, we can ask Kathryn who knows you well, to join us?”

Annika blinked. “Uhm. Sure. All right.”



Door 23 will open on Dec 23, 2016