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Door 20


Miranda wrapped her arms around Andrea’s neck, barely able to breathe as she clung to the woman who never ceased to surprise her. She pressed her lips against Andrea’s again, still taking care not to deepen the kiss, since she feared this might made her self-combust. Things were moving so fast between them and if it was one thing Miranda didn’t want, it was hurting the beautiful creature in her arms.

“Mm.” Andrea hummed against Miranda’s mouth, nibbling along her lower lip. “So amazing.”

Miranda shoved her fingers into Andrea’s hair and gently angled her head so she could reach the long, leonine neck. She pressed her lips against the warm skin, drawing a line with the tip of her tongue.

“Miranda…” Andrea shivered and pushed her hands in under Miranda’s sleeveless shirt. “Oh, God.”

An unexpected, buzzing tone made them both flinch and Miranda slipped off Andrea’s lap, but she didn’t let go of her completely. The tone rang again and now Miranda realized it came from the phone on the small desk. She sighed and rose to answer. “This is Miranda.”

Hi. Annika here. Kathryn says we are welcome to have a bite to eat after we have had a chance to freshen up. You can meet the rest of the crew and then catch up on some sleep.” Annika paused. “This will help with jetlag.

“All right. We’ll shower and then join you.” Miranda hung up and began unbuttoning her shirt. “That was Annika suggesting a quick shower and something to eat. You up for that?”

Andrea still sat on the bed, looking slightly shell shocked. “Yes. Yes, of course.” She looked around their quarters, coloring faintly. “Do, uhm, do you want to hit the shower first?”

“Doesn’t matter, but sure.” Miranda grabbed her toiletry bag and walked inside the small bathroom. In there, she stood motionless for a few moments, regarding her reflection while trying to fathom what was happening between her and Andrea. It was insane. Crazy. Unwise. In the mirror, her clear blue eyes looked dazed and she tried to convince herself it was because of the long journey where she had found it difficult to rest. She never cared much for flying even if she often went on trips with her girls and former husbands. Now she had volunteered to help Annika out by joining her in this godforsaken corner of the world and she had to share the smallest quarters she’d ever stayed in, with the woman she couldn’t stop fantasizing about.

Shaking her head at herself, Miranda ran the shower as she undressed. Stepping under the spray or water, she closed her eyes and let it massage her tense muscles. There was no way she could rinse Andrea off her mind…or out of her heart, nor would she want to. Efficiently, she went through her routine in the shower and then wrapped a towel around her body. As it was summer in this part of the world, she looked forward to wearing what her girls called her ‘summer uniform’, tan shorts, a short-sleeved button down shirt, and sandals.

As she stepped back into their quarters, she tried to act casual being dressed in only a towel while carrying her laundry. Andrea blushed again and hurried into the bathroom so quickly, Miranda feared she may slip and fall in there. Immediately, the sound of the water began again.

Miranda got dressed and blow dried her hair. Applying her makeup with practiced movements took four minutes. Good skincare, even better genes, and products that lasted all day, kept this from being a ridiculously agonizing chore.

Andrea rejoined her and Miranda busied herself by putting her dirty clothes into her travel laundry bag. Without turning, she asked, “Do you want to put your clothes in here or do you have one of these?” She held out the bag for Andrea to see.

“I have one, but thank you.” Andrea rummaged around and Miranda sent a curious glance at the mirror just in time to watch Andrea close the front clasp of a white lace bra. Immediately lowering her gaze and chastising herself for ogling Andrea, Miranda opened her briefcase and set her cell phone and power-banks to charge.

“I’ll just let my hair airdry,” Andrea said from behind, making Miranda jump. “That’s what I normally do unless I’m working.”

“Very well. Let’s go then. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” Miranda moved to open the door, but Andrea had the same idea and their hands ended up on the handle at the same time. The current moving between them were enough to make the blond hairs on Miranda’s arms stand up. She let go and let Andrea open the door for her.

“After you, Miranda,” Andrea said, sounding amused.

“Brains before beauty, I suppose,” Miranda said and gave Andrea a mock haughty glare.

Andrea snorted and before Miranda realized her intentions, she put her arm around Miranda’s shoulders and squeezed her gently. “Don’t sell yourself short. You have brains and beauty.”

“Oh, please.” Miranda wasn’t sure if she was being teased, or if Andrea meant it literally.

Andrea’s fingertips tickled the skin on the back of Miranda’s neck. “And you smell divine.”

Miranda swallowed hard, feeling skinless suddenly, but then a smile forced its way through. Andrea was guileless. It may well become the young woman’s undoing as the world was anything but. Still, it was a charming quality and one that Miranda found was one of the reasons she could let Andrea close in the first place. She slipped her arm around Andrea’s waist. She would have to let go once they reached the mess hall, but until then, there was nothing she would rather do than stay connected to Andrea.


Door 21 will open on Dec 21, 2016