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Below the Surface


Door 2  


Miranda gazed at the closed door, feeling puzzled at Andrea’s consternation. What could be so difficult with making a few calls? That was her job. Granted, before Andrea, a lot of silly young girls had gone out of their ways to make Miranda feel she needed a therapist of her own, by displaying such utter ridiculousness and stupidity, it was sheer insanity. At first, Miranda didn’t think Andrea would work out either, but took a chance since the young woman’s grades and education was stellar. It had turned out well. Andrea had been with her for almost ten months and they normally worked very well together. Miranda could count on Andrea to keep the outer office afloat and that made it possible for Miranda to take care of her patients.

“Annika Hansen is here, Miranda,” Andrea said over the intercom, breaking her train of thoughts.

“On my way.” Miranda stood and gave her office a glance, making sure it was the cozy, undisturbed room she wanted for her patients. She found that soothing colors worked well for most, but also that having items of interest and beauty for her patients to focus on while telling her things they found hard to reveal, also helped. She knew some of her methods differed greatly from some of her colleagues’, but it worked for her methods, which was all she cared about. The room was like a reflection of herself. Classy and expensive. The walls were painted a light, dove grey with a special paint that felt like velvet to the touch. The sitting area consisted of a caramel colored sofa group and a set of three little Moroccan tray tables made of brass and dark wood. Bookshelves lined one wall of her office and it held everything from novels to textbooks. She hated binders with a passion and every such document were hosted in a closet in the outer office. Mainly, Miranda preferred to keep digital copies of everything if possible.

Paintings, all originals with abstract motifs only, adorned two walls and the fourth wall mainly consisted of windows. Whisper thin linen curtains covered them, but let the light through. If necessary, Miranda could press a button and darken the room. Some patients found it easier to talk if it wasn’t so light.

Now she opened the door to the outer office and smiled toward a tall blond woman standing next to Andrea’s desk, holding on to her umbrella with white-knuckled hands.

“Annika? I’m Miranda. Welcome.” She extended her hand and wasn’t surprised as Annika Hansen’s grip was as strong as it was cold.

“Hello.” Annika’s voice was sonorous and low. To Miranda’s trained ear when it came to tone and inflictions, this woman had a strong grip of herself. More of a clasp than a mere grip, in fact.

“I’m amazed you aren’t winded at all after climbing ten flights of stairs.” Miranda motioned for Annika to walk into her office and then nodded briefly at Andrea who was busy typing at her computer. “After this session, I’m going out to lunch. I want you to join me.” It was rather entertaining to watch Andrea’s hands slip off the keyboard as if it was doused with oil.

“Join you? Oh. Okay. Sure.” Andrea looked like Miranda had suggested they’d witness a beheading. Curious.

“It wasn’t exactly a question.” Miranda closed the door and returned her focus to Annika.

Door 3 will open on Dec 3, 2016