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Door 18


Andy put the last of her clothes into one of the narrow cabinets to the left of the desk. She tried to not bump into Miranda in their somewhat cramped quarters, but it was impossible as Miranda seemed to be in her way no matter where she turned. Eventually, Andy gave up and sat down on the lower bed. “Which bed do you prefer?” she asked quietly.

“The one you’re sitting on.”

Andy stood so fast, she nearly toppled over. Holding on to the ladder leading up to the top bed, she managed to remain on her feet.

“Hey. Are you all right? You’re not seasick, are you?” Miranda put down the last of her sweaters on the top shelf of the other cabinet and turned around. Hands on her hips, she tilted her head to the side. “You look pale. For goodness sake, sit down before you fall. I have no problem with you sitting or lying down on my bed.”

Andy could feel herself going from chalk white to crimson. “I’m not seasick. I just didn’t expect us to share quarters. Be this close.”

Miranda half sat down on the table, folding her hands on her lap. “Do you mind us sharing?” Non-committal, Miranda spoke very quietly. Never a good sign.

“I don’t mind at all.” Andy in turn raised her voice marginally. “I just wasn’t prepared. I mean, come on. After the ball, the—the kissing, and now I’m supposed to dial that down and just be Assistant Andy while sharing these quarters.” Andy sat down on Miranda’s preferred bed. “I’m sorry. I’m not handling this very well.”

Miranda regarded her unwaveringly for a few moments and Andy began to feel freaked out.

“I should have been more forthcoming, but honestly, I just thought you knew. In my mind, you can do anything and you certainly know everything…or so it seems to me.” Shrugging, Miranda sat down next to Andy. “I’m sure Kathryn can make other arrangements if—”

“No. No, it’s fine. Don’t mind me and my insecurities. They come with the territory. With me.” Andy slapped a hand over her own mouth to keep her from babbling anymore.

Miranda’s eyes began to sparkle. “Perhaps you need to see someone about it?”

Andy snorted behind her hand, finally relaxing. “I thought I was. I mean, I have access to someone who knows her shit. So I’m told.”

Miranda pursed her lips, something that normally didn’t bode well, but her eyes shone as she studied Andy. “Well, if you want my expert opinion, you’re the sanest person I’ve met in a long time. Myself included.”

“Whoa. I think that says more about you than it does about me.” Andy prayed Miranda would know she was kidding right back. Andy’s family always used to tease her about what they called her warped sense of humor.

“I’m sure it does.” Miranda reached up and adjusted Andy’s bangs, combing through them with gentle fingers. “Why are you so irresistible, Andrea?” Sliding her finger downs along Andy’s temple, cheekbone, jawline, she then brushed her thumb against Andy’s lower lip. “You came across as so harmless in the beginning. Generically dressed. Good, but not great, at your job, initially. Nervous and fidgety. And then, a few months in, I’m depending on you more than I’ve ever allowed myself to depend on another person before.”

Andy held her breath as Miranda spoke. She wanted her to keep talking. The way Miranda spoke, slowly, sounding almost confused, as if she was trying to figure things out then and there.

“I know about crushes and infatuations at the workplace. Of course, I do. But when your eyes started following me, every move I made, it was more than that. Or I was delusional enough to read more into it. I kept my distance, my professional stance. And then, the lunch, the ball, and of course, the kiss. And now we share quarters on the other side of the world.” Miranda blinked and seemed to realize she was still caressing Andy’s lips with her fingers. She lowered her hand slowly. “Where do you stand in all this, darling?” The term of endearment hung between them.

“I suppose I’m torn between accepting what I can get and wanting it all.” Andy bit into her lower lip.

“Oh, no,” Miranda said, crushing Andy’s impossible hopes and dreams until she continued, “don’t bit into your lips. You have exquisite lips that needs to be handled with much more care.” She leaned in and kissed Andy softly. “Like so.”

Andy knew that this type of emotional rollercoaster was not good for her heart. It thundered so hard now, it was bound to leap out of her chest. Before she lost her nerve, she pulled Miranda toward her, up on her lap.


Door 20 will open on Dec 20, 2016