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Door 18


 Kathryn had climbed the rope ladder up to the railing and was now assisting Annika’s guests in maneuvering onto the deck. Chander and Icheb was there to greet them, hoisting the luggage after the women were aboard. Annika was the last to climb aboard the Voyager and there was something so right with the vision of the tall blond standing on the aft deck, her long hair fluttering in the faint breeze. What if something was so wrong that Annika decided to quit altogether? Kathryn’s heart nearly mashed itself against her rib cage at the thought.

“Now, let me show you to your quarters.” Kathryn pulled herself together and gave her professional on-camera smile. “We have several guest scientists aboard, so you must share. Annika assured me it was all right.”

“It will be fine. Thank you, Kathryn,” Miranda said, but Andy’s round eyes showed that she somehow missed this piece of information. Interesting how the young woman looked like the proverbial dear caught in headlines at the idea. Kathryn rarely bothered with observing other people’s interaction as her interest had always been about the ocean and the science around it. The obvious currents between Andy and Miranda was tangible enough for her to stop and take stock of it. Perhaps it was because the age gap, which had to be even more than the one between her and Annika?

“Here we go.” Opening the narrow door, Kathryn showed Miranda and Andy into their quarters. To the left was two bunkbeds attached to the bulkhead. In the middle of the small space was a table with two chairs and to the right a desk with a comm system. A small bathroom with shower since this was one of the guest quarters, was located next to the desk.

“Sufficient,” Miranda said and nodded briskly. “However, I am going to need a somewhat comfortable area for Annika’s sessions.”

Kathryn blinked. She hadn’t counted on the reason for Miranda’s visit aboard to be put this bluntly, this quick. That was of course ridiculous. Why try to sugar coat anything?

“Of course. Any time you need some privacy in that regard, you can use my quarters. I’m rarely there during the days.”

“Or nights,” Annika added, looking like she wanted to change the topic quickly. “Kathryn is renowned for working around the clock.”

“I am.” Kathryn smiled unapologetically. “I’m sure you would like to freshen up. Your quarters are the way you left them, Annika. All right if I walk you there. We have a few things to talk about and I thought this would save time.”

“Naturally.” Annika looked apprehensive, but nodded at her new acquaintances as they stepped out of the guest quarters.

They made their way through the corridor to the stairs leading down to the deck where most of the divers resided while aboard. Annika’s quarters were the second one after the staircase. Kathryn was one step ahead and opened the door, then stopping on the threshold, swaying. She knew one of the golden unwritten rules at sea, and especially aboard Voyager, one’s space was sacred. You had so little room to call your own and for her to just barge into Annika’s private space…that was wrong on so many levels.

“Kathryn, please.” Motioning for Kathryn to step inside, Annika place her backpack on the lower bunkbed. Kathryn knew Annika used that bed for storage and slept on the top bed. Annika turned slowly and clasped her hands behind her back, a gesture Kathryn recognized from when Annika was new aboard her vessel. To see it now, Annika virtually standing at attention, pierced Kathryn’s heart.

“It’s truly so good to have you back aboard.” Kathryn wasn’t sure how many times she’d told Annika this already. “You look…well. Perhaps a bit pale?” Oh great. Now she had to go and criticize Annika’s look.

“Probably. I’ve been indoors most of the time. You on the other side look tanned and perhaps a bit tired. Many all-nighters?” Annika tilted her head. “Don’t answer that. I can tell.”

“You always can.” Kathryn wanted to wrap Annika up in another hug, but hesitated since they now were alone behind a closed door. A hug earlier had been natural even if it was the first one ever between them. A hug now would seem crossing yet another line.

Annika startled Kathryn when she took a step forward, well within her personal space. “I’m not sure how this will work, Kathryn. My being back, not feeling like myself and having all this…problems, issues, what have you. What also confuses me, is this.” She motioned back and forth between them with her right hand.

“Yes. Confusing. But it’s not very new, or, is it?” Kathryn looked up into the icy-blue eyes she found to be the most beautiful vision imaginable. “Perhaps it was our month apart that emphasized it?”

Annika nodded slowly. “Perhaps. It’s a lot to figure out. I’m hesitant to put you through this when you should focus on the diving and the documentary. Don’t think I’m not aware of the fact that this project can make or break our future, your future when it comes to running this ship. Owning it.”

“I’m not going to ask how you know so many details about my company. Being the brilliant woman that you are, I’d say it’s inevitable that you put two and two together.” Kathryn rubbed the back of her neck. “And you’re right. The documentary need to happen, but your health is even more important. So, don’t put words in my mouth where my priorities should be or not be. Okay?”


Kathryn disregarded the cautioning voice that always seemed to try to override her innermost desire and cupped Annika’s alabaster white cheek. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Annika’s skin was as warm as it was to the touch. Confirming that this was a woman of flesh and blood, not a creature to be put on a pedestal and worshipped from afar, the warmth from Annika’s skin permeated Kathryn’s hand and traveled up her neural pathways.

“Sweetheart…” Kathryn whispered.  Leaning in, she knew this moment had been a long time coming. Annika’s eyes began to close as she wrapped both arms around Kathryn’s shoulders, pulling her in. As their lips met, Kathryn whimpered against the luscious fullness of Annika’s mouth. She didn’t even think about deepening the kiss at this stage. All she wanted was to press her lips to Annika’s, feel the amazing woman in her arms respond in kind, and inhale her breath.

“Mm.” Annika hummed against Kathryn’s mouth, brushing her lips back and forth as if she needed to taste every part of her. “So soft and sweet.” The words, murmured by Annika with such wonder in her voice, made Kathryn tremble. She had arm around Annika’s waist and the hand of the other still around her cheek. Clinging to Annika, she had no idea how to pull back. As it turned out, Annika did it for her. Slowly, she took a step back and let go of Kathryn’s shoulders, but kept a loose grip of her upper arms.

“Annika?” Kathryn scanned Annika’s features, hoping she wouldn’t find any trace of regret.

“Don’t ask if I’m all right again. I dislike it as much as you do, when people do that.”

“I’m reduced to ‘people’ now?” Kathryn tried to turn the question into something half factious.

“No, and you know very well that’s not what I meant. Don’t play games, Kathryn.” Annika was serious and now Kathryn noticed for the first time how dark the skin was beneath Annika’s eyes. Combined with the forlorn look on her face, not easy to spot for anyone who didn’t know Annika Hansen, but easy enough for Kathryn now that she took the time.

“I’m sorry, darling. You’re exhausted from the journey and…other things, and the first thing I do is…this.”

Something of what Kathryn said made Annika smile one of her rare, blinding smiles. “Kathryn. Being on the receiving end of a kiss made every grueling minute of this journey worth enduring. I have wanted to kiss you for quite some time.” She colored faintly. “I hope to get a new opportunity when I’m not dead on my feet.”

Stunned at Annika’s brave words, Kathryn merely nodded. “Have a shower and then join us in the mess hall for something light to eat. Then you can sleep some of the jetlag off.”´

“All right. I’ll call up to the guest quarters and let Miranda and Andy know as well.”

Kathryn stole a peck on Annika’s cheek and was about to walk out the door when Annika was on her. She pressed Kathryn’s back gently against the door as she devoured her neck for a few, bewilderingly amazing moments. “See you soon, Kathryn,” she murmured and then gently guided Kathryn out into the corridor before closing the door again.


Door 19 will open on Dec 19, 2016