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Door 17


The vision that was Kathryn Janeway, casually leaning against a Range Rover. Her short, wavy, auburn hair moving in the slight breeze, was something Annika had dreamt of each night since they saw each other last.

“Welcome to Manapouri,” Kathryn said and pushed off the vehicle. “Annika.” Her voice sank half an octave as she approached Annika, he steps sauntering as was her style unless there was an emergency. Then her strides became short and energetic, and her arms would keep the same pace and slice through the air.

“Thank you, Kathryn,” Annika said and then found herself wrapped up in a warm embrace. It was strange on so many levels. She and Kathryn had never actually hugged. Yes, Kathryn was the touchy-feely sort, and she would pat people’s shoulders, upper arms, and even put an arm around them briefly, but full-body hugs like this…no. And she was trembling, which boggled Annika’s mind. She had definitely never witnessed that.

“So good to see you, darling,” Kathryn murmured in Annika’s ear, her cheek at the level with Annika’s shoulder, she stood on toe as she whispered. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Annika said truthfully. “More than I can say.”

“But you’re here now. That’s all I care about. Truly.” Kathryn tilted her head back and studied Annika’s face. “So.”

“So?” Annika blinked, confused.

“So, you have to introduce me to your friends over there.” Kathryn donned a broad smile and motioned toward Miranda and Andy who stood by the small charter plane that had taken them from Wellington to Christchurch and then onto the miniscule airport in Manapouri.

“Of course.” Annika walked back to her companions and watched the interaction between them as she introduced Kathryn.

“Ms. Janeway, I’m delighted that it was possible for us to tag along with Annika,” Miranda said amicably, but at the same time scrutinizing Kathryn, quite obviously.

“Please, call me Kathryn. Everyone aboard the Voyager are on a first name basis.”

“Then please, call me, Miranda.” Miranda tilted her head. “Still, that surprises me. I thought it was important to stick to the ranks aboard a large vessel.”

“Trust me,” Kathryn beamed, showing her fangs, “there is never a misconception who is in command on my ship.”

“I’ll say,” Andy muttered, then jumped as the other three turned attention onto her. “Whoops. I mean, I’m sure. I’ve seen all your documentaries and just bought your book, Kathryn. It’s riveting.”

“Why, thank you, Andy. Or do you prefer Andrea?” Kathryn’s smile turned gentle. Clearly, she found Andy harmless, Annika thought.

“Andy is fine.”

“Then I suggest we load your bags into the car and get down to the harbor. I came in with the Delta Flyer.” Kathryn grabbed one of Miranda’s bags as they made their way to the Range Rover.

“The Delta Flyer?” Miranda glanced at Annika.

“A motorboat we use to get to shore, or out on a dive, when the Voyager is moored or has dropped anchor somewhere.” Annika tried to remain casual and polite, but it was hard when all she wanted was to finally be alone with Kathryn and find out what all the convoluted hints the other woman had dropped the last week was all about.

The last five days had been filled with preparations for the trip back to Voyager and to determine if hypnosis was something that would work for her. So far, she seemed reasonably susceptible, according to Miranda, but they had yet to reach deep enough.

Andy had turned out to be a fantastic assistant not only to Miranda, but also to Annika, and had managed to be completely helpful without prying into the treatments and sessions. It was Annika’s experience that most people were curious to a fault, but Andy seemed more interested in Miranda as a person than what she did for a living. There were similar vibes between them as there were between Annika and Kathryn. This was odd, to say the least, but Annika was determined to explore what these vibes stemmed from—and so was Andy, it seemed.

As they drove through the small town called Manapouri and finally reached the equally small harbor, Annika grew increasingly nervous. What if nothing would work? What if all of Miranda’s best efforts to reach her and the core to what bothered her? Annika’s stomach ached and when they were safely aboard the Delta Flyer, a fantastic motorboat that she had dived from so many times, she’d long lost count, she was nauseas.

“Are you all right?” Kathryn murmured to Annika and circled an arm around her waist and kept her other hand on the rudder. “You’re very pale.”

“Just a case of nerves,” Annika confessed. “I’m afraid all of this will be to no avail and will end up failing you.” She might as well be frank. Kathryn deserved nothing else.

“Haven’t I said that you failing me can never happen, no matter what you can or cannot do.” Kathryn shook her mildly. “Do you trust me?”

“With my life.”

“Then trust in that too. I have no reason to lie.” Kathryn skillfully maneuvered the large motorboat out of the harbor. “We’ll be aboard Voyager in less than half an hour. Keep the faith that things will work out, one way or the other. Please.”

“Very well. I will.” Annika cast a glance over her shoulder at the other two women. Miranda sat on one of the leather seats at the aft section, while Andy was busy taking pictures with a rather impressive looking camera of their surroundings.

Standing silently next to Kathryn, kept in place by Kathryn’s arm, Annika willed her heart to calm down and her breathing to deepen. She was on her way home, after all.



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