Gun Brooke MirAndy/J7 Fanfiction Advent Calendar

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Below the Surface

There are 3 hidden links so far (not behind any of the doors) that will lead you to two manips. Search with the cursor until you see it change into a hand. :-)


Door 16


Miranda sat next to Andrea in the town car, riding back to Andrea’s street. The silence between them were thick with unspoken words, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. The car pulled up to the curb and stopped. Roy sent a questioning glance into the rear-view mirror and Miranda merely shook her head and raised the privacy screen.

“Miranda?” Andrea jumped at the slight buzz from the screen and then looked over at Miranda, her eyes wide and darker than usual.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’ve decided to accompany Annika Hansen to New Zealand. I want you to come along, but I cannot force you, of course. You may have prior engagements and we’ll barely be back for Christmas.”

“Count me in. I have nothing that can’t be postponed.” Andrea smiled cautiously. “I was meant to go home to Cincinnati for the holidays this year, but my parents won an all-expenses paid trip to spend the holidays in Italy.”

“Where will you spend the holidays then?” Miranda asked, concerned at the desolate tone in Andrea’s voice.

“I may join my friend Doug when he goes to his aunt’s in Brooklyn. Or I might just catch up on my ‘me-time’.” Chuckling, Andrea felt for the door handle. “Thank you so much for a lovely evening, Miranda. See you on Mond—”

Miranda interrupted Andrea by taking her by the hand. “Wait. I’m the one who should thank you.” Tugging Andrea toward her, Miranda leaned in and intended for the type of air-kiss that she had been engaging in all evening, but somehow that wasn’t enough when it came to Andrea. Miranda pressed her lips to Andy’s velvety cheek, at the same time inhaling the sweet, vanilla based perfume that had enticed her the entire evening.

“Oh.” Andrea shifted and then her hand was against Miranda’s cheek. “God…”

Miranda cupped the outside of Andrea’s trembling hand and turned her head toward it. Pressing her lips into Andrea’s palm, Miranda knew it was foolish, but she couldn’t stop herself. She let her lips slide along Andrea’s pulse point which provided the evidence that their hearts beat at the same furious pace. Stopping before she reached the crease of Andrea’s arm, Miranda pulled back a few inches to scrutinize Andrea’s expression.

Looking dreamily at Miranda, Andrea was clearly not upset or filled with regret. Instead, she studied Miranda through her eyelashes as if there was some strange, bewildering secret hiding there. Her cape had become unclasped and from her angel, Miranda was now privy to the delicious view of Andrea’s full breasts pressing against the bodice of her plum dress. Miranda had never been this tempted in her entire life, but knew it would be a great mistake to take things further now…the mere fact they were in the town car with Roy in the driver’s seat, patiently waiting to walk Andrea to her door.

“So beautiful,” Andrea murmured and ran whisper light fingertips along Miranda’s jawline. Then she blinked and looked like she suddenly woke up. “I need to get inside. Thanks again…Miranda.” The miniscule pause before Andrea said her name with such a sultry tone to her voice, settled something within Miranda. She nodded and said goodnight before she lowered the privacy screen….

As Roy, escorted Andrea, Miranda thought of the chaste kisses, and the not-so-chaste way she had drawn a line with the tip of her tongue long Andrea’s wriest. Going to New Zealand with Andrea might become her best decision ever, or her biggest mistake.

Either way, Miranda wasn’t going to back down now.


Door 17 will open on Dec 17, 2016