Gun Brooke MirAndy/J7 Fanfiction Advent Calendar

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Below the Surface

There are 3 hidden links so far (not behind any of the doors) that will lead you to two manips. Search with the cursor until you see it change into a hand. :-)


Door 15


Andy stood among the large crowd, all dressed to kill, in her plum dress. It fit her as if it had been tailored to her measurements, but she still sent a stealthy glance toward her décolleté every now and then to make it wasn’t slipping.  She held on to her clutch with one hand and her, by now, tepid glass of champagne in the other. After tasting it, she realized this couldn’t be the real stuff. She had only had champagne a few times and one of those times, at her college graduation, her parents had sprung for the real deal. It had been light and bubbly—and had gone straight to her knees. This excuse for the classic beverage reminded her of carbonated vinegar. No wonder Miranda hadn’t even bothered to accept a glass. She had more experience with balls and cocktail parties than Andy ever would.

“Miranda! I was crushed when you didn’t ask for my services,” a man slurred to Andy’s left. “I mean, it’s almost like we’re a thing after all the times we’ve blazed through these events.” Christian Thompson appeared, looking dashing, but also very inebriated.

“Christian. No need to drown your sorrows.” Miranda regarded Christian along her patrician nose. “After all, we’re nothing more than acquaintances within the same social circles. Nothing more.”

“Tell me about it. A guy can’t even get to first b-base.” Christian looked at Andy and frowned. “And how come you’re here with this beauty and stay for, what is it, more than an hour? You’re usually in and out in fifteen minutes.” He raked his eyes up and down Andy’s body. “But of course. She is exquisite.”

“Go home, Christian, before you embarrass yourself as well as us.” Miranda pressed her lips together as she murmured the suggestion that sounded more like an order.

“I will. I will. Let me just…” Christian took an unsteady step toward Andy who had to force herself for not moving close to Miranda. “You should at least get something of a good time out of this. Why don’t I wait for you outside? Miranda will be done soon and you and I—”

“No. I don’t know you, Mr. Thompson. I wouldn’t go anywhere with you no matter if I did.” Andy took her cue from Miranda and spoke quietly, forcing Christian to lean in to hear her. “Just go home. That’s good advice.”

“Huh. You pick the old bat instead of me?” This was clearly puzzling to Christian.

“I choose Miranda over anyone.” Angry now, Andy did take a step toward Miranda, hooking her arm around the other woman’s. Miranda flinched, but Andy was sure the movement was so subtle, nobody else noticed.

“Oh, my God. You are an item?” Christian gaped. “Fuck. That makes sense.”

“Come on, Andrea. Let’s go to the cash bar and make sure we get something worth drinking before this person bores us to tears.” Miranda pulled gently at Andy’s arm. “Just walk away. He’s going to be ushered out within a few minutes. I’d rather not be caught on cell phone camera in his presence—especially not with you.” Miranda freed her arm.

Andy’s heart sank. Of course. Miranda didn’t want the press or anyone to see them this close together. Then Miranda shocked her by instead sliding her arm around the small of her back, placing her hand lightly on Andy’s hip.

“What are you in the mood for?” Miranda asked quietly.

“Eh, what? Mood?” Andy’s felt as if her brain lost its moorings and her scattered thoughts had nowhere to go except bounce like in a pinball machine.

“To drink? I think I need a bourbon after that distasteful display.” Miranda squeezed Andy gently, apparently not caring that some people stared at them with bulging eyes. “You can have anything you want. I’m buying.”

Of course. To drink. That. “Eh. If they have some really good sparkling wine, that’d be awesome.”

“Absolutely. I think you can hand over that poison you’ve been pretend drinking to that nice young man over there with an empty tray.” Miranda smiled one of her genuine smiles at Andy and suddenly her world was wonderful. She didn’t delude herself. This wasn’t going to last. On Monday morning, she was going to be Andy Assistant again and they’d be back to real life, but for now, she was Miranda’s date. And if Andy wanted to pretend they were on a date date, that was up to her.

They stood by the bar for a while, drinking each other’s good health and speaking in low voices. Every now and then, Miranda’s acquaintances and friends stopped by to say hello. They were polite and friendly to Andy—perhaps because they feared the amazing woman before them.

“Have you had your fill of this adventure?” Miranda asked and placed her glass among other used ones to the left of the bar area.

“I have. Thank you. It was spectacular. I mean—a ball!”

Miranda tilted her head, her eyes softening to a mellow kind of blue. “As it is a ball, there has been dancing. I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience that.”

“That’s all right. It was fun anyway.” Andy smiled broadly, and it looked like Miranda had to draw an extra deep breath.

“Well. As this was our first ball, I thought, better not push the envelope. I promise though, next time, I’ll ask you to dance.”


Door 16 will open on Dec 16, 2016