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Below the Surface

There are two hidden links so far (not behind any of the doors) that will lead you to two manips. Search with the cursor until you see it change into a hand. :-)


Sorry for the missing door 10. Instead of stressing while dealing with an injury I would rather just spread that door out over the rest of the doors until Xmas Day. Thanks for understanding. I hope you like this part!


Door 11


Miranda stood next to the chair opposite the recliner where Andrea had just sat down. Her assistant looked nervous, which brought back memories of how the young woman had seemed when she was new as Miranda’s assistant. Somehow this irked Miranda and she was just about to tell Andrea she didn’t have to do this. It was hardly in her contract to succumb to any type of procedure after all, when Andrea suddenly smiled broadly.

“Now, don’t hold it against me if I offer up any embarrassing family secrets,” Andrea said.

Relaxing enough to sit down, Miranda returned the smile. “Oh, but I will of course take copious notes for future reference. Who knows when that might come in handy?” She winked at Andrea, whose eyes grew wide. “I’m joking, dear.”

Andrea gasped. Perhaps it was the term of slight endearment? Miranda inwardly kicked herself. She had to be more careful than this.

“All right.” Miranda rolled her chair forward, still facing Andrea, but now sitting so their armrests were parallel. “Now. I want to make this clear. This is not a true session. Regard this as hypnosis exercises.”

Andrea blinked and then smile. “I see. We’re greasing the old cogs and wheels, huh?”

Fighting to not roll her eyes, or to smile to indulgently, Miranda merely nodded. “Per se.” She demonstrated what she wanted Andrea to do by lacing her fingers together. Then she raised her index fingers and pointed them straight up. “Do like this and focus on your hands and my voice. That’s it. Look at your index fingers and the gap between them Watch how they’re eager to draw together. The gap grows smaller and smaller the more you fight them.  Study the gap and try with all of your strength to widen the gap. Still, the harder you try to pull them apart, the smaller the gap appears. Eventually you will almost fuse the fingertips together and it will be impossible to separate them.” Miranda’s kept her voice low but not monotonous. She kept an eye on Andrea’s face and her hands. At first, there was no visible decrease of the gap between Andrea’s fingers. She clearly wasn’t going to please Miranda just because she was her boss. Still, the fingertips slowly pressed together and Miranda had to admit she wasn’t very surprised that Andrea was quite susceptible to hypnosis.

“All right,” Miranda continued. “I’m very pleased with you, Andrea. When I count backward and reach zero, you will find you have total control of your hands again. Six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.” Miranda watched Andrea snap her eyes up to meet her own.

“That was insane,” Andrea gushed. “I was not going to pretend it worked if it didn’t, but—it did. I truly tried to part my fingers. What are you? A sorceress?”

Miranda had to chuckle. “No. I suppose we’re a good match, that’s all.”

“Wait…what?” Andrea’s mouth described a perfect ‘o’.”

“I mean, from a hypnotizing point of view.” Hating she felt she had to explain, Miranda’s cheeks warmed.

“Ah. Yes. Of course.” Andrea blushed as well. “So, is that your way of telling me I’m easy in a very polite way?”

Guffawing, Miranda leaned back into the backrest. “Oh, my. Yes, I suppose so.”

“Okay. Any other exercises while we’re at it?” Andrea was still flustered, but looked calm and interested. Andrea’s interest charmed Miranda as she had not anticipated it at all.

“We can do the ‘bucket and balloon’ exercise.” Miranda took Andrea’s hands and placed the left palm up and the right palm down. “Close your eyes. That’s it. Imagine the left hand having the handle of a bucket hanging across your wrist. The bucket is full of water, wanting to drag your arm and hand down. The more you struggle to keep it level to your right hand, the heavier it becomes. You hold on for dear life, but your hand and arm goes lower and lower with the bucket. At the same time, your right hand is covering a helium balloon that is rising to the ceiling no matter how you try to push it down. You push at the forceful balloon, really try to hold it level with your left hand, but it still soars toward the ceiling, pushing your right hand and arm upward.” Miranda kept saying the words with her mellow, yet insistent voice and took the chance to study Andrea as the young woman’s hands slowly parted, the left lowering and the right rising.

Andrea’s cheeks weren’t flushed anymore. She was focused, that much was obvious, but she also looked relaxed and comfortable, which was amazing as this was her first time experiencing such a level of susceptibility.

“I’m going to count backward from six to zero again and when I reach zero, I’ll snap my fingers and you will open your eyes and speak the first words that come to mind.” Miranda wasn’t entirely certain why she added the suggestions that Andrea share what was on her mind. “Six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.” She snapped her fingers next to Andrea’s right ear.

Andrea’s cognac colored eyes opened and she looked right at Miranda. “A kiss. Just one kiss, so I’d know.”


Door 12 will open on Dec 12, 2016