Gun Brooke MirAndy/J7 Fanfiction Advent Calendar

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Below the Surface


Door 1


“Your 11 o’clock patient is on her way up.” Andy stuck her head in and gave Miranda the information.

“It is two minutes past. Why isn’t she here now?” Miranda swiveled her chair back facing Andy. Dressed in an off-white silk shirt hanging loosely in just the right way over soft grey gabardine slacks, she was the epitome of casual elegance. A rose gold statement necklace hung enticingly where the button-down shirt hinted at her cleavage, something Andy tried hard to disregard, but often failed. Miranda kept her hair in a short, well-coiffed hairdo with voluminous s-shaped bangs. Andy could easily get lost in the way Miranda sometimes brushed the bangs out of her face only to have it bounce back right away.

“Because we’re on the tenth floor and she doesn’t do elevators.” Andy spoke calmly, knowing how impatient her boss could be between patients. For being a psychotherapist, Miranda Priestly was not the most understanding unless she wasn’t sitting face to face with someone during a therapy session.

“She’s taking the stairs?” Raising an eyebrow, Miranda nailed Andy to the floor with her firm glance.

“She is.”

“Oh, for God’s sakes…” Shaking her head, Miranda noted something on her legal pad before turning back to her computer. True to form, she seemed to notice that Andy hadn’t left. “Yes? What else?”

“I’m supposed to remind you of two things. The Met is hosting an Advent party and you are attending in two days. I will collect your dress at Balenciaga on Mercer Street.”

“Okay. Fine,” Miranda said absentmindedly.

“And one more thing,” Andy forged on, tugging at her fingers, a sure tell that she was dreading what she was about to say. Good thing Miranda wasn’t looking directly at her.

“Yes?” Miranda still focused on her computer screen.”

“I’m also supposed to remind you to confirm with your date for the evening.” Blushing profusely now, Andy cursed at her fair skin that gave her emotions away so readily.

“My date.” Blinking, Miranda sat up straight. “What date?”

“You were going to ask either Christian Thompson or James Holt to escort you to the Met Advent ball. You told me this the last week in October.” The last words calm out sounding pained and reluctant. Who in their right mind tried to meddle in Miranda Priestly’s private affairs?

“Oh, God. I have totally blocked that out. I haven’t asked any of them if they’re even available. Well…” Miranda pinched the bridge of her nose and took off her reading glasses. Tapping the frame against her lower lip, she tilted her head and examined Andy. This was not the first time she had done that, but this time, there was something calculating about it. “Call them both and see if either of them can make it.”

Andy gaped. Perhaps just for a fraction of a second, but she felt her jaw sag and she couldn’t believe her ears. “Miranda? You want me to set you up with a date?” This was a nightmare. How the hell would she pull that off?              


Door 2 will open on Dec 2