The Diamond City-
Book One of the Adventures of Vernon Auldswell, Gentleman Explorer

This was my second cover for another author. Here the wishlist entailed two adventurers - preferably a bit sexy with some skin showing. As this takes place some time ago, they needed to look the right era. And as explorers they needed the right props. Oy.

As for the background - a cave with stalactites as "teeth" at the entrance, a bridge over water...

Guys - Daz Studio 4.5 - models, morphs from the same software and tweaked by me. Clothes, also from Daz, and refitted and painted over a lot. I found reference images and photos online for the knife, harness, rope, which I ended up painting from scratch. The rope took a LONG time.

I was very happy with the end result and to my joy, so was Vivian and my publisher. I'm learning so much with each cover - whether it is for me, or for someone else. I hope I get to do more!