Speed Demons  (eBook)

I had problems while trying to figure this one out. What I ended up doing was making the flag with different techniques in Paint Shop Pro. same with the ground.

The race cars on the track is painted with a royalty-free photo as inspiration and reference.

The driver standing by her car is a Daz Studio model, morphed and painted in Photoshop by me. Her outfit is also painted with a royalty-free photo as reference. Same with the car itself where I also added text from "sponsors" in Paint Shop Pro.

The photographer to the right is a stock photo provided by my publisher via the graphic artist that puts the final cover together.

I have some issues with the perspective of the car, but considered it was my first car painting, I'm still quite pleased. :-)

As for the story itself, I'm still in love with these characters and feel very emotionally attached to the entire thing.