Cursebusters! (eBook)

This was my first commission to do a cover for someone else. I said yes before I learned the specifics - which nearly sent me into a panic tailspin. Good Lord - a leopard climbing a Mayan temple in the jungle with a blonde/pink haired girl on his back...

I thought - holy smokes, I'm totally in over my head!

I researched leopards and that was lucky, because the stock model at Daz Studio looked like a plastic animal. Not very convincing. So I used the model to get the lines right, and then painted over the whole thing. The head I used tons of reference photos and painted from scratch, which took DAYS. I tossed at least ten attempts that looked totally dorky.

The temple was another model that looked like modern concrete - so again, I painted over it all and added dirt, shadows and highlights. The background is also a blend between existing Daz Studio backgrounds and painting by me.

The girl is a Daz model that I made the morphs for, with Daz clothing. I painted all the hair. Most importantly, Julie and my publisher were very happy with the result!!!