Fan Fiction Short Stories

On An Icy Road (Uber J/7)
October 27, 2000
Kathryn Janeway and Annika Hansen are on their way home from a business trip when they are caught in bad weather. They need to seek shelter and also face the feelings stirring between them.
NOT a sequel to the Raven's Island stories.


The Action Of A Reckless Woman (Classic fan fic)
 November 13, 2000
Alone in a shuttle, with a shattered heart, Janeway is forced to leave Voyager.


The Abyss Within (Classic fan fic)
January 29, 2001
Alien intruders are onboard Voyager. Janeway is the target of G'ragh's brutal and abusive methods.


The Diary Of Kathryn Janeway (Classic fan fic)
July 15, 2002
As the title suggests, Janeway keeps a very personal journal where she records what   is in her heart.


The Missing Variable (Classic fan fic)
October 14, 2002
Returning to Voyager after painstaking negotiations, Janeway finds Seven of Nine waiting. Exhausted, she allows Seven to assist her and so begins an evening of sharing and insight as the two discover the missing variable.


Janeway's Miracle (Classic fan fic)
December 29, 2002
A phenomena around Christmas time instills great hope for the crew of Voyager - but great danger for one of them.


Dating Deanna (Classic fan fic)
April 1, 2005
How do Janeway and Seven react to their daughter Deanna's first date?


Night of the Undone (Advent Calendar 2004)
December 25, 2004
Seven is worried that she may be malfunctioning since Janeway's presence induces a strange sort of hunger and desire within her. She seeks Janeway out late in the night to investigate.


The Captain's Pleasure (Advent Calendar 2005)
December 25, 2005
The captain invites Seven to her quarters to try and make up for the way she tried to come on to her astrometrics officer in Sandrine's a few weeks ago. Seven joins her and the result of this meeting takes them both


Five Nights on Vegasol Prime (Advent Calendar 2006)
October 8, 2007
Needing to negotiate with highly unusual aliens for safe passage, Janeway and Seven has to pretend they are lovers. Going through exercises to enhance their relationship, suddenly the five nights on the alien planet seems not long enough.

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