A Janeway / Seven series by GB
Every part is a finished story but the story benefits from being read in the order it was written.

Part 1. Reaching For Your Heart
(September 5, 2000)
Seven of Nine withdraws from her captain and this has such an impact on Janeway that it makes her question her feelings for the ex-Borg.



Part 6. Feelings Explained
(October 31, 2000) (68 Kb)
Sometimes there are things that need to be clarified. Sometime clarifications can make things more confused.


Part 2. In The Ready Room
(September 7, 2000)
Janeway is avoiding Seven which causes the former Borg to take action.


Part 7. Distant Love
(July 27, 2001) (95 Kb)
There are certain parts of the Delta Quadrant that you do best to avoid travelling through. Warra Nah space is one of those sectors but the possibility to cut five years of Voyager's journey makes Janeway risk everything.

Part 3. Beloved Captain
(September 9, 2000)
Voyager is under contant attack. Janeway pulls all her recources together although it is only in the arms of Seven she can regain her inner strength.


Part 8.     Sarassa's Sanctuary
| Chapter 1  | Chapter 2  | Chapter 3Chapter 4 |
(Concluded July 8, 2002) (82 Kb) (75 Kb)  (72 Kb) (96 Kb)
Janeway is shocked when several crewmembers decide to remain behind after a shore leave on a paradise planet. When Seven turns out to be one of them, Janeway discovers the horrible truth. Will she allow Seven to risk everything to save their crewmates?

Picture of Janeway and Seven in sickbay
manipulated by GB, painted by Pol  (May 28, 2002)

Part 4. Waiting By An Alcove
(October 2, 2000)
Seven is critically injured and all Janeway can do is wait, which is not her strong side.


Part 9.     Janeway's Sacrifice
| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3
| Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6
| Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 |
| Chapter 10 + Epilogue |

(Concluded January 24, 2006)
An unexpected attack destroys the most joyous moment, so far, in Janeway's and Seven's life. The consequences are devastating and the crew is now held hostage, fearing their captain is dead.

Part 5. If Only I Could Dream
(October 12, 2000) (94 Kb)
Janeway is missing without a trace. The senior staff is uncovers a devilish plan.

Part 10.   Not available yet.


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